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I'm assuming the man standing and offering his hand is Gandalf? Honestly, I don't want to tell you what they're doing if you haven't read the Silmarillion or the Children of Hurin yet, because that'd spoil a big part of the story, but I will if you insist: I would like to know what they are doing though, the story behind this picture will probably just inspire me to further immerse in the Tolkien universe.

Hurin was the mightiest warrior of all the Edain the Men of the First Age who were friendly to the Elves , and there he is meeting his wife Morwen after escaping from a long captivity in the hands of Morgoth the first Dark Lord , on the grave of their daughter Nienor and their son Turin, one of the great heroes of the First Age. Oh boy, if you think that's something wait till you read The Children Of Hurin which you can read before reading the Silmarillion, by the way. Well, that depends. The Children of Hurin is a more conventional re-telling of a story that is told more briefly in the Silmarillion.

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It's written in a slightly more archaic fashion than the LOTR, like an old tale if you want, but it's still a proper novel and as such it's easier to read than the Silmarillion. It has also been edited with readers who haven't read the Sil in mind, so there are glossaries and maps to help you understand some names that you wouldn't be familiar with if you haven't read the Sil.

I read The Children of Hurin first, and honestly you never feel lost - or not too much, at least. That being said, should you read it before the Silmarillion? If you think they were awesome, you can jump straight into the Silmarillion and read The Children of Hurin later. If you think the Appendices were a bit boring or laborious to read, you can use The Children of Hurin as a more accessible stepping stone into Tolkien's other works the way many people read The Hobbit before the LOTR , and then move on to the Silmarillion.

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Maybe it would have been less tragic if Turin hadn't been such a stubborn idiot, but I digress. You have no idea how much I need to read this now. Let a program decide for you. I really wish that "Not all who wander" one in front of the mountains was just text on a single colour background.

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I downloaded the whole thing, and I found that there are a bunch of duplicates, but great share thanks. I ended up deleting about 70 pictures but the I kept are now my Desktop Background.

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I really like the one with Smaug flying, one of the Eowyn vs. Witch-King pictures, and the "simple" one with Gandalf in a forest. Can anyone explain the ones with Aragorn, Gimli, and A feminine, staff-wielding Legolas? War in the North It is a dwarf, a ranger, and an elf wizard ; don't ask me why If you load up the album and click the blue text that says "Viewing the first ten images " etc, it will load a new page and there will be a download option on the right of the page: Thanks for this!

I would have been going to each one and saving it individually. I had no idea you could do this. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. All rights reserved.

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