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There is no current fix but a workaround is to install Starcraft 2 onto a newly created disk image. Create a New Image onto the Desktop that is about 16GB and install Starcraft 2 directly into this disk image — some users have reported success just copying their current Starcraft 2 install into that folder and deleting the original installation.

Be sure to launch Starcraft 2 client from the disk image. Current workaround is to disable these applications if they are running on your Mac. The following ports need to be open: Even though the Mac system requirements for Starcraft 2 are relatively low, they should not be counted on at this point due to the above problems. Even some of the best hardware is underperforming in Mac OS X.

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In fact they did, I was there, and, as a mac user running the game on literally the minimum hardware, this game runs fine. And just as an aside, it was well noted that running the game in Bootcamp was slower than running it on native mac sometime during the beta.

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I noticed early that the game was hiccuping a bit when graphics settings were about medium. So I tried to run the game on literally the lowest settings I possibly could on my macbook pro, and although the framerate problems are gone, After an hour or two the game always crashes, often right in the middle of a competitive match O.

I can't wait to play the game on something that can…well…play it. Also, during one of the cutscenes when it does the same thing automatically. I hit Esc quickly before it could show, and avoided the problem. Did they not test on NVidia cards at all? My friend was telling me that the beta ran much faster on much higher settings on his iMac and now he can barely run it with the final release, that is bad programming. At all. My online stats are completely screwed now.

I lost over 35 of my 45 or something matches, with like 30 of em because of these stupid malfunction. As usual. Starcraft has just completely rooted my system. Fortunately I have bootcamp so can continue using my computer in the meantime, but WTF?!?!?! Please help. My imac meets all required specs.

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I saw on another forum that others were having the same problem. Does the game allow you to file a crash report? Thanks for the reply.

The only time I turned it off on my own was because after 30 minutes of playing it, it started to show lots of graphics glitches. Downright sucks to be some of the people up there. I came here to complain about the nvidia crashes. During the campaign levels, it mostly works, but it seems to go black screen whenever switching from a game to the score-screen in AI multiplayer. Mac OS X Version Macintosh HD. It should work fine on that hardware, but you will want to double check your video card to be sure.

Remember that the graphics performance is currently crippled compared to the potential, fixes from Apple and Blizzard are in the works. Definitely the video card. My machine randomly crashes when I play Starcraft 2 on my Mac. I have a Mac Pro dual quad core 2. My Mac completely locks up and I have to hold in the power button to shut it down. I wish Blizzard would fix this.

Im using a black macbook 07 and when ever I try to play the game the video doesnt come out. I already installed the game twice and I already minimized the screen. I could here the sound perfectly, I could even see the cursor, but I cant see anything else. Does anyone know what I can do to play it on my macbook? My question is, does this new graphics update that I just finished downloading and installing help frame rates in SC2 on the mac side?

Remember those pesky Starcraft 2 crashes I wrote about two weeks ago? This update specifically addresses some of the problems with Starcraft […]. The one this I will say though; default settings are everything on High. However, actually using these settings in OSX causes the frame rate to go as low as in some parts of the campaign mode. Hopefully Blizzard will release a patch that fixes the Mac issues and I can get even better performance out of this awesome game without having to reboot and go into Windows. I have a mac pro that in no way is lacking in computer power.

Yet my game crashes so much that I generally go a few days where I am completely unable to play it. I have sent probably to error reports to blizzard and I dont send them every time. When I restart my computer it will usually open once or twice before it starts crashing on the loading screen. It also crashes in the campaign upgrade consoles, sometimes when starting multiplayer games, and during the challenges. When it starts crashing on start-up though its done. Growing very tired of trying to continue PC and now Mac gaming. Hardware is very controlled on the Mac platform so the fact that a company even releases a game with this many problems is just garbage.

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Oy there! I have a macbook and an iMac. But then came Starcraft and i agree with the others, i have to run many things on High and a few things on medium in OSX. The question is: I have the same problem too. The game has been working alright since I bought it but today it just freezes at login. No clue why…. It found some stuff and repaired it. This is an overheating problem. I never have this problem on Mac probably coz I can never have the settings higher than Medium anyway where I have it on Bootcamp at High settings.

Weird solution but I use an electric fan to cool the MacBook down in Bootcamp while playing. Another solution is to use those external coolers — which will help you prolong the life of your MacBook anyway. This has been the case since Warcraft 2 as far as I know. Will Apple ever fix their terrible NVidia drivers? This problems seems to have just been around far too long. I was having similar unfixable black screen problems until I figured out my graphics card has TWO physical ports on it.

Switching the monitor cable to the other port, after shutting down then restarting computer fixed everything and the game is now working perfectly every time! I try to open the game normally, but I see SC2 jumping in the dock but it disappears again and does not open. This has happened before and I fixed it with a second installation, is there another way?

OS X Issues With Classic Starcraft Mac

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Small talk.

Starcraft 2 Mac Problems, Crashes, and Fixes

Small talk Oh, and sweaters. They get muy, muy small in the wash. Jul 20, Do you know if we can expect better performance by upgrading to Lion? Or at this point, it should be roughly the same? I'm about to install Lion on my iMac. With Rosetta gone, will StarCraft 1 be getting a compatibility patch so it'll work again? I also want to install Diablo II since I never played it before. Jul 20, 1. Original Starcraft does not work, neither will Diablo 2. I have no idea why that is, but it won't let me run it, and I get the error telling me that Power PC's are no longer supported.

Super lame! I don't know if it's me I feel it really weird. No fps improvement, or at least nothing I can notice. Jul 21, Also sometimes when I restart the game I will get my 60 fps back then after 1 game the next game goes right back to 10fps! Same with me Not only that, there is a color problem after upgrading to lion.

The interface colors are all messed up and yellowish and other colors are weird Jul 22, I really don't want to restore a fresh version and having to back everything up.

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