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Smule Stories October 30, Zac Hall. Smule , which makes a variety of music-related iPhone apps like Guitar! Karaoke app out today with a major feature for the app: The new version of Sing!

Best iPhone Karaoke Apps: Unleash The Singer In You

Smule Stories May 23, More broadly, making music has a certain satisfaction, knowing that you've played or sang an even remotely recognizable tune often grants us an easily won feeling of accomplishment. Even more, when you make music in the company of others it often becomes infectious. I can't tell you how many times I've joined in or was joined in humming or singing a familiar song out in public by complete strangers.

We didn't care how badly we sang or if we knew all the words, the song just needed to be sung, by us, right then. And for the length of that song we've shared a brief, but real bond, and the link between two people who've never met before nor will likely meet again was the music we were making. Excuse me while I wipe a solitary tear from my eye.

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Ok, enough self mocking and sentimental frivolity. The basic fact is that we make music because its satisfying to do so. Our ancestors knew it. They created the precursors to the instruments we use today. The problem has always been that instruments, even something as seemingly simple as a tambourine requires more skill to play decently than one might imagine. That's why I enjoy some of the apps available on iOS devices. They are skill agnostic.

You can't carry a tune in a bucket? When you sing it sounds worse than a blue whale passing gas.

Free and Fun Karaoke Player for Smartphones

Sheet music and Chinese look equally unintelligible? Unless you can read Chinese. No problem! Not only can you make music, what you produce can impress others. Focusrite Audio Engineering Ltd]. SingSnap declares that it has more karaoke tracks for free than the competitors with paid apps.

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The claim holds good. It comes with audio enhancements, a facility to record a video of you singing along with the audio, record duets with other users, and good sharing features. Free Download SingSnap Karaoke.

Smule - The #1 Singing App on PC/Mac

While jamming along, you can record the audio or video and blast it on social media. The app also lets you sing duets and add sound effects to improve the voice. Balance the music with the voice and also add themes. Free Download. Reviews Apps iPhone. Best iPhone Karaoke Apps: Unleash The Singer In You. Dhvanesh Adhiya. Sponsored Links. Tags iPhone Apps Karaoke Apps. Dhvanesh Adhiya https: He is passionate about wonderful apps that change the way your iPhone interacts in your life.

Related Articles. Macs are a powerful machine capable of handling heavy graphical things at ease.

Podcast: Music, the Mac, and Smule | Macworld

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