Mac and devin go to high school slow burn valedictorian speech

In embodying the tropes and archetypes of the movies it blatantly owes its existence to, it just continuously proves how inept it is at doing anything worthwhile.

Mac and Devin Go to High School (HD) Trailer

Which means it seems both familiar and anachronistic, and is also unapologetically racist. Devin Wiz Khalifa is class Valedictorian at N.

Reece’s Riffs #1: Mac and Devin go to High School

Hale High and has somehow never met Mac Snoop Dogg , resident year senior and prolific weed dealer. Mac deals weed to pretty much everybody—parents, Tyga, Swedish women—and somehow thrives even under the watchful eye of Assistant Principal Skinnfloot sigh: Derek D , resident honky and erstwhile perv.

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Devin is stressed out because he has to give a speech at graduation, not to mention his girlfriend Ashley Teni Panosian is putting on the screws for him to follow her to Yale. Worse yet: Huck Teairra Mari , who rarely dresses appropriately.

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Yet, despite their differences, Mac and Devin unite under the spell of doing drugs, and soon become a formidable duo. Similarly, Mac believes that his assistance in the experiment will finally ensure his graduation, which would get Ms. He tests out hypotheses via sticking a plug into some Listerine. Of course, Mac stumbles upon the catalyst by ashing a blunt into the mouthwash solution, thereby giving them both what they want and proving that weed saves the day.

Half-Baked and The Big Lebowski are two very different stoner movies, but two very successful ones, united not only by the prevalence of cannabis, but also by the humor in the machinations of weed smoking: What kind of people are stoners?

» Grading Wiz Khalifa and Snoop Dogg’s Mac & Devin Go to High School

More importantly: Are we capable of that kind of love? Like, there are long, long montages where we watch Snoop and Wiz smoke weed out of a coterie of pieces, just that for about ten minutes or so: There are fisheye lenses…. In these excruciatingly long, humorless scenes where a bunch of turds take blunts to the neck and drool out nonsense, using cannabis is workmanlike, pregnant with wasted time and irritating company. Have you ever watched someone smoke weed when you yourself were not smoking?

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Mac & Devin Go to High School (2012) Movie Script

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