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It gives kids a chance to hunt and peck their way to finding letters, words, and short sentences on their keyboards. Typing Tots will time them as they type 20 letters, or 20 words, or 20 short sentences.

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The animal you get depends on your typing skills. The faster you type, the faster is your animal rabbit, horse, etc. However, be careful, Animal Typing also greatly rewards your accuracy. Lessons vary from simple letters, numbers and words to proverbs and quotes of great thinkers of the past.

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Basic lessons letters, numbers, words are generated programatically so that you will never see the same exercise twice. Follow us on: Twitter , Facebook , Google plus , Pinterest. Follow Us. Not bad for a beginner. Mac App Store Preview. Open the Mac App Store to buy and download apps. Description Typist is a typing tutor, which helps you in learning touch typing.

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The size of window can be changed. The progress of exercises can be recorded in iCloud.

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As your exercises proceed, a "stamp" can be displayed optionally. There is a stamp for children. You can set up typist so that a favorite picture may be displayed after exercises are completed. In English, a period at the end of a sentence is followed by one or two spaces. You can select which style one-space or two-space to be used in lessons with the preferences.

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Improvement is mainly about Japanese Kana typing. And, the amount of memory needed is less than the previous version. Typist sometimes crashed when a new lesson was going to be displayed. Nov 11, Version 3.

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Information Seller Takeshi Ogihara. Size 7. Category Education. Compatibility OS X Languages English, Japanese.


Review your strokes per minute, typing speed, error ratio, and total time for the exercise. You can also take a look at the lessons offered for the calculator and Dvorak keyboards. Typist Free. As great as it is to type quickly, accuracy is really more important. And the ZenTypist app concentrates on your accuracy. You score only for how well you do. So if you make a mistake, hit your Delete key and fix it. As you type the paragraphs you see, the letters turn from gray to black. Your errors are marked in red. Once you complete the paragraph with no mistakes remaining, you can move onto the next paragraph.

This is helpful for mirroring a real-world typing scenario.

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Read More. The screen is colorful, with animated fingers on a keyboard for your child to follow. The app rewards your little one for accuracy and speed as correct keystrokes help the animals along their way. With each lesson, you start as a slower animal, like a snail.

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The app has four free lessons so your child can try it out. You can then buy more with an in-app purchase. Animal Typing Lite Free, premium version available. Typing Fingers LT is another great typing teacher for kids, but works for adults just the same. You start the first four lessons learning the letter positions on the keyboard. The app also includes a neat section for the proper way to sit while typing, with ergonomic measurements and all.