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Download and install the utility; Soundflower requires you reboot your system after installation for it to work. After your machine reboots, open QuickTime Player and start a new screen recording. In the QuickTime Player window, click the down arrow to the right of the record button and select "Soundflower 2ch " as your input.

Then launch System Preferences and go to the Sound settings. What this does is route all of your system audio out to Soundflower as if the utility were speakers or headphones. That means any sound made by your Mac including Facebook notifications or similar will be recorded by QuickTime Player. Now you can hit record in QuickTime Player and you'll capture both the video and audio in one recording. While this is going on, you won't be able to hear the audio to monitor what's being recorded.

When you're done, change your output audio back to your original settings in System Preferences. There is a free solution for this. It may sound complicated, but be pacient.

To screen record your Mac with audio:

It really works great, and you only need a little bit of preparation, once, and you'll be set. I use SoundFlower. It provides virtual input and output audio devices and allows to pipe your mac's audio output to its input.

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  • Record your computer's screen with audio on a Mac?
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This way you can record whatever sound comes out of your mac without also capturing the sounds in your environment. Once installed, you can just select your output and your input to Soundflower, then play any sound and record it. To overcome this, you go to the Audio Midi Setup application already on your mac , and create a Multi-output device.

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Include both Soundflower and the built-in output in this device. Then just use it for output: Posted on Sep 27, 4: Sep 27, 7: Sep 30, 9: My question was not about recording audio in Mojave.

how to record your screen and audio on Mac - tutorial 2018

It was about recording system audio in the new screen capture utility in Mojave which only allows using the microphone to capture all ambient audio, whereas I want to capture system audio only when using the video capture portion of the new screenshot utility. That is a feature that was never present in the OS; third party utilities like Soundflower and AudioHijack are what people have been using for years.

Sure, Apple could have implemented if they wanted to, but I can see two reason why they wouldn't: Page content loaded. Sep 27, 4: Sep 27, 8: Thank you so much, Luis, for the helpful explanation and recommendation. I was afraid there wasn't a MAC solution and it's helpful to have an alternative.

You are very kind to take so much effort to help. Good luck. Sep 28, 7: I tried this. The link to latest version only goes as far as high sierra and I was unable to get sound flower to install on Mojave.

How to Record Your Screen on a Mac with Audio

It's a free audio extension that lets you record system audio, but you will not be able to add a voice commentary during the recording. Download the latest version of the program and install it. Make sure the program works with Mac OS X. Click the Sound icon. You'll see four new audio devices in the Sound menu. To record sound, you need to change the sound channel. Go to the System Preferenses and then to the Volume menu. You will see a Gear icon in the bottom left corner. Click the icon and select Create multi-output device.

How to record system audio on Mac and iPhone

Choose Built-in Output and Soundflower 2ch. Click on the Gear icon and select Use this device for sound output. Launch the QuickTime application. Click File and then New audio recording. QuickTime will recognize Soundflower as a microphone. Now the program will record internal system sounds. Turn on the audio and click the Record button to start recording.

Record screen with system audio using QuickTime Player on Mac

Click Stop in the quick menu, if you want to stop recording. Select a folder and save your video. Even though QuickTime comes preloaded on MacBooks both Air and Pro , you'll need to install additional software and adjust a number of system settings in order to record screen video with sound. We suggest downloading our screen recording software instead, so you can capture screen video with sound, just the way you want it, in a couple of clicks. A comprehensive, streamlined video editing program that has everything you need to create amazing home movies with custom soundtracks, special effects, cool titles, and transitions.

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