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This is because the Option and Command key combination is passed or sent to the session as an Alt key. Command, Ctrl, and D combination is the Mac OS X system-defined shortcut for Dictionary lookup, and cannot be used as an application shortcut. Was this page helpful? Thank you! Sorry to hear that. Please provide article feedback. Article feedback You rated this page as You rated this page as. Please provide article feedback Feel free to give us additional feedback! What can we do to improve this page? Comment field is required.

Name Name is required. Email Email address is required. Close Submit. Search Citrix Discussions. We are rolling out a new XenApp 7. Could some kind of corruption on the PC break this as hardware is the only thing that is different then some of the others. I can actually setup the user on another computer and it works fine. I am rebuilding their Windows Profile to see if something is just corrupted within her profile.

We just have a small problem with the SSO settings: If not how can we disable to popup windows where the user should enter the credentials? So a Winlogon has to occur for ssonsvr. I am seeing inside of connection center Devices are greyed out. I never seen this before. In my previous deployments. Does the PowerShell command you reference needed for 6. Can anyone confirm this? What exactly is not working? I just tried Receiver 4. Works great. One of the Image could had a failure.

Has anyone been able to get this to work with Receiver 4. We are having issues with session roaming that does not automatically roam when we do Winlogon and Open. It does on Refresh and Launch.

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We have enabled all four options and self service is disabled. We have been with Citrix support for a few days and it seems it is a known issue but rt now nothing that Citrix has suggested has worked. Receiver is 4. You mean the Windows security message? Thanks a lot for this however, I have a query here.. What could be the issue? They are using Receiver 4. It works great when you fire up a computer inside our organization, but as soon as you bring your laptop outside our company network and try to connect thought NetScaler, SSO is not working at all and Citrix Receiver asks for your password.

And it keep doing so every hour. If you want this feature, please call Citrix Support and submit an enhancement request. I installed Citrix receiver with a script…problem is that i can only seem to get my script to properly deploy clients to connect to my delivery controller via the internal fqdn but if i setup manually it works correctly.

As well, i would prefer not to have to uninstall but instead just update the config.

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Last but not least i would also like to enable single sign on. If you could provide some expert guidance so i dont have to roll out of these manually, I would be extremely grateful. I am a very big fan and have learned a lot from your site. Receiver does not support specifying a Gateway discovery address from the command line.

License Server: OK Delivery Controller: OK with basic configured Storefront: Follow your instruction with SSL. But when i add server address with Receiver 4. Thank Carl! Is the certificate trusted? If signed by an intermediate, is the intermediate installed and linked on the NetScaler? IIs it possible to preconfigure all the icons on Citrix Receiver 4. Are you asking if you can auto-subscribe the icons? Mandatory in the published app description. Yes, i talking about auto-subscribe, but this feature works only with Storefront, no? Actualy, we have XenApp6.

I just tested it with Storefront 3. We also updated the thin client firmware and confirmed that the model of token is supported under the full thin client OS. As a test I have the user connect to their provisioned virtual PC from a laptop with Citrix Receiver and it works fine. Any thoughts or suggestions? You can try posting your question to http: Unsure why or how this error occured — I have Xenapp running 7.

The Single Sing-on process is not running.

Logging in to Citrix on a Mac

Reboot the machine after installing Receiver to start the process — Which is the error message you have at your example. Rest of the configuration checker gives green checkmarks. But for some reason ssonsvr. Yes — I do believe they are configured correct. I have tried to remove the Citrx receiver with and without the removal tool and installed it again. Well — it was working at my other images. Have made it work, without figuring out the cause.

Might be related to my upgrade from receiver 4. Also installed Google Chrome, but really cannot see how that would change anything. For us it worked. Without roaming the usrclass. Fixed issue: File type association might not work when logging on using a roaming user profile and opening an published application. We have two-factor authentication primary password and secondary RSA token implemented on out XD site. Receiver should say Password and Passcode. WSCReconnectMode is default 3 reconnect on launch or refresh which is often prefered. RefreshMS is default 1 hour.

The user goes to a meeting, to present something, leaves workstation, leaving workstation logged on, with session open. User connects to session from meetingroom computer to present whatever. The meeting lasts longer than 1 hour. RefreshMS kicks in on the users workstation, results in the session from the meeting room beeing pulled back to the logged on workstation. User angry, meeting disrupted. But this again is not ideal from a user perspective.

Also, if Setting RefreshMS to 0, user can no longer double-click receiver icon from systray to open receiver window. Insted Advanced prefrences comes up. How can that be of the user is working in the current seasion in the meeting? The seasion will roam with the user. There is a new version of Citrix Receiver for Android that was released.

I had a case open and tested it for a while. It fixes the Session Reliability bug with Android version 3. With 3. Hi Carl, I was wondering if you have any input. I just created a second Delivery group with the same settings but it is on 7. When a non-admin logs in the apps are not publishing to the desktop and I dont see the log off button in receiver.

When an admin logs in it puts all applications and published desktops on the desktop. I had it setup for hiding the desktop icons but they are still showing. Any ideas on why its not working on 7. I think I answered my own question. Apparently some special directive that Recevier picks up on? I think I have it working.. Only two extra days pounding on it. Navigation Workspace app is the new name for Receiver. Workspace app and Receiver Modules The Workspace app and Receiver installer deploys multiple modules.

Printing from Winstat

Here are the important ones: ICA Engine wfica. Self-Service selfservice.

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The most recent name for this component is Citrix Workspace Update. After authentication, Gateway will connect to its configured Account Services address, and download the Provisioning File from StoreFront. Here are the values in the Provisioning File: An important value to consider for multi-datacenter configurations.

Once Workspace app or Receiver is configured, it then performs the following steps: Attempt to connect to the Internal Beacon. If the Internal Beacon is not reachable: Attempt to connect to the External Beacons. If the External Beacons are not reachable, then stop attempting to connect. Connect to the Gateway address configured in the Provisioning File. If there is more than one Gateway, connect to the Gateway that is marked as the Default.

Here are some interesting notes on this connection process: The actual connection process is controlled by the contents of the Provisioning File, not the Discovery address. Here are some additional methods of performing Workspace app or Receiver Discovery: After exporting the Provisioning File from StoreFront Console, distribute it to users, and ask them to double-click it.

The user then must run the downloaded file. Virtual Monitors In Workspace app , when connected to a published desktop on a single monitor, you can split the screen into virtual monitors. In the desktop toolbar at the top of the screen, click Preferences. The single monitor will be split along this line. You can set different DPI for each portion of the virtual display. Right-clicking one of the split sections changes that section to the primary display. Click OK when done. In the toolbar, click Window to resize it to a window, and then click Full Screen to cause your virtual monitor configuration to take effect.

Uninstall Old Clients Workspace app and Receiver 4. This includes the Offline Plug-in component if installed. Blog posts from Shaun Ritchie: Citrix Blog Post: Administrator vs non-administrator Non-administrator — If a non-administrator installs Workspace app or Receiver, then each non-administrator that logs in to the same workstation will have to reinstall Workspace app or Receiver.

Citrix Unlock

Administrator — If CitrixWorkspaceApp. Administrator installations are installed to C: Administrator installations cannot be upgraded by non-administrators. Conflicts — If an administrator install of Workspace app or Receiver is performed on a machine that has non-administrator installs of Workspace app or Receiver, then the two installations will conflict. Best option is to uninstall non-admin Workspace app and Receiver before installing admin Workspace app or Receiver.

Some notes: If Workspace app or Receiver is installed as administrator, then only administrators can install the auto-update. This includes Remote PC. Auto-update can be limited to LTSR updates only. Auto-update is configurable through several mechanisms: Install using a command line switch: Change Registry values post installation to suppress the Add Account window.

Set the registry value: Discover Hidden Stores When Receiver is first launched, it must perform Discovery, which is the process of downloading the. Common Command line switches include the following: GPO configuration is also required as detailed below. To allow non-SSL stores: AutoUpdateCheck can also be set to manual or disabled. AutoUpdateStream can also be set to Current. Give the shortcuts a short name. Set this to create. See the link for details. To enable pass-through authentication: Local Username and Password — Check the top two boxes.

This causes all icons to be placed on the Start Menu. Enable Manage App Shortcut and configure it as desired. Source Enable Control when Workspace or Receiver attempts to reconnect to existing sessions. If this is a VDA published desktop, set it to Disabled. Otherwise configure it as desired.

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Enable automatic client drive and client microphone mapping. Configure the FileSecurityPermission setting in one or more of the regions. From a machine that has Workspace app or Receiver installed, find the. If one exists, paste the. The GPO settings can then be found at one of the following: In XenApp 6. Login to the PC as an administrator.

Then finish the installation. If installing an older version of Receiver: Go to the downloaded Citrix Receiver. Shift-right-click CitrixReceiver. Open a command prompt. Click Install when prompted. Install the receiver. A Winstat session will open in a new browser tab. The web client does not have the flexibility of the Desktop Viewer, but there are buttons on the right side of the session window which allow you to copy and paste text between your computer and your Winstat session the Desktop Viewer allows this automatically and end programs running in your Winstat session.

Installing the Citrix Receiver In order to use Winstat you'll need to download and install a free program, the Citrix Receiver, on each computer you use. Winstat on Mobile Devices You can also connect to Winstat via mobile devices and tablets, including iPads, Chromebooks, and Android tablets. Guidelines for Using Winstat There are a few guidelines you should follow when using Winstat: Do not attempt to install or run your own software on the server. Unlike a regular Windows PC, Winstat consists of shared server that many users can access simultaneously, and the software installed there is selected specifically for such use.

This includes the "codebook" programs that come with some data sets—you'll need to find another place to install and run them. Do not save files on the server's hard drive, Local Disk C: Save files in Documents , on the Desktop , or on network drives. On Winstat the Desktop and Documents folders are saved on your U: Files saved elsewhere will be deleted at the end of your session. When you're done using Winstat, log off. Do not just close the Citrix Receiver, or your session will continue to run in a disconnected state.

If you then try to log in again, Winstat may fail to reconnect to the existing session and you won't be able to create a new one until the disconnected session is shut down automatically three hours later. Controlling the Winstat Window Once you are logged in to your Winstat session, you can control your Winstat window using the Receiver Control Bar at the top of your screen. Transferring Files Using Winstat When you log in to Winstat using the Citrix Receiver, it will automatically create network drives that connect to the local drives of your computer.

Connecting to Winstat via the Web It is also possible to open a Winstat session directly in a web browser, though you will not be able to access files and printers using this method.