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To Install VMware tools, mount the darwin. Restart the VM. Here are the available screen resolutions after VMware tools installation to increase the screen size.

Install & Run Mac OS X 10.7 Lion in a Virtual Machine with VMWare

As I said earlier, its not working with me now. Now, I expect your comments, successful and failure attempts by this method.

How to Open and Run it on Windows 7 Computer?

Feel free to drop a comment if this works or not. Subscribe to our free newsletter and download a free ebook. So I just ran the update from the original Took a while to download though but still worked flawlessly.

mountain lion vmware workstation

So hit those updates folks! Also let me share my specs. Running Vmware 8. I have set the VMWare to use 3. Here you go: Pretty good especially since this a 1 year old post and people are still working this thing out.. So, as far i see, can we change the string svga. My laptop configuration is: I have no built in graphics card. My mailid is: How to install Windows 7 on Mac — the really working tutorial: You might check your config vmx file against mine posted earlier on this page. Mine runs pretty quick.

Download Lion OS X 10.7.3 VMware Image and Make it Work on Windows 7 Computer

Also, I found that v8. Did anyone tried to download iBook Author from the app store? Sample Rate recognized. Check conflict between GarageBand and external device. Funny, when I first installed Garageband, it worked. I am working with VMWare Workstation 8. The only problem is the Fillscreen mode. Do you have a solution for this problem now? Navigate to OS X You should be able to see OS X If you are running VMware Workstation 9.

You will see an option to upgrade this virtual machine. You can do that to make this Virtual Machine more compatible with your latest Workstation. Alternatively, you can discard the message. But you want to go to edit virtual machine settings , go to Options tab. Change the version to Mac OS X It will ask you if this virtual machine is moved or copied. Just click I copied it. Now let the fun part begin. Depends on the system you are trying to install. If you ever run into issues, be sure to check out this guide on how to troubleshoot hackintosh.

Now it should be very straight forward, just keep following the setup wizard and complete the installation. Once the installation is complete, inside your new Mac. Just run this: I have Hp laptop with latest bios and i5 processor. Help me please. Sorry to hear that nothing worked for you. U can try obtaining the latest version of Vmware 9 and follow above procedure carefully.

Even i have the same processor and it worked for me…. I am getting the same problem on a x64 pc, grey Apple screen comes up and does nothing then changes after a while to the stop sign. Comments I am getting an error like this after following the above process. Hi, After following the above process, I am getting error like this Screenshot — http: Its very common in Dell Laptops http: Thanks for the post…it works flawlessly… Can some one tell what is the root password? Thank You.

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  6. How To Install Mac OS X Mountain Lion Virtual Machine (VMware) inside Windows 7 or Windows 8.

Hi, Please let me know if I can use the software update feature. Thanks, Peter.

How To Install Mac OS X Mountain Lion in VMware Workstation on Windows Machine

Hope this will help… Regards Magesh K twitter. But my ethernet not detecting!!!

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  • Install & Run Mac OS X Lion in a Virtual Machine with VMWare!
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  • Plz help. Finally i have solved all the problems… Thanks to the boss who shared this… Regards Magesh K twitter.

    Hello, Sorry to hear that nothing worked for you. Even i have the same processor and it worked for me… Best of luck.. Magesh K twitter.