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However, the only disadvantage for her is that you have to apply it every single night, which really requires a lot of patience. Check her full Latisse review video here: She talked about how great the two products are when it comes to growing eyelashes. She also shared the disadvantages of the two products. Watch her full comparison video. Katie Hill did a great review of the popular eyelash treatment, Latisse. In this video, she talked about the pros and cons of the product, and even shared before and after photos of her eyelashes to show how it really works. Katie found Latisse really effective for growing eyelashes and making them look fuller, so she definitely recommends the product for people who have sparse or inadequate amount of eyelashes.

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However, she cautions everybody to use it carefully as this product can cause side effects. In this video, Katie also shared some tips and tricks on how to use the product efficiently. Watch her full latisse review. Where can I find Latisse coupon? Latisse offers can be found in most pharmacies and online coupon database. These offers can be in the form of printable coupons, free samples, or trial offers.

You can check your nearest pharmacy or doctor for offers. You can also visit pharmaceutical websites and stores, or sign up to Brilliant Distinctions Program provided by the manufacturer of Latisse, where you can receive special offers and redeemable points. Latisse has only been approved by the FDA for the upper eyelashes.

Check with your doctor about this option. Technically, yes, since bimatoprost is the active ingredient in Latisse. However, we would caution you against using 0. Although these two products are very similar, Latisse is by far the only FDA-approved and scientifically-proven treatment for hypotrichosis inadequate amount of eyelashes. Also, Latisse comes with the correct applicators, making them safe to use. For your safety, see a certified doctor, buy the real Latisse and apply it correctly.

Lumigan and Latisse are both made by the same company and contain the same medication. However, Lumigan is FDA-approved for the treatment of glaucoma while Latisse is for the treatment of hypotrichosis. Most doctors will not prescribe a drug for off-label use as it is against the FDA regulations. Remember that it is always safer to use a product for its purpose. Latisse and Careprost contain the same active ingredient, which is 0. However, Latisse is the only FDA-approved and scientifically-proven treatment for the growth of eyelashes.

While many customers have experienced good results after using Careprost, the results are still not guaranteed. Latisse drops may change the color of your eyes to brown, which is likely to be permanent. But this is a rare case. If you notice changes in the color of your eye, call your doctor as soon as possible.

She aspires to help her readers achieve their most beautiful look by sharing personal tips learned through both years of experience and thorough research. For 10 weeks it has been on Latisse. But after using the product I felt that my lashes have spread out in a very odd manner from my eyes, and it started took even worse than before using the product. But the main problem with the product is that it is not made for every type of skin. As my eyes started to look reddish all the time. I used latisse for about 2 weeks and noticed that my short straight stumpy lashes did seem longer.

I had to stop use because one morning I woke up with a stye on my lower lid. Went to the opthamologist. He was not thrilled to say the least that I was using this product. He stated he was dissappointed that the FDA approved this for lash growth. A week after my eye healed dont know if related to latisse use I started to use it again. Got strange results this time. Left eye lashes long and even.

Right eye all different crazy lengths. Looks like a mismatch with my left eye!! Just ran out of the stuff. I know this is true because I have documented my results on my digital camera. Has anyone else had this happen? Somebody please help!!! I started using latisse about a month ago, and originally had more lashes on my right eyelid then the left. I still have more on my right eye, as I originally did before using the latisse, but now they are just falling out easier.

Has anyone else had this problem before? No matter how many nurses or doctors I call, no one at a dermatology clinic can seem to give me an answer at all. Is this normal for them to be falling out thisw easily? I did my make up today and had about 8 or 9 lashes fall out. Is that a sign of new ones coming in and growing? I would not recommend to use Latisse to anyone who has light skin. My eyelids are very brown and it looks awful. Also I have some eye pressure and I used Latisse only few times. I think it can be dangerous so I stopped using it immediately.

You are right Anna. My eyes looks the same more darker. I had light brown eyes and now its dark brown. I hate it. In a million years I would never have used Latisse if I had known that it would permanently change my eye color to a dark, dark, brown! Do NOT use this product! I have been using Latisse for about 6 months. At first I noticed my eyelashes had grown substantially and thickened, I was thrilled.

Now I too am seeing them fall out. I have aeas of long and then blocks of no or real short lashes. One morning there were 4 or 5 lashes in the sink. I am about a week away from the 12 week point and am thrilled with the results so far. I noticed a little change at week 4. They were maybe a little thicker and longer at week 8 but not dramatically. Then it seems that practically overnight they got really long and quite thick. I can hardly wait to see what they look like over the next 5 weeks as I approach the 16 week mark.

The next day I went and bought a thin eyeliner brush. I squeeze a single drop into the lid and it is more than enough to do upper and lower lashes of both eyes…..

Latisse Reviews: Side Effects, Benefits, Risks, and More

I rinse the brush under hot tap water and let it air dry. It has a cap so I can carry it without worry when I travel. Not even a hint of an infection but I have considered using alcohol to clean the brush. I should add that I had a little irritation and redness in my first weeks but it was pretty minor. I plan on switching to times a week after the 16 week point. I have been using Latisse for approximately 5 months and I cannot believe how great my lashes look! I receive compliments daily. The only side effect that I have noticed is a slight darkening along my lash line.

But that is not noticeable because I wear eyeliner. I highly recommend Lattise. I seem to be having the same problem as Deb — I have been using Latisse for about 6 months. I started noticing a difference at 3 weeks, and the results were great. Now, about 6 months later, my lashes seem to be going back to the way they were before I started using it. I have been using the product continually as directed. Anyone have any answers? I have been using Latisse for several months. I had very skimpy lashes and Latisse definitely made them longer and thicker, although they are not equally thick on both eyes.

Also, my discolored eyelids are very noticeable. They are now a reddish brown that I try to cover up with make-up because people have commented on it. I will continue to buy it probably because I have never had nice lashes until now. I was skeptical but I really wanted to try it since plastic surgery is not in my budget! After 4 weeks of using Latisse I have noticed new growth and the lashes I had have lengthened.

Yes it does work and the only side effects I have noticed are itching and burning after application but not enough to stop using it. One way to make a bottle last longer is to place one drop in the bottle cap and only use one applicator for each eye. One drop is plenty for both eyes and makes the supply last twice as long, highly recommend. After 16 weeks of use, my lashes were gorgeous but lately they seem to have reverted back to their normal stubbiness despite my nightly use of the product.

I too have uneven eyes— left eyelashes are longer and thicker than the right. Also my eye lids are more red than they usually are— plus increased dry eye. Also, this morning while applying eye makeup, my lids in the inner corner are peely- like an eczema. I think I have to discontinue. The doctor I got this from said to use a eyeliner brush, not the brushes that come with the product as these brushes absorb too much of the liquid and use it every 3 times a week and you will get the same result. The pros outweigh the cons. I love having long eyelashes, but I wonder if long term use will stop working or have any long term affects.

Been using latisse week 3 now, all thanks to the eyelash extension which in return gave me no eyelashes! At the start, alot like all of you i was skeptical but i was desperate after a years use of eyelash extensions. At week 3 today, i can feel some of my eyelashes hit my face when i shut it, i see growth at the areas that had none, and overall very excited to see the lashes at week But all of which the time i had my eyelash extensions removed and could have possibly contributed.

I am now using the MAC 2. Which i am guessing the product should not be overused and only be, three times a week after full growth 16 weeks. Makes you look sick, and no amounts of make-up can cover it. I miss my great lashes but the freaky red eyelids made it not worth it. I wish they could tweak the formula to address this very real problem. Not to mention dry, itchy, burning eyes. Such a disappointment!! Hi Chris! Has yours improved? I have been using latisse for over a year and it was great for atleast 9 months.

My eyelashes got so thick and long. Everyone commented on them. Now all my long lashes have almost all fallen out and the lashes left are short and thin and seem to come out easily too. I have gaps and am wondering if new ones will come in. I will stop using it now. I suspect they knew it only worked for a certain period of time. The body must get used to the drug and get rebound of some type. It is very depressing. I have had eye infections, sties on my eyes and gaps in my lashes from this product. My eyes are dark and I look like I have been socked in the eyes.

I have spent money on antibiotic ointments, drops, and pills to deal with the effect os Latisse. It is horrible. My right eye lashes are fine; not full but OK when I use mascara. Please post your reviews here so we can all know what is going on. Please post your reviews here so we can all know what is going on in your case.

Thanks everyone. I had the same problem as Deb and Pam. I used Latisse as directed, never missed a night. I started seeing results after week 7. My lashes were amazing, long and you could feel the difference in thickness. They are not long anymore and they feel very thin. I feel like I just wasted my money!! I have used on and off for over a year.

This product works great. My lashes do the same as some other reviewers. They grow long and thick and then after a few months become shorter again. They will fall out and new ones will come in just like your normal lashes without Latisse. Just keep using it and it continues to grow longer and thick again. Sometimes my become uneven also but that is because you are putting more solution on one side than the other. When I notice this then I put on a litte more one the other side and less on the longer side and they even out pretty quickly. Never thought that would happen to me. Good luck.

I love this site and the honest critics from authors. I have been using this for one month and now have dark circles under my eyes. My eyelashes do seem to be longer. I will stop using this and see if the dark circles go away. Will keep you informed. Good-luck to everyone using this product. I love it too but experience dryeye and also darkness on my kids and under. Worth it once I see my amazing lashes!!! They are so long they catch on my eyebrows!!

Good problem to have!!!! Same here. And I have dark circles under my eyes. I used it for 6 months. At first it worked great. Then my lashes started to grow out crooked. Then I started to get these little white puss filled bumps by my lash line. Then my lashes started to fall out. Now I have very few eyelashes and bare spots.

Eyeing the Perfect Lashes

I tried it on my bottom lashes and they are fine and thick and long. I only had this problem with my top lashes. I stopped using it,and I hope my lashes grow back. No redness, irriration, etc. Previously I had been using Rapidlash and had pretty good results and am probably going back to using it.

Perhaps I should have been worried earlier when the physician gave me the prescription over the telephone along with 2 extra refills without even knowing me. For those who continue to use the same at least purchase through Costco Pharmacy the cost is approximately They looked great. And it seems that they have. They were really nice. Three and a half months later, they are thin and I have to wear mascara to show that I do have a few lashes.

What happened? Allergan needs to do a little more work on their product. I started using Latisse in June of What used to be a yellowish color is now light brown so for that reason alone I have stopped using the product.

What is Rapidlash?

I have been using Latisse for 5 months. Initally my lashes got longer, darker and thicker. Now I notice they have thinned and faded and are not as long as they were before. I too have the reddish brown pigmentent on my eyelid. I have been using Latisse for 2 months.

I was so excited when I started seeing some longer lashes But honestly this product is a huge dissapointment!!!!!! One thing my doctor recommended was to be sure to apply the Latisse in one direction one day and in the opposite the next. This may help prevent the lashes from growing all nutty. As far as the fall out, I am also understanding it is normal for our lashes to do this anyway. I love it!! Yes, it works! My eyelashes are much longer, but I still wish they would thicken.

Latisse definately works, but there is a downside to its magical power. The results took about 6 weeks to really notice a good change in my eyelashes. After 5 months of continued use, I noticed that my eye color is changing pretty dramatically. Reviews and websites will tell you it most likely will not affect the color, but that was not true in my case. I warn anyone with light eyes to be wary because its permanent and once theyre darker thats it.

At first I thought I had wasted my money but after a few months my eyelashes are growing like crazy…I have even had to cut them back a bit. The manufacturer is very clear about the time needed for the product to work…. Like the other users whom have gone past the 16 week mark, things are growing in thinner and shorter than before even while on the product. I now have discontinued using it. I read that eyelashes have a 16 week growth cycle so it will be interesting to see if these ones that have grown in short and thinner will be more normal after the next growth cycle while off the product.

I think that this should be listed as a side effect. Seems to be a common thread here. After waiting 4 long months my lashes did improve; in length and only a little in thickness. And, it is too expensive to have such minimum results. I am currently looking for another eyelash growth product that will continue to deliver the lashes promised by Latisse. I am quite disappointed having spent so much money on this product.. Anyone have any luck with any other lash growth product? If so, please post on this webiste—I will be checking back occasionally.

Thank you. I waste I will try to put in fake single lashes to fill in the blank area but there is nothing I can do to the lashes on my left eye that point towards the middle of my face and vice versa on the right eye…I look horrible and embarrassed. They should return your money for not listing this side effect in the literature! This product was very effective for me. I have used the product and stopped several times because of this particular side effect. I can not recommend it. The only negative result that I have had is my eyes get red and feel tired, but the longer lashes are wonderful!

I love it!!! I did notice that around my top eye is darker, but it looks like a brown eyeliner, which I use black anyways. I am a light skinned woman and have had more good results than negative. My eyelashes are not necessarily thicker, but they are a lot longer. I normally have very short stubby blond lashes and I have not notice my lashed getting any darker than they were before, but with mascara they look like I have very very long lashes.

I love this product! I just completed my third month. So in 4 weeks what you are all posting is that my eyelashes are going to fall out, my eye color will become darker, I will have dark circles around my eyes. When I got the product they told me to use it everyday for 16 weeks then after that use it only 2 or 3 times a week for maintenance. Did any of you who lost your eyelashes grow them back. I started Latisse about 4 months ago and saw a result quickly, unlike some other users.

My eyelashes are long and beautiful and are now touching my glasses at times! I expect to continue use and get a second growth but will update this review if I do not get the expected results. Overall, I am happy. Some redness on the upper eyelid, but I use an eyeshadow primer to cover and it is unnoticeable when wearing makeup. I am haiving same issue as others, product initially worked great and I had the longest lashes I had ever had.

Now after about 7 months of using, my lashes seem skimpier than they were after the first months of use but not as short and sparse as they were prior to using Latisse. I am hoping that they are going through some regrowth cycle. If it works agian then it is well worth the money spent. I have light green eyes and thankfully no eye color changes. I did have a bit of the darker color on my lid but a bit of coverstick works fine for me. I have been using Latisse for over a year now with excellent results.

My lashes grew to a perfect length, increased thickness, and looked great with mascara. However, a week ago Beginning of Jan, I noticed a bare spot, not too large, but noticeable, on my right upper lid. I do have lashes growing back in the area, but they are tiny in comparison to my left eye. I do not know if it is Latisse that may have caused this, and I am unsure if I should continue in the hopes that it may help, or stop in case it is the cause.

I will likely discontinue it in the off chance that it is the culprit since it seems to be a common side effect from the looks of this thread. I am sure I am asking in vain because I doubt anyone will revisit this, but did anyone have luck growing their lashes back? I am worried… And for those of you who say that lash fall out is normal…of course it is, but I know for fact that mine is not normal. And from the sounds of others, theirs is not normal either. Biologically, the eye needs a full covering of hair to protect it from debris.

So, yes, hairs will shed, but it usually goes unnoticed because the natural lash cycle keeps a continuous amount of lashes across the entire lash line. I would have rated Latisse a 5, but I am choosing to not give it a rating in case it is the cause of this fall out. Anyway, if someone out there could please let me know… I would so appreciate it. This is driving me crazy. I have also been losing eyelashes after over a year of using latisse and it has really freaked me out.

Eyeing the Perfect Lashes - CBS News

I am really only losing on the right side. After reading these reviews it seems lash loss is not uncommon. I am sure I am asking in vain, as I doubt anyone will revisit these posts, but those who lost their lashes, did they eventually return to normal pre-latisse lashes? Any insight would help. You can direct email me at spadesj gmail. I would so appreciate it.

However, I have to admit that I am getting a bit freaked out after reading alot of your reviews on here about lashes falling out and upon stopping use, that lashes look worst than before. I only tried this because I received it as a free gift after a botox treatment.. I used Latisse almost every night for 3 months using an eyeliner brush, then went down to twice a week. My lashes were very puny before, now they are nice and long and fuller. Of course they go through cycles of falling out that is normal.

But it seems like the twice a week application ensures that the new growth turns out nice and not puny. I did experience some redness when using it every day; that went away when I went to using it twice a week. My question is, I am thinking of using neu lash which is a conditioner for a while to give my skin a break and start on Latisse again. Has anyone tried this? Started using Latisse at the end of December. Saw results in 2 weeks -loved it.

Then mid-January noticed my brown eyes had changed colour. Stopped using the product. Yes it works but seriously who needs this degree of permanent side effect. Latisse is definitely not worth the hassle. In fact, surprised it got approval, especially since the side effects are permanent. Either or its not very attractive.

Not really worth it because the ugly red eyes overshadows what little bit of lash lenght latisse claims to grow. I really would like my money back! Also lash growth is not uniform, it strays in all different unnatural positions. Last night I noticed that my eyelids were a darker color, but I went ahead with the second application anyway. Today, I look sick. Not only are my eyelids dark but the dark shading comes all the way around the inside corner of my eye.

I am not applying this a third time. Does anyone know how long it takes for the darkened skin to go back to normal??? My lashes are twice as thick, dark, and long as they were before starting to use Latisse. I have experienced NO side effects. I am now on my second bottle, and I only use it every other night to make it last. ONE drop is all you need! Thank god I googled this site… I went to the dermotologist yesterday and took a Latisse pamphlet.

I knew there had to be some side effects or cons to this product because its too good to be true! According to my overall analysis of peoples posts, it seems like it works for a period of time temporary for months , but then your either back to normal or in a worse state. I guess I am better off sticking to my natural eyelashes… just incase. I have been using Latisse for about a year and had really good results in the beginning. Unfortunatly, for the last several months i have noticed that it no longer seems to be working like it did in the beginning.

After reading the reviews I see that this seems to be a common problem. I have used it as prescribed and now have beautiful long thick eyelashes. She explained that observations were made that patients treated with the drug as eye drops had longer lashes. It affects the eyelash growth cycle and prolongs the active growth phase therefore increasing the length, thickness, density of eyelashes, and can make them darker.

Graf said with Latisse, in order to get maximal growth, you need to use it every night for four months. Graf said many patients see a visible change in their lashes after eight weeks. But patients, Graf said, feel a difference as early as a week or two into the treatments by the way they can wear mascara.

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  • As for side effects, Graf said there is "very low potential" for them. She said the most common side effect is darkening of the iris, primarily with people that have hazel eyes. If it happens, it can cause permanent darkening. More commonly it can cause darkening of the eyelid skin which is reversible once you stop using it. Graf said your eyelashes are going to slowly return to the way they were before you started using the drug. Latisse is expensive, so for people who aren't ready to make that commitment, Pamela Edwards Christiani, beauty editor of Essence magazine , shared the latest on how to fake fabulous lashes.

    This formulation mimics the active ingredient in Latisse. Another product she highlighted was the Lancome Oscillation Powerbooster. The applicator vibrates and the vibration provides more even coating of the product itself.

    Eyelash growth serum review (Latisse)-Dr Dray

    Also, Christiani shared the L'Oreal Lash-Boosting Serum, which she said is the most affordable and available at drugstores. She added women should take into consideration the color, the length and the curl pattern of their lash extensions so they have lashes that match. Lash extensions take about two hours of application and fall out naturally after about a month, Christiani said.

    However, if you don't want to spend a lot of money, but you still want the glamour, Christiani suggested Shu Uemura and Mac mascara. Nearly five years after girls were kidnapped from their school by Islamic terrorist group Boko Haram, some of the survivors tell "60 Minutes" about what they endured and how they're recovering.

    The lifelong Democrat tells "60 Minutes" both parties are not doing what's necessary on behalf of the American people. To be effective, the serums should be applied twice a day to the base of the lashes. Recently, the DuWop Cosmetics co-founder Laura LaRocca and the makeup artist Dawn Watts created the first lash-boosting formula with pigment in it so it can be used as an eyeliner. Called Line N Grow, it comes in black, olive and midnight blue, among other shades. You put it on like eyeliner. Watts said. But it takes about four to six weeks of twice-a-day use of lash enhancers to see actual growth, and soon after you stop using them, your lashes will revert to their original, sparser state.

    Established side effects of Latisse include itching, irritation, redness and increased brown pigmentation of the iris; the over-the-counter products, which are not government regulated, are also a gamble. According to Dr. Colbert, the over-the-counter lash boosters contain a weaker derivative of bimatoprost or a similar molecule.

    View all New York Times newsletters. A less threatening solution might be LashDip, semipermanent mascara that lasts for up to six weeks. Harley said. The LashDip application is a three-step process. First, the lashes are cleaned with a sodium-and-aloe soap. Then the gel is daubed on by a cosmetologist or makeup artist to darken and shape the lashes.