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VIP options at rock concerts date back nearly 30 years.


But they have surged in popularity over the past year, despite the slumping economy, thanks to fans willing to pay whatever it costs to be part of an exclusive club, if just for a night. Frontline, which owns ILove-AllAccess. For artists and the concert industry, the upscale exclusivity for fans buying VIP tickets provides additional revenue at a time when overall attendance is declining. It's also a way for bands to capture more revenue and bring ticket prices for the best seats up beyond their face value, with added features for fans, instead of a ticket being resold for 10 times its original price by brokers.

Presumably, there won't be any markups for the Chris Isaak Guitar Package being offered to just one lucky buyer on his summer tour, which stops in San Diego on Aug. Her package included a sixth-row ticket, a pre-show reception, a gift bag with a New Kids fleece blanket and the all-important meet-and-greet and photo op. I couldn't believe I was finally getting to meet these guys that I had on posters on my wall as a kid. For the photo op, I stood right next to Jordan Knight, my childhood boy crush.

It was definitely good value for the money. Veteran heavy-metal band Testament offers an even better VIP value. We limit it to about 20 people a night, and it's worked out very well. People don't want to spend the money, so you want to give fans more for their buck. More is always better. Make that more, times two, for Rachiel Fai, 33, a longtime fan. But even with a good cause, not every musician buys into the VIP-ticket concept, even if some of their fans and colleagues do.

But there's a little cheese factor there. Sophie Gayot's Dinner with Mick Fleetwood. But why? And how come? Posted by Nickslive at Friday, May 29, 0 comments Links to this post.

Fleetwood Mac News: May

Mick Fleetwood. Lindsey Buckingham takes spotlight on Fleetwood Mac tour by: Dean Goodman Reuters If the name had not already been taken, Fleetwood Mac might be more accurately known as the Buckinghams. Instead, some deft playing by a touring keyboardist had to suffice. But for the first half of the show, Buckingham, Nicks, Fleetwood and bass player John McVie barely acknowledged each other, firmly keeping to their designated areas of the simple stage. By the end, it looked like a major love-fest among the various ex-lovers and combatants.

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Mick Fleetwood wigs might be a better choice on the next tour. Local Fleetwood Mac fans can breathe a sigh of relief. The band - which cancelled its May 12 and 13 concerts in Calgary and Edmonton - has rescheduled shows for both cities. Tickets for the May 13 show will be honoured at the June 24 concert. There was no word on whether more tickets would go on sale at a later date. Fleetwood Mac postponed its initial Alberta dates due to an illness of a band member, thought to be Stevie Nicks. The Sacramento Show that was also Postponed won't be rescheduled it has been cancelled.

Ticket refunds are available at point of purchase. Posted by Nickslive at Friday, May 29, 1 comments Links to this post. Mick says that habit developed from a difficulty in consistently committing things to memory. Today, the Mac is back albeit minus retired keyboardist-vocalist Christine McVie and is well into a reunion tour that should keep the band on the road throughout and might inspire the members to enter the studio in the not-too-distant future.

If I was put on the spot and asked to bet on whether it would happen, I would put money on this band definitely recording again. When you wrapped the last tour in , was there any certainty that Fleetwood Mac would work together again?

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There was, it was just a question of when. But it had to be right for everyone.

Fleetwood Mac - Say You Love Me (Chicago 2009)

And Stevie went back out on the road, so we waited. Everyone is totally focused instead of sort of focused. What are some of your recollections of the early days gigging around London? My first official gig in London was with a band called The Senders. They were basically an all-instrumental group. And out of that band came The Shames, which did fairly well around London. We played at The Marquee, doing Yardbirds-esque stuff. From there came my connection with keyboardist Peter Bardens, who I played with for many, many years.

I went on to play with him and Rod Stewart in Shotgun Express, and with all sorts of people. I was very fortunate that once I got to London I was never without a gig. That situation really helped my chops. Did you have lessons or any kind of training before you started gigging?

No, it was training on the job. Though I was playing to records in the attic when I was a young kid, about nine or ten. I had a toy kit called a Gigster. Each drum was about 6" deep, and it had a 6" cymbal, a hi-hat, and a bass drum. They were all drummers that commanded a lot of reverence, like Ginger, and Phil Seamen, who used to play with Georgie Fame. He was a great English jazz drummer. Ginger used to worship him. Great feel drummer, one of the dudes. He was like the English Jim Keltner—played with a lot of people, but he still retained his own style. When did you hook up with John McVie?

I knew him as a sort of wayward friend. So unknowingly, the first three members of Fleetwood Mac were in that band. You are entirely correct. I play very physically. We have that sort of camaraderie. And he can do likewise with me. I could see it on his face when we started rehearsals. John and I play like blues players, really, in terms of the way we approach things. It stays with you. Has it got the grease?

Posted by Nickslive at Thursday, May 28, 0 comments Links to this post. Fleetwood Mac , Interview , Mick Fleetwood. Fleetwood Mac to unleash greatest hits.

Fleetwood Mac News

Legendary band brings familiar hits for June 3 show. So as Reprise Records is preparing to release a Fleetwood Mac box set this summer, with unreleased tracks from the "Rumours" sessions as well as never-before-seen footage of the band, it must be hard for the musicians to relive those times, right? The release of the box set and tour might seem like, well, marketing, or at least an unorthodox response to the musical history created more than 30 years ago.

But Buckingham, who will perform with the four remaining members of Fleetwood Mac at EnergySolutions Arena June 3, speaks about the material from the strength of a decadelong, happy marriage to photographer Kristen Messner. With a catalog of those songs as well as other hits from legendary albums such as "Tusk" and "Tango in the Night," the revived band can afford to tour without a new release.

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We wanted to reconvene. Buckingham said after touring with the band in support of "Say You Will" through and , he asked for several years off to work on solo efforts.

He recorded and toured behind two successful albums, "Under the Skin" and "Gift of Screws," and then received another phone call from band founder Mick Fleetwood. It's still up in the air about what's next for the former members of Fleetwood Mac. I won't presume anything. My mantra is to keep my mouth shut. Fleetwood Mac , Unleashed Promotion. Fleetwood Mac fan takes reviewer to task. Dear Payback Time: Sarah Rowland replies: And funny you should bring up Mick Jagger.

Say what you want about the Stones miser, but at least when he gouges fans with ticket prices, he has the decency to kick up his cardio routine before hitting the road. Burns butt on-stage. Class, spell turmoil: F-L-E-E-T-W-O-O-D M-A-C The band is infamous for its battles and lineup changes — and famous for its music By George Varga, Pop Music Critic signonsandiego There are a variety of nonmusical career opportunities for world-famous rock 'n' roll stars, especially those willing to lend their names to lucrative endorsement deals and other commercial ventures.

But Mick Fleetwood is one of the few who might qualify for a position as a special envoy for the United Nations. In another life, that premise is not a horrific one for me. Obviously, that's not what I ended up doing. However, in his own way, Fleetwood has learned more than many career diplomats about maintaining order, tiptoeing around land mines at least figuratively speaking and negotiating fragile truces in uncivil circumstances. The only member of Fleetwood Mac to have played with every edition of the band since its inception in , his key qualification is, well, that he is the only member of Fleetwood Mac to have played with every edition of the band since its inception in As a result, he has served as the de facto peacekeeper for this famous and famously contentious band, which in its first seven years of existence went through nine different lineups.

Between and , guitarist Peter Green burned out after taking too much LSD, guitarist Jeremy Spencer abruptly left to join a religious cult and guitarist Bob Weston was fired after his affair with Fleetwood's then-wife was discovered. The band has weathered five more lineup changes since , the year two young Americans — singer Stevie Nicks and guitarist-singer Lindsey Buckingham — joined. The couple had previously played together in Fritz, a Bay Area band, and had recorded one obscure duo album.

Against all odds, the addition of Buckingham and Nicks helped transform Fleetwood Mac, which had started out as an all-English blues-rock outfit, into an Anglo-American band that became one of the best-selling rock acts of the s — and beyond. The marriage between bassist John McVie who is still in the band and singer-keyboardist Christine McVie who isn't came to a rocky finish. Buckingham and Nicks ended their romantic relationship.

Fleetwood began a clandestine affair with Nicks, who still relied on Buckingham to improve her songs with his expert arrangements and stellar musicianship. We never got sucked into the massive potential for a showbiz-type approach, despite the soap-opera type stuff going on that became public knowledge. At the time, Buckingham openly bristled when it became clear the band and its record company wanted Fleetwood Mac to avoid tampering with its success. People want you to repeat formulas and run them into the ground. People at least at the time like drummer Fleetwood. His increasingly heated arguments with Buckingham over creative control and the band's musical direction prompted the guitarist to quit in and embark on a solo career.

Lindsey left because he didn't see any other way to do what he wanted to do, without leaving Fleetwood Mac. He probably had visions of me, with a cheerleader's outfit on and a huge master-of-ceremony's whip, saying 'We will never stop, not even to take a breath.

But all of us, for a while, sold our creative souls to the band. Related Artists: Tickets for both shows go on sale at 10am on Wednesday April 1. Thursday 16 July Wednesday 1 April Friday 20 March Post a comment Did you go to this event? Tell the community what you thought about it by posting your comments here! Restaurants to book near Fleetwood Mac. Social Facebook Twitter Instagram. Login or register. Email Address: Remember me on this computer.

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