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I'm not aware of any new version. Where did you hear about it? You'll have to wait for the creator to complete them which may never happen. Can't see why not. Speeding up is a an emulator feature, and should work on any game. Anyone know what generation are the movesets and items like are there Eviolite, etc. This hack is supposed to me a remake of Crystal. It's been a while since I played this, but I'm guessing plain ol' Gen 3.

Knuckle San do u still up date this website? Yes, I do update this site. All the complete hacks I know about are already here. Please let me know if you find anything missing. I believe there are tutors scattered throughout the game. Not sure of their locations though. Also, there's a move relearner in every Pokemon Center. Yep, I'm pretty sure the evolution methods have been changed for those Pokemon. Oooh been a very long time since I last played, over 2 year. Those are the ones I remember off hand. I remember I played liquid crystal a while back and my machoke evolved into machamp I'm pretty sure around lvl Is there a shiny stone to evolve togetic to togekiss because togekiss is on my team.

I remember a bug in this game. I was not able to do anything, I spoke with the E4 member and it just showed his defeat text. Well, people have been able to get all the way to the Orange Islands, so hopefully that won't happen again.

And one question, do you happen to know about other pokemon hacks that have the pokemon battle sprites of the fifth gen? Such as Dark Rising 1 or Light Platinum? In which you may see the complete body of your pokemon? I really like the view mostly of dragon like pokes, Charizard, Tyranitar, Flygon I've been "out of scene" for a while now, so I can't really recall which do and which don't.

A good place to ask would be this subreddit. Probably not. Some guy on Youtube was able to, but I don't see any download links available. Are you able to get all POkemon here without trading? IE Graveler to Golem. I believe the trade evolutions were mostly changed to level up ones. Will check and get back to you. I'm guessing the rest were changed as well. But I did also find a post saying that the Torchic line, Deoxys, and a few others are not obtainable. So there is no trade evolution. Hmm that's mean I could not battle with my friends in it..??? And one more thing is there Maga evolution???

Yeah, evolutions that required trading were changed. There is no mega evolution in this hack. Not sure about link battling, sorry. Have you tried talking to the sailor in Olivine? He should be in a house near the Pokemon Center.

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I don't think it's available in Johto. Probably best to choose a different mon for your team. Fire Stones: Use surf on the right side of Sprout Tower and talk to the geek to buy them. It's been a really long time since I played this so I don't remember much. It doesn't ask me to log in. Anyway, some guy concluded that- You can't trade in Pokemon: If anyone knows the number code needed to access the Nexus Lab on the 2nd island of the Orange Islands, please let me know. Knuckle San if you got some clues you can chime in too lol.

No worries man, I only saw your message about being away until the 30th a day or so after you posted lol I hope you enjoyed the holiday. You can't go north to the Science Complex because it's a dead end. I haven't played this recently, but yeah, I think you're at the end. Unfortunately, there hasn't been an update with new content in over 3 years. I contacted one of the creators not too long ago, and he told me the project isn't dead, but I don't know.. Damn, 3 years?? That's a shame, even if he said the project isn't dead, still I'll hang onto my save files for the time being then, just in case.

I'll drop some feedback after this since for now, I've reached the end. Not only do you get to play in a new region but you get to go back to the region where the previous generation of games was set. As great of a game as it was, it did have its troubles: Unnecessary Hail weather. This just made outdoor battles annoying, considering that it would be this kind of weather in many places.

As fun as it may seem to have more than one rival character in a game, there's really no point in have multiple rivals if they're all basically Blue 2. Zane fit that profile during the main game but because his story eventually takes shape in the post game, I won't rant about him lol he was lucky. Axel had his unique story but I expected him to help out more rather than leave you do the work ain't he a Champion from some far away region??

I've got feedback for other games that I've played, so you're free to check those out: Pokemon Dark Violet Pokemon Korosu. Apparently in Dark Cave and at Mt. Not really. I think Adventure Red Chapter had a few fusion Pokemon. There might be a couple of other hacks like that, but nothing with fusion as a feature or anything.

Can you update the completed pokemon hack list im sure theres many completed hacks out there.. Those are actually all the ones I know about. I don't count the improvement type hacks the ones that don't change the story as there are so many of them and also because they're technically all beatable even if they're not complete. Tyler Holbrook June 28, at Ace Starr July 5, at 8: Fazlin Zarook August 1, at Knuckle San August 1, at 6: Bolt da cyber jolteon sfm November 20, at 3: Unknown February 9, at 8: Knuckle San February 9, at 9: Unknown February 18, at Andrei Pop September 8, at 9: Knuckle San September 8, at Cortland W.

September 14, at 9: Unknown March 23, at 7: Unknown April 20, at 7: Knuckle San April 21, at Knuckle San September 14, at For his amazing Walthrough and locations FAQ. Mapping out an awesome Goldenrod map. Ray Maverick — Mapping some excellent Johto remakes. Plat — Some excellent map remakes!! JorgeZero — Testing, music and battle backgrounds.

Darthron — Animated titlescreen. Jambo51 — Responsible for pretty much all of the newest and greatest additions to LC 3. ShinyDragonHunter — Beta testing.

Mobile Menu

Diegoisawesome — general support, asm fixes and additions. Algratue — A lot of the music included in beta 3. Liquid Crystal Project and have not received due credit? Use the link below to Send A Message and we will add you to the list! Be warned! Do not watch these videos unless you don't mind spoilers. HTML Code:. Credits to Bombah for this awsome art work.

Keep it up dude: D Ever go onto Forums? Liquid Crystal Supporter?

Feel free to place one of these banners in your signature to show your support. Use the BB code provided to add the banner to your signature. Where's the download patch? Look down The download links are maintained at the bottom of the post. Why can't I save in Pokemon: Liquid Crystal? Well, in reality, you just can't save in FR. You need to use the emulator provided at the end of this post for full RTC support.

I found a bug what should I do? Post a bug report to inform us, we'll get round to fixing it and patching the Live Beta. Are you able to trade from Liquid Crystal to other games? Trading is currently implemented but does not function. We're looking into fixing it. Do I need to restart my game to play the newest Beta?

How to download Pokemon liquid Crystal

You must re-patch onto a new ROM for every new Live Beta download, you can simply re-use your old save as before unless otherwise stated on the release. I want to offer you guys some help. If you think it will truly benefit Liquid Crystal, let us know and we can see. When will the next beta be released?

We work using a Live Beta, this means we make up to "releases" per day adding and patching things. More info on this further down. Since Hoenn poke live in Johto and Kanto but very rare. How about fourth generation poke? There should be enough poke to have enough fun. Day, night, headbutt, Pokegear, etc? And the Sliding panels? Will Kanto be in?

It already is. It is complete. We are currently working hard on adding the remaining Orange Islands. Is Celebi's event in? Celebi is not yet obtainable, but will be very soon. Will mom save us our money? It's not really needed in all honesty but is planned for the future. What happened to the legendary dogs? It's just like crystal, and the same event's from that work in LC Liquid Crystal. How do the Trading-evolution pokes evolve? When will the Bug Catching Contest work? It's on the list of things to add soon. What will you do after finishing LC? I have a few other hacks planned after LC, we'll see if I get round to finishing them.

When will the final be out and released? This is something we can't say, as you never know what comes up next to halt development. It will be finished when it get's finished. Liquid Crystal news. Share Facebook Twitter Promote post…. Find all posts by linkandzelda Find threads started by linkandzelda Ignore Posts by linkandzelda. January 30th, Satoshi Ookami.

Pure awesomness! Fantastic LaZ! Satoshi Ookami Nicknames: January 30th, 1: Hehe thanks guys. At least thats the plan ; Link. Originally Posted by linkandzelda. Find all posts by E. Find threads started by E. Ignore Posts by E. January 30th, 4: Chimchar 9. Hm, tough time to bring it back. As you may of noticed Zel is back, and you never know when Shiny Gold is going to come back. Anyway, everything looks great so far! I loved the video, it was nice, quick, and flashy.

Pokemon Liquid Crystal

D Good luck! While this isn't my favorite remake of GSC I do enjoy playing it. SonicBlazePlatinum Nicknames: Well i'm raising the pokemon levels to make it much harder than the previous one. Its currently too easy although it wont be as hard as SG X. January 30th, 5: Oh my god, I loved this hack I thought you gave up on it? Oh well I am still happy the hack is still going. BTW, what will the final version have?

Project United Universes: Probably Coming in Tcoppy Nicknames: January 30th, 6: It's back huh? Nice to see it's really back.

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January 30th, 8: Playing version 2. January 30th, 2: I can't wait to see what you've been up to: Good luck Link: Lord Varion. Oh yeah Liquid crystal 3. Lord Varion Nicknames: January 30th, 3: In my opinion, easily one the best hacks to ever grace the PokeCommunity. I knew this hack wasn't finished; there was alot of things in Beta 2. In fact, this was the first hack I've actually finished, even before ShinyGold.

Liquid Crystal. Liquid Crystal by visiting the Features page. On December 25th we released Beta 3.

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Liquid Crystal to the public, and since that day we have received over 26, downloads of the game. The date of writing is April 29th, Liquid Crystal! So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and download the game and enjoy it!