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Should also work on Improvements a-plenty with this version, but left shift doesn't work which is a real pity, and neither does the minus key Snow Leopard, MacBook Air. Makes it hard to use Gulam.. Too many retro computers here: Both the emulated Atari's keys and Hatari's own keyboard shortcuts.

For latter you need to know the SDL keycode that your Mac keyboard generates for the key you want to map and for former you need to know also the Atari keycode to which you want to map it.

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Hello Jerome Vernet has a recent 1. All Hatari keys can be remapped.

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How do you find out the Mac SDL codes? I have Hatari 1. I actually own an Atari ST with internal floppy drive. When I want to load a game disk, I literally just insert the disk, turn on the machine and it boots. I notice that isn't the case with the emulator. Any advice? Many thanks F4LL3N. Are u loading up disk images like. Fwiw all, this thread helped me a lot. Thanks guys.

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Hatari is superb on Mac I just wish I could use it in windowed mode with a bigger window..!! Give NoSTalgia a try.

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It's just a STf emulator but it's quite good. Basically, it does everything, it does it well, it does it fast, and it does it accurately. Definitely worth the download. : The Museum

Gemulator Gemulator was the first Atari ST emulator. Although it used to be commercially sold, the new versions of Gemulator are all being released as freeware. Gemulator the latest incantation of Gemulator is one of the most complete Atari ST emulators there is. Gemulator Classic A Freeware release of the popular Gemulator, this is a very confusing emulator to use. The documentation that is included isn't very helpful, and no tech support is given. This emulator really isn't worth the download time.

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Unlike many other Atari ST emulators which try to give you a good environment for running GEM applications, Hatari tries to emulate the hardware of a ST as close as possible so that it is able to run most of the old ST games and demos. It's quite fast, as the CPU routines are done in assembly. It emulates the Atari ST's sound chip, keyboard, disk drives, the cpu, and all the rest. It also has an option to enable music through MIDI. You can download version 2.


Version 0. It is an update patch. Definitely worth a download. Download it and try it Note that one is for the United States, and the other is for the United Kingdom.

They contain versions 1. Steem SSE is a new version of Steem based on this release. Steven Seagal is a well known Aikido grandmaster, action movie star, musician and playboy. It has sound emulation, and since it's written in C, it has been ported to many different OS's.