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Data Rescue 3 can recover all types of files, even photo images from digital camera media that neither your computer nor your camera can read any more. It can also recover music and movies from iPods and other media players.

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You can recover the whole drive, or just your most important files. If your drive is starting to fail then you can use Data Rescue Clone to copy everything to a new drive before it fails completely. We recommend Data Rescue 3 because it is the most effective tried and tested do it yourself data recovery software for Mac OS users which has been successfully used by thousands of visitors to this site.

Product Information Publisher: Prosoft Engineering Platform: Mac OS X Price: Key Features Quickly recover deleted files Recover over file types by content Recover all types of files Recover files from drives that won't mount Recover files from a computer that won't start Recover files from corrupt or formatted drives Recover photos from digital camera media Recover music and movies from iPods Clone failing drives before they fail completely Optional DVD bootable version.

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If other apps or system files are deleted mistakenly, those affected apps or even the system could not work normally. In this post we share two feasible ways to uninstall Data Rescue as well as some removal tips.

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Have you solved your uninstall issue yet? Feel free to share your ideas with us. Back to Homepage Blog Purchase. Cannot Uninstall Data Rescue for Mac? Get Help Here Bernice Curry 9: Tip 1: Step 1. Download Osx Uninstaller, install it, and run this tool in Launchpad. Step 2. Select Data Rescue icon that appears, and click Run Analysis button. Step 3. Click Complete Uninstall, and then click Yes to execute the deletion.

Prosoft Engineering Data Rescue Review.

Step 4. Click Back to Interface to re-scan your Mac for currently installed apps. Watch the clip to have a direct experience how OU uninstalls Data Rescue perfectly. The whole process may last less than one minute to get the job done smoothly.

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Launch the Finder and click Applications on the sidebar to access to the folder. Search for Data Rescue, 1 right click on it and choose Move to Trash. No prior knowledge is need, because the wizard interface of Remo Recover Mac will take care of everything for you. This is also the bad side of the tool. The Basic Edition, which is also the cheapest one, only allows users to recover deleted files from mac drive or files emptied from Trash.

Get Remo Recover Mac. Data Rescue 3 offers users the best possibilities of recovering deleted or lost on damaged or normal hard drives as well as other media. It scans your Macintosh drive thoroughly with brute force method which scans every sector of your drive. Get Data Rescue 3. AppleXsoft File Recovery for Mac offers no-special-mac-skill-needed interface to Mac users to recover lost data from deleted, lost, corrupted, formatted Mac partitions.

It recover unmounted volume , accidentally deleted files and folders , initialized drive, logical file system damaged drive, as well as reconstruct lost RAIDs. Alsoft DiskWarrior is a special mac data recovery program that recovers and replaces the original directory using powerful patent-pending technology.

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What makes it so special is that you can even install it on external bootable Mac-based drive to recover lost data from your Mac. This is really great because this will give you the most possibility to avoid data overwritten. Get DiskWarrior.

All 5 mac data recovery software in the list are useful and powerful. In my opinion, the best mac data recovery solution is frequently backup your important files.

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Therefore, if you need to restore lost data from the system disk under macOS