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Agree x 2 List. PopstarKiller , Aug 18, Nov 21, Messages: Share many. And even the newer versions for PC aren't cracked. Someone brought it up in another thread: It seems R2R just updates their own releases not even all e.

Kontakt Libs and only from time to time realeases new ones mostly when VR has released it first. Mods may classify this thread as request. Last edited: Aug 18, Dec 1, Messages: Jan 14, Messages: It may just be a bit tedious to crack and too time consuming.

Toontrack Superior Drummer 2 Overview

I think it's just too big -- I just checked, and the total library size is actually GBs , according to Toontrack. I don't imagine there would be any way to host that, even if you cut it up into many, many downloads. And the PC k's are only for the actual app, not the app and the library, which I can't find anywhere, so I assume it's a bust.

For comparison, SD2 was around 21 GBs or so, so it was pretty damn big, but reasonably capable of being uploaded and downloaded. Even if there was a way to get it, that's almost a quarter of a TB for basically one drum kit and some extra sounds.

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Aug 19, Iggy , Aug 19, PopstarKiller , Aug 19, More world-class instruments, more amazing so Wednesday, April 15, Share This. Studios Ex Free Download Native Instruments Kontakt 5 v5. Free Download Native Instruments Kore v2. Free Download Native Instruments Rounds v1.

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Free Download Native Instruments Polyplex v1. In use, although the window itself is dominated by either the drum kit or the mixer, the bottom quarter of the screen remains constant at all times. Here you'll find memory status, master volume, and detailed parameters for each instrument, including velocity parameters and key assignments.

Toontrack Superior Drummer 2.0 review

The instrument section in the right corner is the best place to audition kit sounds, as it's context-sensitive - alas, the main kit graphics aren't. You can, however, add X-Drums to combine elements of different libraries. Out of the box, S2. Its drag-and-drop functionality enables you to simply import grooves onto S2. In addition to being used from programming realistic percussion tracks, drum ROMplers are also employed as instruments to be triggered live by drummers playing electronic drum kits.

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Although designed primarily as a plug-in, S2. If you have electronic hi-hats, you can even fine-tune the response with the CC offset option. Operationally, S2. With instruments of this type, shifting such large amounts of data sometimes results in the odd buffering click or pop, but we experienced none of that with S2.

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Ultimately, if we do have any criticism, it's that there is a 'sameyness' to the sound of the library, no doubt imparted by the studio room itself. Even so, with Volume 2 available next year, you'll be able to add the sound of Allaire and the Hit Factory to the mix. Overall, then, S2.