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With classic Mac OS multitasking, when you want to change apps it's up to the active program to relinquish control. This focuses the CPU on just one or two things, which means it's terrible for today's typical litany of active processes.

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As I write this sentence I have 16 apps open on my iMac, some of which are running multiple processes and threads, and that's in addition to background syncing on four cloud services. In this sense, OS 9 is a kind of middle ground between modern distraction-heavy computing and going analog with pen and paper or typewriter.

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These justifications represent just a few large Mac OS 9 user archetypes. What follows is the testimony of several classic Mac holdouts on how and why they—along with hundreds, perhaps thousands of people around the world—continue to burn the candle for the classic Macintosh operating system. Who regularly uses Mac OS 9 or earlier for work purposes?

Why? Nostalgia, specific software or hardware, creativity through limitation.

Reader Kefkafloyd said it's been rare among his customers over the past several years, but a few of them keep an OS 9 machine around because they need it for various bits of aging prepress software. Wudbaer's story of his workplace's dedication to an even older Mac OS version suggests there could be more classic Mac holdouts around the world than even the OS 9ers. They ran System 7. This DNA synthesis lab has two LC III Macs and one Quadra running continuously—24 hours a day, seven days a week—plus lots of spare parts and a few standby machines that are ready to go as and when needed.

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    An OS 9 odyssey: Why these Mac users won’t abandon 16-year-old software

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    Lawyers is a turn based strategy grid movement game in which you're Barry, a blue robot, trying to escape lawyers. You can latch bombs and It features some sound effects and a few difficulty levels. Luff a.

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