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A better option is, to utilize a professional remover to handle the task. As a lightweight yet poweful tool optimized for the latest versions of macOS, Osx Uninstaller is able to easily remove all components of target app within a few clicks.

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So here comes the next question: You can click the Download button below, and install it to your Applications folder. Please note that Osx Uninstaller is a paid software, which means you will need to pay for a valid license before using it. Meanwhile, the vendor provide in-time tech assistance and also promise a full refund if you are not satisfied with its performance.

Emptying Trash is irrevocable, and everything in the Trash will be deleted from your Mac immediately. Before performing this act, go to check if all items in the Trash are no longer needed. If you wanna avoid any risk in this part, you can just delete the app in the Trash. If you need to uninstall apps frequently, using a professional tool like Osx Uninstaller helps you avoid the repetitive, laborious work.

As we mentioned before, Adobe will store associated files in the deep system directory even its products have been removed from the Applications folder. Those leftovers may not occupy much disk space or do harm to system, but if you wish to remove all the traces, you can take the following steps to hunt then down.

Installing, uninstalling Adobe Acrobat X | Mac OS

Again, once you delete items in Trash, the items cannot be restored at least by normal means. Before permanently remove those related files in Trash, we strongly suggest you to reboot your Mac and use it for some days to see if any problem happens. Have you solved your problem now? Any suggestion are welcomed to help improve this tutorial.

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If you wanted to dig for a handful of now inert files totaling under 2 MB, there will be a. Nov 19, 7: Page content loaded. Nov 18, 1: Except for some small, minor leftover files, all you need to do is put the main app in the trash and delete it.

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Nov 18, 2: Thank you gentlemen, it worked perfectly. Are there any residual files that may cause any problems and need removing?

Many thanks for your kind assistance. As you have probably guessed I am relatively new to the Mac environment, it is many years since I used one, and I am grateful for all your help. Nov 19, 8: Thanks for the email. The last Mac I used was a Macintosh 11x way back in 80's.

How to Quickly Remove Adobe Acrobat Reader DC on Mac

I did use one of the earlier MacBooks but then went to PC's and stayed with them until last year when I got an iMac 27". A beautiful machine. Just to note. The email was sent by the forums. If the email notifications start to drive you nuts, they can be turned off in your forum account.

I started using Macs around OS 8 in prepress production after many years on proprietary Scitex workstations CMYK only color correction and retouching machines for the printing industry. After building and using a fair number of my own PCs using most versions of Windows, I finally bought my first Mac - a used Power Macintosh Kept moving up from there and pretty much haven't looked back.

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Nothing against Windows itself or using apps on them have a Windows laptop and Win 10 installed on my Mac , but Macs really are better. You don't have to spend anywhere near as much time on them to keep them running.