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If you need to download offsets directly, the list of offsets can be found here. You will need to download from this link: You must be logged into your character to do this. Pressing the key s again will either stop the bot or switch the rotation, depending on what you have selected. Configuring an Ability 1 Select the Ability Editor. An ability only requires a couple parts to work properly, which I have marked as required. Last edited by Wise; at Update your Link to: Error link Register to remove this ad. Yes Error Visitors found this page by searching for: Bookmarks Bookmarks Digg del.

What am i doing wrong?

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Could s. Please login or register to see this link. Posted June 28, Problem signature: Problem Event Name: I will probably make a guide on PQR for 3. PQR is a Rotation bot. Rogue stealth needs more filters like damaging dots. This is a little more complicated and shouldn't be done unless you know what you're doing, as it may cause FPS lag.

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But this is the difference between a mediocre profile and an excellent one. Need some help, followed all your instructions, but when i try starting Honorbuddy it wont attach to any wow client. If i do reverse and start wow first then honorbuddy, it just crashes, i use windows 7. What should i do? Posted July 1, Posted July 2, I also get WowError everytime i try to start HB. Tried alot like cleaning Registry etc. Posted July 3, I'm running into some trouble with I believe meshes, everything else works but the mesh system.

Posted July 7, Posted July 8, Posted July 11, I found a working version of Please login or register to see this link. I have now translated this into understandable English.

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The links are tested and there is no virus. I posted this in another thread previously, but decided to create a new thread where everything is collected. Please post profiles, plugins or whatever you have here. You're free to ask for help in this thread as well. If you're running a later OS, you can install vmware and configure an instance of Windows 7 there. Collection of: Profiles, botbases, plugins, classes. Posted July 22, Posted July 23, Its working Ok, I just tested it on my Win7 machine, everything was working ok all I need is some solid relogger after DC now, in VMware I have trouble runnig apache from xamp.

Try making your own vanilla server, and use speedhack on it, and you will know what i am talking about: GM's may check you out over a period of time: I used to host a minecraft server, where i recorded every block a player mined.

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I could then compare the amount of blocks mined to the amount of diamond blocks people mined. This way i could very easily see if people used "xray" to see where diamond blocks were. However if instead of going directly for the diamond blocks, they would mine a shit ton of stone, just for lols. I would have a harder time catching them.

Then i'd compare amount of diamond to the time spent on the server, or diamond compared to other materials etc. Same goes for private servers. They monitor and save everything you do to their DB.

pqr rotation

If they wanted to, they'd probably even be able to tell you how many yards your player had traveled Now the same way that i could see inconsistencies with my players using xray. They do the same to the way that your char behaves. That doesn't mean you are a botter, but it does mean that they have a reason to look at your player. If they decide to do that, it's easy for them to see that you are indeed a player.

Also there is a teleport and speed hack that works for warmane but the seller is selling it for around USD. Then i'd compare amount of diamond to the time spent on the server, or diamond compared to other materials etc". I used same tactics but i even spectated people. If they knew they have a diamond on their left and few times were correct with their random mining in short time they were hacking.

I even used xray myself to see where diamonds are so i saw way sooner if they are heading for them then ban them and rollback everything they done. Logblock addon was so good for this. Ordush explain it perfectly whot i think,. I believe it has been flagged then the gm "reads" the log and somehow see the injection in the game, and procede with ban.

They can't ban you instant like PQR because there might be a false positive, thats why it needs some time to get you banned, they need to check with their eyes the log and the injections made on the game.

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  • A guy got banned for using WRotation, another guy for using it in Instance.. Every person with at least 2 brain cells would understand this concept, everyone saying the opposite and defending wrobot has serious problems sorry. But if you can spot injection into a game, there are no false positives. These things are very clear. So it's likely bot behavior is somehow triggering this. So randomization or some code to appear more human in general might throw off whatever they're using.


    They say it might be the warden or a GM "miss-clicking" ban. I don't know exactly in detail how it works but well I got banned twice and unbanned immediately, and accounts are still "in good standing" so they fuck up sometimes. If they ban one single bot every week, the developers of wrobot have time to figure out new mechanism to stay safe.

    So they have a system that monitors user actions and it can cause false positives. This has nothing to do with injection though. Warden instructs the client to execute some Lua code or instructs the client do check a certain address in memory for its value, etc. It can its own process for modules DLLs injected by external programs as well. These methods do NOT yield false positives. If they built some server side detection that can be triggered by mass crafting items, it's not warden. It's a system that observes how frequently players do some things, how much time they allow between actions, etc and then flagging accounts that seem to not behave like a human enough.

    A system will that is less reliable but can catch ANY bot. Droidz Entire warmane server. Icecrown , Lordaeron and Outland.