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Buscar, On my mac OS X No such file or directory. Glad I could help: Why download an unsigned opaque binary from some random web site, when you could just use the open-source program in the answer below? KesslerPeak KesslerPeak 5 3. Install the wakeonlan package using Homebrew: Here's an example of a typical use: The IP address argument is tricky and isn't what you'd think.

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Continuing on my example, I used the following command to successfully wake up my Synology: I read somewhere, that it will only wake your mac from sleep, and not when it completely powered off. My broadcast-address isn't as clear as your example shows, so I used this site to determine: Can this be used to wake a computer up from shutdown? It doesn't seem so.

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Is it possible to WOL a computer from cold boot by sending the magic packet? Apple Remote Desktop can already wake a computer up from sleep. MarkTomlin You asked for command line command, this is the correct answer.

fizesulyni.tk - miniWOL - Tiny Wake On LAN tool for Windows and MacOS X

This program was written a long time ago, before Apple began requiring paid developer licenses to make apps for Mac OS X that don't have this warning. I don't want to pay for a developer license to sign the app. You can work around this issue by doing a one-time override. Right-click or control-click on the WakeOnMac app and choose Open in the menu that pops up.

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This will pop up the same warning, but it will have a button that allows you to open it anyway. It will save it as an exception so you won't have to open it that way in the future. See this Apple knowledge base article for more details.

How do I use WakeOnMac? When you click the button, the Info panel pops up and you can enter the required information about a computer you want to wake up.

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You can put whatever you want in the computer name field. The broadcast address is calculated automatically from the IP address and subnet mask, and is the actual address to which the magic packet is sent. Computers you put in this list are saved and appear every time you open up the program.

Having a Wake-On-Feature enabled allows your device go to into a Low Power mode to conserve power if the machine is not being used. If you need remote access to device, whether a terminal or desktop computer, but allow it to go into a low-power state mode, than WOL is a great option to turn on. Nirsoft has a long list of tools that assist network admins and engineers with daily tasks including remote WOL features of new systems including Windows 10 and up.

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Aquilatech WOL software has quite a few noteable features that we really like in terms of overall use and capabilities. WakeUp utility is fairly old and outdated and is hosted on Sites.