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How to Really Use the Magical Option Key on the Mac

Ctrl key. Mac keyboard shortcuts are listed at the right side of each open menu, just as in Windows. Alt key.

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This is the closest thing the Mac offers to the Windows Alt key. In many situations, keyboard shortcuts that involve the Alt key in Windows use the Option key on the Mac. For example, when you hold down the Option key as you click the Close or Minimize button on a Macintosh window, you close or minimize all open desktop windows.

See Input Sources to find out how you can see which letters turn into which symbols when pressed with Option.

As you probably could have guessed, there is no Windows-logo key on the Macintosh. Backspace and Delete. The Delete key in Windows technically, the forward delete key, because it deletes the character to the right of the insertion point is a different story. On small Mac keyboards like laptop and wireless keyboards , this key is missing.

Part 2 - More Specific Examples of Option Key Magic

You can still perform a forward delete, however, by pressing the regular Delete key while pressing the Fn key in the corner of the keyboard. Most full-size Windows keyboards have two Enter keys: On the Mac, the big key on the number pad still says Enter, but the key on the alphabet keyboard is labeled Return.

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The older, plastic desktop keyboards , or the white or black plastic laptop ones. What it does , though, is quite clear: It changes the purpose of certain keys. For example, Fn turns the key into a Page Up key, which scrolls upward by one screenful. On most Mac keyboards, the Fn key is in the lower-left corner.

The exception is the full-size Apple desktop keyboard the one with a numeric keypad ; there, the Fn key is in the little block of keys between the letter keys and the number pad.

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On the top row of aluminum Mac keyboards, the F-keys have dual functions. Pressing the Fn key in the corner changes their personalities, though. Numeric keypad. The number-pad keys do exactly the same thing as the numbers at the top of the keyboard. Follow these steps to turn on Full Keyboard Access: Click Shortcuts. To navigate only to text boxes and lists on the screen, select "Text boxes and lists only. Navigate menus with your keyboard To use these shortcuts, first press Control-F2 to put the focus on the menu bar. Published Date: Keyboard' I changed the 'Option' to 'Command' and 'Command' to 'Option', so that the keys are in the same order as on my MacBook Pro, to facilitate "muscle memory".

Installing it takes a bit of work but once you've done that you can map "application" to e. I use MacOSX Unfortunately this key blocks secondary keys so I had to do some more elaborate twitching to get where I wanted:. I'll probably find some more simplifications in other applications over time I used this "individual" code in "private.

Repurposing "menu" button on a notebook's Windows keyboard in MacOS There is a new version of Karabiner "Karabiner Elements First find out "menu" button's name on your keyboard via Karabiner EventViewer: If pressed briefly Cmd-I is triggered, after holding the button for half a second: By clicking "Post Your Answer", you acknowledge that you have read our updated terms of service , privacy policy and cookie policy , and that your continued use of the website is subject to these policies.

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