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Ribbon In Microsoft Excel the ribbon is located directly below the standard toolbar and is organized into different tabs, consisting of different commands.

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The Ribbon toolbar allows the user to easily access formatting features. Users can easily toggle between different formatting such as the layout, tables, charts, formulas, font, alignment and much more. Home Tab The left most tab in Excel workbook. It contains the features and commands that you will probably use the most.

Each tab is arranged into logical and related groups. Layout Tab Allows you to do page setup, set margins, text layout, page background, print options and window options. Tables Tab You can change table styles and designs as you like.

1. Themes and Cell Styles spruce up your spreadsheets

Insert and Delete options will make it easier to manipulate the tables. Under Tables tab, you can apply quick the themes and table styles over Excel spreadsheet. Excel provides many handy methods for inserting tables into your workbooks. For example, you can insert a table with a header or without a header. To insert a table in Excel use the following options:. Charts Tab Display data in a graphical format. This can help you and your audience visualize relationships between data. When you create a chart, you can select from many chart types.

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When you are done creating a chart, you can customize it by applying chart quick layouts or styles. SmartArt Tab Allows you to create graphics very easily, such as the life cycle of a plant, using the templates provided. This new feature allows you to make that average Excel workbook into a flashy graphics and text loaded workbook. You can create an organizational chart by using a SmartArt graphic to show the reporting relationships in your organization. You can use different layouts to do your graphic models.

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Formulas Tab Lets you do all things formula-related. Many different formulas are found in the Insert command under Formulas tab.

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Data tab Allows you to work with data in many different ways such as what if analysis. It allows you to sort and filter your data, do analysis, use external data sources, and use tools. Review Tab Allows you to track changes made, add comments and share the workbook. You can insert your own tracked changes and comments, hide tracked changes in a printout, protect the workbooks or sheets with a password and set a password to make sure that future changes are tracked. Before you could not check the spelling errors in previous versions of Excel but now you can.

To check the spelling you can simply select the text and click Review tab and then under Proofing click on Spelling. Toolbox has some specific tools. For example, the PowerPoint Toolbox contains Formula Builder, reference tools which provide access to formulas, thesaurus, dictionary, and translation information.

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To change the display settings of the toolbar you can click on Toolbox Settings and make the changes you want. Integrated-VB support will let you create and customize functions. To find these integrated formulas click on Formulas tab and the click Insert command and a pile of formulas will be shown. Templates With more improved templates in Excel for Mac, you can have a good view on your spreadsheet, as it contains legible templates, which are easier to design and change.

To apply different templates to your workbook click on icon in standard toolbar. In Excel, you create and save data in a workbook. You can start with a blank workbook, existing saved workbooks or a template. When you open Excel, the Excel Workbook Gallery opens. This gallery provides a variety of template choices and quick access to recent workbooks.

The columns are lettered, and the rows are numbered. For example, A1 is the top left cell. The basic process for entering data into a cell is to select a cell, and start typing data into it.

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Excel for Mac loses the early OS X feel and transitions to the iTunes-like interface, with smaller fontsand sharper corners. The new ribbon also eliminates the floating toolbox.

The toolbox could easily get lost, at least for me. I did not even really notice it was anywhere nearby until I really sought it out. The more integrated interface will make it easier for those who need to go from Windows at the office to Mac at home to be able to find items more quickly. As with Word, Excel also integrates media into the experience. This allows you to include a broader range of media items e.

One of the new features for Excel for Mac is the ability to quickly format a table. Excel for Mac is also smart enough to automatically decide where a table is. For instance, if you have two sets of data separated by an empty column, and you select a cell in one table and select a table style, Excel will determine where the table ends and only format the highlighted table and leave the other table alone.

This can work quite well if you need to be able to have access to all of your information, and you do not wish to spend the money on Mobile Me. Excel for Mac is a mature product, and as with many mature products, there are not a whole slew of new features. It is nice to see the interface updated to reflect an easier navigation for those who want to transition from Windows to Mac throughout the day.