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How to Set Parental Controls On All Your Devices

However, figuring out how to set parental controls on each device can be confusing. We explain how to set them on the following devices and services:. Most computer operating systems contain parental control settings to ensure your child is safe from the minute they turn on their device. Learn more at Microsoft Support. Learn more at Apple Support. Learn more at Chrome Support. Parental Control Chrome Extension. We have detailed instructions for the three most common internet browsers: Google Chrome, Firefox and Safari. Listed above, safari parental control is the same as Mac OS parental controls.

Safari Additional Support.

Learn more at Google Support. Firefox automatically checks the parental controls on your device and sets itself to Prefer: Safe mode. This will auto turn on the safety feature on each website your child visits as long as there are active parental controls on your computer. The feature can only be turned off through password-protected parental settings on your operating system. That way your child will not be able to deactivate this feature through the Firefox browser. Here are Firefox add-ons for parental control.

Learn more at Firefox Support. Kids will most likely use search engines to find websites for recreational use or educational use. Make sure their search is monitored by adding parental controls using our guide below. Learn more at Bing Support. Learn more at Yahoo Help.

Restricting access

When it comes to video content, there are millions of videos getting published daily. Keep your children protected from PG to R-rated content with these parental controls for video streaming. We have added parental controls for the most common video streaming sites: YouTube, Netflix and Hulu.

Accessing Google with OS X's Parental Controls Enabled

It is parental control enabled and filtered just for kids. YouTube Kids focuses its content on music, education and other categories. If you still want to use the original YouTube app, follow these steps. Learn more at YouTube Help. For Netflix, there are a variety of controls that you can choose from. They have hard and soft controls that parents can set up along with maturity levels for each individual profile.

How Disable Parental Controls in Mac OS X

Learn more at Netflix Help. Hulu parental control is based on the age associated with your Hulu profile. User accounts who specify an age under 17 will not be allowed to watch mature content films rated R or TV-MA shows using their individual profile.

Set up parental controls on Mac

For Hulu Plus subscribers, there is a Hulu Kids section you can set up for your little ones. Learn more at Hulu Help. In many households, gaming is a popular choice for children and teens. Follow these how-tos for the most popular gaming systems. Learn more at Xbox Support. Learn more at PS4 Help. Learn more at Nintendo Support. Choose the control setting based on the age of your child for both games and films. If you are unsure which level to choose to prevent your child from playing a particular product, you can select the application or content from the XMB menu , press the Triangle button and then select Information.

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Learn more at Playstation Help. I have put Parental Controls in place but this is playing havoc with Google Drive and Steam, possibly also Minecraft but not sure yet. I have no answer for Google Drive at present, it can browse folders OK but on opening a doc the contents can be seen briefly then Safari crashes. Odd bits of voodoo I found to add exceptions to the web filtering do not seem to make any difference. Steam seems to have an unpublished set of IP addresses it contacts and whitelisting here seems like a hopeless task. So rather than trying to fight it I was going to circumvent the whole thing.

My proposal is to create a gamer account on each boy's machine.

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This has parental control enabled but is set up to allow access to all websites but restricts the user to run Steam, Minecraft and any other parentally approved games only. One advantage is that time limits can be set on the gamer account while leaving the main account free for homework.

However, if Steam was installed in the user's Desktop or somwhere else in their home directory then after initial approvals on first run it ran without subsequent parental invovement. I had no restrictions on executing applications, I suspect it may have different had there been any restrictions in place. By clicking "Post Your Answer", you acknowledge that you have read our updated terms of service , privacy policy and cookie policy , and that your continued use of the website is subject to these policies.

Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. Does this seem viable? Any answers for Google Drive?