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This software is compatible with OSX What is a public beta version? We would like to take the opportunity to start an open dialog with you in order to refine this product even further. This public beta version has been thoroughly tested by a team of beta testers.

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Nevertheless we believe that there is always room for improvement and at this point your input is requested. Should I use this public beta within a production or wait for a final release? If nothing is broke it is probably a good idea to stick with the version you already have installed on your system. On the other hand, this public beta version contains refinements and bug fixes and therefore will eventually resolve issues you have with the current release version.

When will there be a final release version? We intend to release a final version as soon as it may be proven by your feedback that no significant new bugs have been introduced. In any case we will start to release updates on a frequent basis again in order to provide faster response to reported issues and deliver enhanced functionality.

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Virus TI Compatibility information. Electrical requirements Line voltage: Compatible sequencers Macintosh Apple Logic 7. DC Break Demo Patches.

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Virus TI Installer 5. Download Changelog. For all those who were not able to grab one last time, we have another batch of Virus TI Darkstars f. Download 10 free demo patches by Ultimate X. The new soundbank featuring mostly contemporary electro.

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MusicRadar users' rated for their favourite keyboards and modules. The winner is the Virus T. Your job is only to focus on what you were here first for: The hassle of s MIDI production is the last thing anyone wants. That's why modern producers so enjoy the ease and power of plug-in effects and automation. Total Integration facilitates modern production techniques by streaming audio from the Virus TI directly into your favorite DAW, enabling you to refine the sound coming out of the Virus with your choice of plug-ins.

In difference to less-developed USB-powered synths, the Virus is able to stream discreetly directly into our Virus Control plug-in instead of arriving at the audio inputs of the audio interface. Automation is just as easy, with control lanes for sound parameters at your fingertips. Sign in to your account. Sign up as a new member Forgot password? By logging in, you accept that log-in cookies will be stored. The only purpose of this cookie is to validate your login.

A simple idea that changed the entire game. Reduce Your Stress Levels How many times have you opened an old project or song only to realise that the presets required are no longer available in the user memory of your synth?

Pads X Heaven Vol.1 Virus TI / TI2 Soundset ( by UXS )

Get Organised Virus Control is a comprehensive patch editor with a powerfully flexible browser. All content on this site remains the intellectual property of Kemper GmbH.

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