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Single user mode i. Using vmware-fusion tag as the closest possible for this question as I can't create new tags. Finally figured out how to mount the vmdk. AppleSetupDone as this file was owned by root. Unmounted the vmdk. Restarted the vm and created a new account.

How To Install Mac OS X Lion Retail On VMware – Video Tutorial - ITzGeek

Thanks everyone for your help. The details are covered step by step in another answer , but here is the summary: If you truly need to enter single user mode from inside your virtual machine, simply remap the keys as described in this KB article from VMWare: Thanks for the super-quick replies. It just boots and autologins into a admin account. I tried mounting this on windows using vmware-mount. I don't have vmware server. I will keep you updated with my progress. Est-ce fonctionnel avec la version 8 de vmware? Avec VMWare 7. MB sur 4 mars Valentin sur 6 mars Bonjour, Merci beaucoup pour ce superbe tuto.

Jman sur 7 mars Jman … suis cette manipulation. Maintenant install ton mac man! Nelson sur 19 mars Charles sur 20 mars Hello, The password is cachem. Got it!

Mac OS X 10.7.3 sur PC avec VMware

Fennec sur 12 avril Joe sur 13 avril Si je tape: Quel est le mot de passse? Mectrankil78 sur 18 avril Jack sur 19 avril Mectrankil78 sur 19 avril Ok merci! Thank you! Fred sur 6 septembre Greg sur 1 mai MART1 sur 9 mai Nom sur 10 mai Thierry Poit sur 15 mai Ils sont bons chez moi. Hisokka sur 24 mai Gaby sur 20 juin Konduur sur 25 juin Adrien sur 25 juin Super tuto!

How to Open and Run it on Windows 7 Computer?

Hardballer sur 26 juin Merci Cachem pour ce super logiciel: Louis sur 26 juin Hardballer sur 27 juin Konduur sur 6 juillet Hats off to you……… Hats off to you……… Hats off to you………. I enabled share folder, while entering mac osx, the share folder appears on the top right hand corner of the desktop for two seconds, and then it disappeared…….

Remember to upgrade to lastest VMWare Workstation 8. Mac OS X Lion Virtualization bypasser is not working for 8. Could you please send me the link for Virtualization bypasser for vmware 8. I dont have mac machine, but if i use this VMWare image in my PC will i be able to run Xcode and other programming environments?.

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WIll it harm my windows Mother board or some other hardware components? One of my friend tried to install Mac in windows, it could not work properly, later on his hardware got some problem… i m scared to use it on my laptop.. If anything goes wrong with the Mac OS, you can just delete and start over.

Hi, everything goes fine, but when I try to run the machine, it just stops at the grey vmware screen without actually loading the os. Any ideas on why this happens?

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Hi, great job!!! Thanks for this awesome tutorial. How can i upgrade to newer version of vmware tools. I run a core i5 processor on an intel sandybridge motherboard. Can you please help?

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Many thanks! Software virtualization is not required on this image. Here is the links: First, thank you for the great job. Know, the part1 of the virtual machine is not working. It always said not reconized format.