Sims 3 seasons crash fix mac

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Tapped Out The Simpsons: November - last edited January I've noticed a lot of Mac players complaining about only getting minutes of gameplay in the Sims 3: Me too. Message 1 of 63 5, Views. Reply 0. Accepted Solution. Sims 3 Seasons crashes to desktop: January As of right now, my game has not crashed since the 1. Message 50 of 63 1, Views. Reply 3. All Replies. Message 2 of 63 5, Views. November I'm going to try reinstalling the season game its really ythe only thing i can think of and the sims 3 website is also not working!

Message 3 of 63 5, Views. Reply 1. November - last edited November lydiakettle: Message 4 of 63 5, Views. November Same here.

Re: Sims 3 Season crash in Mac

Message 5 of 63 5, Views. December I tried both nvidia and my radeon card both have same results. Message 6 of 63 5, Views. December I had the same problem with my saves being gone after installing seasons. I have a mac, and everything was working well before the install. Message 7 of 63 5, Views. ChristinaMarie1 8. December I'm having the same problem! Message 8 of 63 4, Views. Message 9 of 63 4, Views. December As a computer technician I wanted to let you know there has been a lot of discussion about Windows 8 not truly being compatable with a lot of programs and applications.

This may indeed be part of your problem. If it is possible for you to downgrade to Win 7, this may resolve your Sims 3 issues. Good Luck. Message 10 of 63 4, Views. New topic. Want more Sims? Check out our Sims forums for tutorials and all things Sims. View more. Having trouble connecting to your game? Try these steps first to clear up any problems you may have when connecting to an EA game.

Troubleshoot and test your connection. I dont knw what to do , im getting fed up with Sims. How do I turn off dep for those programs? I can't seem to figure it out: Emma - Apr 28, at Sharlene - Jun 20, at When I did this, the game ran fine for a long time got my hopes up but then it crashed again. Embo - Jul 5, at Kitzz - Sep 12, at I have the same problem but I'm unsure of how this solution works.

DEP, according to Windows Help and Support, "is a security feature that can help prevent damage to your computer from viruses and other security threats. Harmful programs can try to attack Windows by attempting to run also known as execute code from system memory locations reserved for Windows and other authorized programs.

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These types of attacks can harm your programs and files. DEP can help protect your computer by monitoring your programs to make sure that they use system memory safely. If DEP notices a program on your computer using memory incorrectly, it closes the program and notifies you. That is saying, that if it DEP is to stop, and close The Sims 3, then it would also notify you that it has done so.

However, if I am wrong, I give my greatest apologies and hope everyone finds a solution to this problem. Have a great rest of the day. Tonya - Nov 5, at It won't let me, I try to select sims 3 but all it says is "No such interface supported" i did get it off of Steam, would that make a difference? Respond to Sydney.

Report Respond to kpies View all 15 comments. I have the exact same problem! Me and My two older sisters have Windows 8, and we have recently installed Sims 3 and then a day after I installed Late night, and so did my older sisters. Then it would randomly say something along the line of 'Sims 3 have stopped working' forcing me to shut down the game. I need help? It doesn't happen to my sisters?

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And we all have the same laptops? Nickname - May 19, at I bet even with top of the line latest CPU, memory and graphics the game would still freeze. My laptop is window 8. Clea - Jun 25, at The game to power ful for computer below 2. MaimaiKai - Jul 10, at I have the same prob only I have tried it when I was connected and disconnected, it still happens. I have Windows 8 as well as on a laptop. And it IS Maxis' Fault. It didn't use to do this for me. Sims 3 Problems - Jul 29, at I am the same MaimaiKai.

Sometimes I get to play for less than a minute and it crashes. Other times I play for 1hr without problems and it crashes. I save every 10 minutes but sometimes it crashes before I get to save it the first time. It never used to do this. I've tried everything. Including contacting EA. They told me to delete some un-needed files but it didn't do anything.

The Sims 3 Season keeps crashing on my MAC HELP!!! - Page 2 - Answer HQ

It never used to do this but its been the same on-going crashing for the past 6 months. I am wondering if it is because of windows 8 though. I never had this problem on my windows 7 laptop. Also, my cousin has never had this problem and she's almost all the expansion packs I thought that might make a difference.

How To Fix Your Sims 4 not responding(won't start/crashes)

But she has a windows 7 Samsung laptop. IS there a hitch there as well. I do totally agree that it is Maxis' fault. Ever since the update when Maxis came its been crashing.

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I've tried everything I can think of and spent hours researching. Its annoying me so much.

Re: Sims 3 Seasons crashes to desktop: THIS IS A PC PROBLEM - NOT JUST A MAC PROBLEM!

I'm sorry to anyone who has the same problem. I'll keep researching and update if I find anything that's unlikely though cos I'm good at forgetting and I've tried everything. Good Luck! Sorry about any mis-spellings!

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