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I found that -ss combined with -c copy resulted in a half-second chop at the start. To avoid that, you have to remove the -c copy which admittedly will do a transcode. Open the file in a media player that will frame by frame advance and play an AVISynth file with data such as:. For me -t option didn't work, but -vframes worked.

By the way, putting -ss in the front of -i makes a big difference in execution time. As with user, the -t option doesn't work for short videos, but it does for longer videos. For short videos it seems that -frames: This is what worked for me. Thank you for your interest in this question.

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I am using ffmpeg to cut out a section of a large file like this: Is there a way to use ffmpeg to cut off the end of a video without recoding it?

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Neil Neil 1, 3 10 3. The following would clip the first 30 seconds, and then clip everything that is 10 seconds after that: Some tips: For older ffmpeg versions, if you use -ss after -i , you get more accurate seeking at the expense of a slower execution altogether. See also: Seeking with FFmpeg You can use -to instead of -t to specify the timestamp to which you want to cut.

Mondain Actually, you get more accuracy putting the -ss after. And slhck mentions this here blog. This does not work for me mp4. It just produces a 5 second black screen: This produced s black screen in the beginning of my video clip.

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Chris's modification with omitting -c copy removed the initial black screen, see his answer for details. You write "The following would clip the first 30 seconds, and then clip everything that is 10 seconds after that: By clip do you mean include?

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Assuming you mean include. Do you mean Start from 30 seconds in, and include just 10 seconds from there? If so then I suggest you write that it'd be much clearer.

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The best answer, this way worked the best for me. Click and drag the edges to trim the clip. You can trim from either the beginning or end of the clip.

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Once you are satisfied with the result, click the Trim button. This means that if you open the file in a different media player, the Trim adjustments you made will not exist. Because the Trim function does not actually remove data, trimming your videos will not affect file size. If you wish to revert your Trim adjustments, load the movie in another media player and Save it as a new copy. This new copy will no longer have the start and stop markers that you set with the Trim tool. When I try this, all the options including Trim are greyed out!

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Download the video to your Mac. Then download a separate video editor such as Sony Vegas Pro. Yes No.

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Not Helpful 0 Helpful 0. What if I want to trim multiple small clips in the video? After I trim it, I still want the original longer video to trim more small clips. Maybe you can try this smart video cutter, called Joyoshare Media Cutter. Step 1. Step 2. Drag the timeline to set the video segment trimmed.

If you want to trim more small clips, you can choose do this step again. Step 3. You can click the "Format" to change the video format. Step 4. Not Helpful 2 Helpful 0. Include your email address to get a message when this question is answered.