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In general CS6 applications should work. That will help ensure that they will run properly. I have used photoshop for close to 10 years now and when they went to a sub plan I signed up for it I had no choice like most.

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I had CS6 and like to own what I buy so the subscription crap pissed me off enough to go looking for other produces. If you are an illustrator like me I would recommend Krita. Hi, I am reading through this thread with some concern, as I am in the same boat as most of the respondees— older MacBook, older OS, complete CS6, hate the cloud, want to own my stuff, etc.

I am going to look into Krita as you suggest. Wanted to ask what you are finding as far as compatability with others. Are you able to save and send and import and work with tiffs, jpgs, pdfs, all of the normal, accepted formats, interchangeably? If someone sends you something can you open and edit it? I am sure I will find some answers in researching Krita and other options: I do all of the web and graphic design for our websites, product packaging, design of flyers and collateral, am on these programs daily, etc.

Adobe is a pure rip off, it should be qualified as thief and consumer abuser. Cancelling valid license transfer from a machine to another when you have a 2 machines install license is a pure joke. If you installed, activated and registered the software with your Adobe account, you should be able to deactivate it again on-line and install and activate it on another computer, provided you actually own the perpetual Adobe license for that software. Check your Adobe account to see what products are registered there. It is not legal for volume license holders to sell individual licenses.

Adobe keeps records of all their registered licenses. If you purchased the software license, you should be able to deactivate and activate it per the end user license agreement. Contact Adobe either by phone or on-line.

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Then there are crooks, who sell pirated software, which of course is completely illegal. Be it Microsoft, Intuit or Adobe, they are not getting a free pass into my credit cards. Anyone with a bit of sense understands the security risk of corporate breaches. To me this subscription system is admission that the next version is just not good enough for most customers to upgrade to.

A happy user of CS5. Hi Conrad, thanks for the in depth information here. I have an opportunity to buy Photoshop CS6 extended in an online store flipkart. Now I do not quite understand the implcations here, does it mean that I can not sell any of my own images that I create or enhance with the software? Thanks for your answer, Michiel.

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Hi Michiel, that does not sound like a normal Adobe license. Normally, you are free to sell whatever you make with Photoshop. The store may be questionable if it is not a full legitimate license. Hi again, Well, the shop itself is one of the largest Indian online stores which is odd, but I do think you are correct. Thanks for your swift reply Conrad. They are stored on the cloud. If and when you unsubscribe, you loose your files. Is this true? Hi Janx, that is absolutely false. It is possible to do all your work even if you are completely cut off from an Internet connection. Use of cloud storage and services are optional.

Personally, I store very few of my files using Creative Cloud storage. I still keep them on my computer and back them up at my location. If you stop subscribing, the applications stop working, but the documents remain with you. If I stopped paying for Photoshop, I would open the files in other programs that can open Photoshop files, like Affinity Photo. If you use Lightroom Classic CC, much of the program still works after you stop paying. You can still see, organize, and print photos, but the editing module is disabled.

The new Lightroom CC not Classic CC does default to storing all your photos in the cloud, so that you can reach them from any of your desktop or mobile devices, like the way Google Photos works. If you stop paying, you have one year to download all your photos from the cloud, and Adobe provides a free bulk download tool for you to retrieve all your Lightroom CC photos in one step. There are two main differences between Creative Cloud and the old Creative Suite.

All desktop applications are now installed from the cloud installer; installer discs are no longer available. Also, Creative Suite was just a set of desktop applications, while Creative Cloud is a system of desktop and mobile applications tied together with cloud services. But again, it is possible to subscribe to Creative Cloud, use only the desktop applications, and ignore everything else, if you wanted. SaaS reminds me of how King Gillette made his money with razors — long term purchases of proprietary products. I was able to download copies of the Adobe CS2 Installers with serial numbers that Adobe accidentally released into the wild when the CS2 activation servers failed.

I have copies of the installers on both a flash drive in my safety deposit box, and my desktop RAID 1. Hi, I just installed Photoshop CC, without lightroom or any other apps.

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When I open the app, it says 6 days left in trial. Are they gonna ask me for payment info after those 6 days or what? There is a free trial period. Has anyone tried to use CC one month at a time? Can you pay for just one month at a time? If it is not a huge hassle it might be worth not having to learn a new program like Affinity. You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Twitter account.

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Notify me of new posts via email. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Spread the word! Print Share on Tumblr WhatsApp. Thank you,. Hi Marsha, Adobe has answers to both your questions at http: Below are answers I copied from the Adobe link above. Do I need to be online to access my desktop apps? Can I use the software I download from Creative Cloud on multiple computers? The problems with this option are: It requires moderate technical experience with OS X.

Depending on the graphics card in your Mac Pro, you might have to update it to run well on a newer system, which would be an expense. Good luck! Thank you very much for your suggestions. Conrad, thank you again for your suggestions. Hi Conrad, Thank you once again. Use metadata-rich scripts to track complex productions with Adobe Story. Faster, more flexible Adobe Media Encoder Quickly and easily output to virtually any screen. Create and organize your favorite presets in the new Preset Browser for faster export and batch encoding in the background.

Speed up your authoring workflow with rock-solid performance and stability. Open and save large and high-resolution projects faster. This is an attractive, cost-effective broadcast solution that enhances productivity and enables a smooth workflow. Let your creativity flow freely Let ideas flow in a sleek, fresh Adobe Premiere Pro editing environment.

Use tools like extruded text and shape layers in After Effects, new GPU-enabled effects in Photoshop, and color finishing in SpeedGrade to take creativity from inspiration to realization. Best-of-breed production tools Use editing, motion graphics, compositing, ingest, logging, color, audio, and design tools to accelerate production workflows, inspire creativity, and deliver to any screen. Eye-catching VFX and motion graphics Produce dynamic logos and other sophisticated motion graphics and visual effects using industry-standard After Effects, the animation and compositing software that offers high creative control and unparalleled performance.

Photoshop imaging magic Patch images with greater control using Content-Aware Patch. Experience fast performance when working with large files using the new Adobe Mercury Graphics Engine. Place and track elements in 3D space with the new 3D Camera Tracker. Freely mix 3D and 2D layers in a single composition. SpeedGrade for crafting the perfect look Manipulate light and color. Audio-for-video editing in Adobe Audition Record, edit, mix, master, and sweeten audio. Stabilized footage without rolling shutter Easily stabilize a bumpy camera move or lock a shot automatically with the Warp Stabilizer in Adobe Premiere Pro and After Effects.

Remove jitter, rolling shutter artifacts, and other motion-related irregularities. Efficient Illustrator graphics Create 2D and 3D animations fast with the Adobe Mercury Performance System, a high-performance tracing engine, tighter integration with After Effects, and a customizable user interface. Streamlined production Leverage metadata acquired in preproduction with Adobe Story and Prelude to search assets and dialogue during post-production in Adobe Premiere Pro.

adobe cs6 for sale. Buy or sell adobe cs6 related items.

Create searchable web DVDs in Encore. CVP holds a number of different events, everything from product demos to education sessions to make sure you're using your equipment to its full potential. It also debuts two new video-related software packages —Prelude and SpeedGrade. At the same time, Adobe has announced that its Creative Cloud subscription service—widely expected to be available simultaneously with CS6—will now be released on May At the same time, we are aware of the high demand for CS6 and we didn't want to make customers wait any longer for it so we decided to release CS6 now and work on Creative Cloud a couple more days, putting the final finishing touches on it and then releasing it before the week ends.

Also planned for release on May 11 are all CS6 subscription offerings.

This means that Adobe is making available its entire CS6 lineup only as traditional perpetual licenses—until Friday, when all subscriptions will be released. The new CS6 bundles have been streamlined to reflect more recent design and employment trends. Each software title is sold individually except for Bridge and Encore, which ship only as companion apps. Design Standard, targeted to print-based graphic designers and artists, offers the standard version of Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator, and Acrobat X Pro.

Within the CS6 Production Premium, Prelude replaces Adobe's OnLocation software, and assists with video ingest and logging workflows, while SpeedGrade is a new video color grading and finishing tool. The Master Collection includes all of the suite components except for the standard version of Photoshop. Flash Builder 4 is available only as part of the Master Collection or via subscription. Complete pricing information is available on Adobe's website. Adobe wasn't waiting around for the formal release to give folks an idea of what was coming. Instead, last month the company released a free public beta of Photoshop CS6 , and shortly thereafter, it previewed the entire Production Premium CS6 at the National Association of Broadcasters annual convention.

Adobe's Creative Cloud includes, but is not limited to, all CS6 software packages. It focuses on four major points of artistic workflow: Delivering content creation tools; integrating sync and storage services to and from the cloud; publishing services for creating websites, digital publications, and apps, and updates for current and future software releases. Creative Cloud subscriptions are available in 36 countries and in multiple languages.

That subscription price matches the offering for the educational market. With the availability of CS6 for the professional community comes concurrent availability to the academic community. The new Adobe Creative Suite 6 Student and Teacher Edition is targeted to educational institutions, teachers, and students and is designed to help K and higher education institutions enhance teaching, learning, and career preparation via Adobe's software.

For the student and teacher editions of CS6, the prices are as follows: More details on Adobe's educational pricing are available on its website. Adobe Creative Suite spans a wide range of products, with various system requirements. Generally, you will need Mac OS X Be sure to check the system requirements of the specific products you intend to buy in order to have them run optimally.