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After his discharge, he again joined up with Williamson, who regularly performed on radio. In January , Williamson was offered the opportunity to record some songs for Trumpet Records , where, by one account, he was accompanied by James. To record his song, Elmore James used Robert Johnson's first four verses and concluded with one similar to that found in Arthur Crudup's recording:.

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James' song also followed Johnson's melody, key, and tempo, but adhered more closely to the chord changes of a typical twelve-bar blues. However, according to musicologist Robert Palmer , he "transformed what had been a brisk country blues into a rocking, heavily amplified shuffle". Compared to Johnson guitar work, Gioia describes them as "more insistent, firing out a machine-gun triplet beat that would become a defining sound of the early rockers".

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Elmore James never recorded any more of his own material for Trumpet, although he later appeared as a sideman. Both songs listed the performer as "Elmo James", [c] although James does not perform with Thomas. Regional record charts show that "Dust My Broom" gradually gained popularity in different parts of the U. The success of the single by the relatively small Trumpet Records led other record companies to pursue James in the hope of landing his follow-up singles. A later session in Chicago produced "I Believe", a "Dust My Broom" knockoff, that became a number nine charting single and the first issued on the new Modern subsidiary Meteor Records in Being able to score two hits within a year with essentially the same song by the same artist prompted record companies to exploit it as much as possible.

Thus, many re-workings of "Dust My Broom" with small variations were recorded by James for different record labels during his career. Following the UK release of "Dust My Blues", [36] James' slide guitar sound was adapted by many British blues-oriented guitarists.

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  6. Library of Congress ' National Recording Registry , which commented "James is known to have tinkered with his guitar pickups and fans still argue about how he achieved his signature sound. Whatever combination of guitar and pickup was used in his slide guitar opening, Elmore James created the most recognizable guitar riff in the history of the blues".

    Dust My Broom

    From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Elmore James' "Dust My Broom". Dust My Broom". Retrieved October 29, King of the Delta Blues Singers, Vol. Retrieved March 15, The Complete Recordings — Album review". All Styles.

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      Rock, Vol. The Complete Blue Horizon Sessions: Fleetwood Mac Mr. Sony Music Distribution. Fleetwood Mac Vintage Years. Fleetwood Mac The Collection. Peter Green was the chief architect of the band's sound at this point, and was providing the bulk of their original material. Green was beginning to explore music outside traditional blues, and his playing could be wonderfully restrained one minute and powerfully explosive the next, marked by a distinctive vibrato and economy of style. His haunting, sweet-yet-melancholy tone was very distinctive, and was blessed with an inherently human quality that other British guitarists often struggled for.

      Fleetwood Mac - Dust My Broom (My Baby's Gone)

      At this early stage, Jeremy Spencer comprised the band's other creative force. Spencer could authentically recreate Elmore James onstage, and this novel ability, along with a ribald sense of humor shared by the entire band , helped fuel the band's early stage shows. Spencer could also create dead-on parodies of s rock 'n' roll songs, often of the teen idol variety, giving the band an onstage theatrical element that was both funny and entertaining. The band's overt sense of humor, in addition to their accomplished musicianship, certainly endeared them to many of the San Francisco music elite.

      The set begins in fine fashion with Elmore James' "Madison Blues," and Green and Spencer trading relatively simple licks over a relaxed shuffle to warm things up.