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Yes, but to paraphrase here, "Computer does not live by CPU alone". Some of these are more difficult on MACs. Didn't Apple recently start chipping their hard drives so you could only use Apple drives? If so that makes upgrading life that much more difficult. I don't think you can upgrade the graphics card on the new Mac Pros either, if I'm not mistaken. Fortunately most readers here aren't IT specialists or programmers, so it's safe to say they weren't too confused. The chipped drive and graphics card restrictions seem problematic to me if you're trying to upgrade your machines.

Yes totally agree. I outline this pretty clearly that RAM has nothing to do with processing, exporting, rendering, etc.

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It's just multitasking a bunch of files. You have a solid point Paulo, Just to clear it out, i own both systems and i must say Assembled PC with decent hardware is way better than a Mac pro hardware. But i have to give Apple a credit for their Marvelous OS and the optimization with respect to the hardware. The OS X is simpler and straight forward in respect to app operation, less Blue screen and better utilizing the hardware. The OS is good, like any other OS out there nowadays. It's very hard to get stability if you're building a PC like you were Dr. I hate the new mac trashcans.

Removing and installing memory

My job just got them for the edit bays and they aren't worth it. The price of them can get you a much better PC, the new standard graphics card have no gpu support. Why they didn't use nvidia which has cudda cores and is needed for adobe is beyond me.

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They crammed all the port into a small 4inch area. NO DVD drive can ever be installed as if mac just one day said "Oh who buys or want disks anymore besides every damn client we don't need that. I agree that PC's are cheaper both in price and aestehtic.

You shouldn't be using that garbage and 2. You can use any computer on your network to burn a DVD through drive sharing and 4. You should consider getting a bunch of 4GBGB flash drives and deliver projects on those.

2013 Mac Pro RAM Upgrade Benchmarks: Apple vs. Crucial vs. OWC

Clients love them and you should educate them on why they shouldn't be expecting that. With projects that I work on cracking over 1tb per project having to spend another hundred dollars on thunderbolt externals because they can't hold drives is also annoying. Wakom screen, time machine drive. All to fit in a tiny little package to look cool and portable, as if most studios carry their edit bays around.

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In big studios we would take the boxxTechs and put them on carts for portability but it was the whole bay screens and ll would come with. This is a critique of what I call an appalling new computer from MAC, the old system were worth the cost I love the old MaCpros, these things are crap. I was going to buy a Mac.

In my experience you get what you pay for. Moving to multi-core results, the improvement in memory bandwidth is more noticeable, with an advantage of between 9 and 16 percent, depending on the test.

Mac Pro 64GB Memory Upgrade (Late 2013) & 10 Core Pricing Details

The memory bandwidth improvement in multi-core scenarios is clear, although most workflows would be hard-pressed to realize the smaller difference revealed by the single-core tests. Still, considering that the 64GB RAM upgrade provides a huge benefit just in terms of capacity, any improvement in bandwidth is a nice bonus.

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Therefore, both are included. Further, users purchasing third party memory get to keep the existing 12 or 16GB kit that shipped with the Mac Pro. While the market for reselling this memory may currently be small, an extra set of DIMMs could still come in handy for troubleshooting or future upgrades. With a simple installation process and huge cost savings, going with a reliable third party is a no-brainer. Related forums.

Apple Mac Pro Late compatible upgrades These upgrades are guaranteed compatible when you order from Crucial. View notes. Notes about your system Installation of 16GB modules requires all previous lower density modules to be removed. Please refine your selection. The maximum number of products that can be compared is 4.