How to delete mac os x user account

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Unable to delete managed user account from Mac

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How to Setup a New User Account On Mac

Try the best free media players for your local music Rather than using music-streaming apps, you may want something for playing your local music. Directory Utility is a local or network database that Apple uses to store configuration information of Users and Policies.

You can also access it from Users and Group under system preferences. Please follow the steps in the same order as it is written. When you delete the user account from system preferences the account is deleted and disappeared from system preferences but comes back as soon as system preferences is re-opened or system is restarted. Make sure that you are not trying to delete the same user account, you are logged into. Logoff the account if it is logged in and login with other admin account then try to delete the Managed user account and see if it works.

If you are still unable to delete, move to the next step. Make sure the user account you want to delete is not the only administrator account. If only one administrator account exists on the computer, you can not delete it, you can either change one of the other accounts to an administrator account or create a new administrator account then delete the old one.

Now try to select the managed user account or the one you wanted to delete. If you are still unable to delete managed or any other user account, move to the next step. It might be caused by permission faults. If you are still unable to delete the user accounts move to the next step. Enable Root user account: You might want to logon as root and delete the affected user account or managed account as root account has a special privilege that it can delete any user or its associated files. In order to logon as root, you must first enable the root account. It you are still unable to delete the account move to the next step.

Create a third user account with admin privilege. Login with the new administrator and try to delete the affected user account.

Many users have reported to fix this restriction in user account deletion by using new administrator account. Creating a new user account on the affected system may fix problems with the directory, as this will write a new node to the directory and perhaps enforce the default permissions and policies for the system to access it properly.

Move to the next steps it you still have restriction in user account deletion. Delete the user account from Directory Utility: For decades,Apple has been using Directory Utility to store Users database. You can also use dscl Directory Services Command Line to access the database and change or delete any user account properties. So alternatively, bypass the system preferences when you are unable to delete a managed user or any other user account, and instead use the Directory Utility tool.

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Once the Directory Utility app is opened, click on the Directory Editor on the top. A dot in the above command refer to the local Directory Services. This command will list all the users including hidden system accounts for running various services.

Delete a user

Note down the short name of the account you are unable to delete. Sep 29, I have the same problem. System Preferences won't enable the minus button when the admin user account in question is highlighted, the terminal command that you used gives me the same error you got, and the directory utility fails to delete the user even though it gives no error indication in the GUI. However in the system log the directory utility leaves the following message:.

Couldn't delete record "g" of type "dsRecTypeStandard: This lead me to also try enabling FileVault I did not have it enabled previously which fails with the following message:. Authentication server refused operation because the current credentials are not authorized for the requested operation. I tried this in the migrated user account. I don't suppose this gives anyone a hint as to what's going on and how to fix it so I can get rid of the temporary account.

How to Delete a User Account in Mac OS X Snow Leopard - dummies

Oct 17, 2: Thanks Gregory, good find, but still not a clue how to solve this. Maybe somebody from Apple can help here? There is a lot of people with the same problem. Oct 19, 8: The only way that worked for me was with option 7 using Directory Utility.


The only change from the instructions on the site is that when it says you go to Edit - Delete Account you actually just need to click on the little minus sign at the bottom of the list. Also the list contains a bunch of stuff you're not suppose to delete so make sure you just scroll through the list and find the Username to the admin account you want to delete.

After I deleted the account I was having issues with I just logged out and it was gone! Oct 22, 6: Even trying to delete the user as root via terminal yields a PermissionError which is ridiculous. Oct 23, 3: Same issue - and I tried the hawkdive. It's not a huge issue, but the OCD in me can't stand that I have 2 user accounts I've tried everything. Dropping it to a standard user, disabling everything, setting it completely up, upgrading, ugh Send help, the obsessive compulsive is about to punch someone.

Oct 25, Thank you for the suggestion, unfortunately, at least in my case, I did not help. Still, the delete button is greyed out and delete the user is not possible. Oct 26, 2: First thing first, you need to login with the user that OSX have been installed, and allow the user that you want to remain to decrypting your hard disk. After that, just log out, login with your user, and delete the old user account.

You may not be able to delete a user account if it was used to turn the filevault on for encrypting the hard drive. So every time you restart the computer you will have to first decrypt the hard drive using the same account before you can login to any other user account. Turn the filevault Off first before you can delete the affected account.

Oct 27, 9: