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The drive also comes with SP Widget, a data backup and restore app that that simplifies keeping your stuff secure and backed up. You can grab your own version in 1, 2, or 5 TB versions. Our reviewers spent 50 hours testing four of the most popular external hard drives available. To get the most comprehensive results, they used them at home and at work to transfer files of all sizes.

We asked them to consider the most important features when using these external hard drives and we've outlined them here so that you, too, know what to look for when shopping. Capacity - The capacity you need really depends on your lifestyle. In that case, go for 4TB and above. Transfer speed - Backing up your files takes time, no doubt. If you have a lot of data to copy, you could be looking at a couple hours at the least. Some devices are as compact as a deck of cards, which make them easy to toss into your bag for convenient backing up.

Lifewire testers appreciated that this drive has two extra USB ports on the front where they can charge other devices while they work. And they felt the price was right for the amount of storage capacity they got: One of our reviewers reported that it took her 12 minutes to do a 9 GB transfer, which equates to a write speed of about Mbps.

The best Black Friday/Cyber Monday external hard drive deals: what we expect to see

Lifewire reviewers were able to use the drive right out of the box and loved that it automatically backs up all of your files. The silver finish looks great next to a Macbook and the compact size makes it easy for you to take this external hard drive with you. Plus, setup is fast. Our testers told us that the Xbox One recognizes the drive as soon as you plug it in.

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See on Amazon See on Best Buy. The first time you boot and launch apps, files are read from the hard disk, and then moved to the SSD part of the drive; subsequently, accessing those files is much faster. These drives offer a compromise between speed and storage, still being a bit slower than SSDs, but at a much nicer price point: The speed and reliability of SSDs make them the ideal solution for today's computers.

And Apple's laptops are only offered with SSDs. The larger SSD element means more files can be cached, and your Mac will run a lot faster. The future is flash.

The 9 Best External Hard Drives to Buy in

We'll eventually see affordable SSDs at multi-terabyte sizes, and the choice will be simple: You'll only buy a hard disk if you really need a lot of storage. Prices are also dropping: Most of the files on a big SSD will just sit around, never being accessed, yet costing a lot. For now, most Mac users can get by with or GB SSDs, and if you have lots of files, an external drive—or even the cloud—will save you money.

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  • Which hard disk option s do you prefer to use? Have something to say about this story? Share your comments below! Thanks for your article. I sent this along to them.

    Best External Hard Drives in 2018 - Which Is The Best External HDD?

    Not needing a 4K-5K internal display it should run another 8 years if cooled and cleaned out properly,. It still uses a traditional hard drive, rather than an SSD, and while this means speeds aren't quite as fast as possible, it at least keeps the price down, while offering large capacities. There's also a USB 3. USB 2. This is one of the fastest high capacity hard drives you can plug into your Mac, with a huge 4TB of storage space that zips along its USB 3.

    The all-aluminium enclosure gives the drive a premium look and fell, while also protecting your data from knocks and drops, and keeping the drive cool when used. As it uses a solid state drive, the read and write speeds of this drive are much faster than external hard drives that use traditional hard drives.

    The best Cyber Monday external hard drive deals 2018

    It does mean the price is higher, but if transfer speed is the most important consideration when looking for the best external hard drive for your Mac, then this is the drive to go for. Not only is your data kept protected from knocks and drops with the rugged shell, but it's also got bit AES security features and NFC Near Field Communication features as well.

    FAQ: External Hard Drives

    This is a great external hard drive for your Mac if you are concerned about keeping your data safe and secure. USB 3.