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If you comment out the following line in your. If it's a Mac, I suppose it's default login shell is bash and it runs.

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So, you were editing the wrong file. I was seeing this problem on High Sierra. Somehow, my own.

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Nelson Liu. Nelson Liu Nelson Liu 1 2 4. Hi Nelson, welcome to Super User.

Quick check- ere those spaces inserted by you? I don't have a. Where are you sourcing. On OS X, you normally have a login shell.

Terminal: Viewing Your Command History in OS X

During shell startup the session file is executed. Old files are periodically deleted. It disables more than just the per-session command histories, and you can disable just the per-session command history. ChrisPage Actually Apple changed some bits of script.

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Updated answer, thanks. This seems to be working right now. Does it have any ramifications? JakeGould Thanks Chris - what else does it disable my history has been working as expected same as previous osx version and same as linux for the last couple of months.

Don't know why they changed it? Alex Rojo Alex Rojo 41 1. Nice fix, without having to modify rvm. This answer from the Reddit thread saved me: This indeed helped! Saving History , after executing a series of commands save them all with: The ignorespace flag will ignore commands that start with spaces prefix with a space any commands that you don't added to history , ignoredups , will ignore duplicates and ignoreboth will ignore both spaces and duplicates.

No intervening blank is printed between the formatted time stamp and the history line. In addition, the time stamp information associated with each history entry will be written to the history file.

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The return value is 0 unless an invalid option is encountered, an error occurs while reading or writing the history file, an invalid offset is supplied as an argument to -d, or the history expansion supplied as an argument to -p fails.