Mac mini no sound through hdmi

Lets get started and cover the basic requirements first. Virtually every semi-modern Mac will fit the bill, but you will need the following:. Note about HDMI adapters and audio support: Generally, the adapters that cost a little bit more tend to be more reliable, so be sure to read the reviews and make sure that audio does indeed work for the adapter you are ordering.

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Establishing the initial connection is remarkably straightforward and is just a matter of physically connecting the cables to one another from the Mac to the TV. Read on to optimize the TV for video playback, get sound working, and for some more tips for having the best experience. By default the Mac will attempt to use the TV as an external display, extending the desktop to the TV screen. Option A describes how to do this easily:. This will reverse the default configuration of a dual-display setup, thereby turning the Macs screen into the extended desktop, and the HDTV as the main desktop where the menu bar shows and apps appear by default.

For just about every HDMI based Mac-to-TV connection, these audio settings must be adjusted manually after the two have been attached to one another and video is already displaying on the TV screen:. Here are four great free apps:. QuickTime Player is also a fine choice for playing. MOV, m4v,. WMV, Flash. For other formats, VLC is a classic app and should be included in just about every Mac users app toolbox, and MplayerX is becoming increasingly popular for being just as versatile while having the added bonus of supporting BluRay and MKV playback.

If you have a spare Mac, you can even turn it into a full-time media center, server, and torrents box, and the Mac Mini is particularly great for that purpose. This is frequently true with many web-based streaming movies, or when playing video that is lower resolution in general.

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Now to put this to you use, play back a video as usual either from a web player or movie file, center the mouse cursor in the middle of the video, and now use the zoom feature to eliminate the black borders. This is a perfect situation to use screen zoom for, which turns this:. Much better huh? That should be about it, enjoy your Mac-TV hookup, go watch some movies, browser the web on an enormous screen, game on the big screen, and have fun!

If you happen to have an Apple TV and a Mac running Typically AirPlay offers excellent video playback, but on weak wi-fi signals the connection can suffer, which is never a problem with a physical HDMI cable. Enjoy this tip?

How to Connect a Mac to a TV with HDMI for Full Audio & Video Support

Subscribe to the OSXDaily newsletter to get more of our great Apple tips, tricks, and important news delivered to your inbox! Enter your email address below:. Thanks Paul! Thanks so much for this. Just got a 23 inch monitor and was all good for mirroring but was getting the black box when playing videos — which was the main reason I got the monitor. After switching the main monitor to the display as you suggested … Perfect! Thanks for the clear and useful help.

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Any suggestions? Many of the cheaper adapters for display-port to HDMI do not support audio, you have to buy an adapter that specifically does support audio output. Lupe https: I found your instructions great, but I had a problem the screen on the tv has a pink tinge to it. Any suggestions. Opened my system preferences and then sound, but there is not an HDMI option listed.

Internal speakers listed only. Any ideas? I have the same problem.

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I think external speakers are the answer unless some clever person out there has a solution. I have the same problem as well. Someone please help, I can see the video but have no audio. But now when I try and connect, the connection of my desktop on the TV screen only lasts for a few seconds, and it goes blank. It will flick back on for a second, and then go black again for a few minutes.

I had the same problem with my Macbook pro and TV. I was worried it was the TV or the Mac, which are both much harder to fix, but it turned out it was the much cheaper Mini Display Port Adapters so just get a new one. Not sure where I am going wrong frustating. Good stuff. This helped ease the pain. However, it works great now and the picture is very acceptable. I have a MacBook inch, Mid 2. I guess it could be a substandard adapter cable but it could be something else too. I am having almost the exact same problem as Jason.

My computer flashes as well as though it recognizes that something is happening. I do see pages as Option A and Option B above, and I see an option of optimizing the display for a Samsung on my computer, so there is something going on, but no video. I also need both the other usb slots for my mbox and ilok.

Thank you!! You saved me hours!! So glad I found this. I have had my Mac Air hooked and working and suddenly now it wont work when I attach it to my tv. I have the correct input and the cables are fine…could this be an OS X update issue? I have not updated Yosemite…. I primarily want it to push secondary screens containing documents or watching a youtube etc.

My issue is the fonts on the iMac have all changed, everything is now much smaller. The safari browser fonts, email, ichat, calendar……everything now has much smaller font. Moving a safari browser over to the bigger tv works fine, but the iMac is my primary display in this case and I need to be able to read without a new prescription: I have a problem with Audio; display works just find and has no issue at all but I have checked all possible options but audio still does not work.

Nothing works to get video back. However, after about 5 minutes the video signal returns inexplicably. I can still switch my port to Apple TV with no issues with video or audio but when I return to mac mini, my screen is still black. Also I have a magic black mini recorder Capture Card.

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And I want to live broadcast Wirecast ,however no sound is being picked up, when I connect the canon to the MacBook. Can you help? I did it successfully before the upgrade. What do I need to do? I tried to connect my macbook pro retina display with my 4k TV but I can only hear the sound on the TV and only the home screen of the macbook can be seen on the TV.

Connect HDMI output to HDMI input on video source if another is available on source or run composite or component or optical sound cable to video source TV monitor , from external sound card outputs of choice. Look at Focusrite for the most quality and economic. Feb 3, 7: Communities Contact Support.

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Sign in. Browse Search. Ask a question. User profile for user: I have connected my TV directly to Mac Mini using a 1. All i can hear is sound from the Mac Mini's internal speaker. Please advise how i can obtain audio from the TV. The Selected Device has no output controls. Help in this regards is highly appreciated More Less. Helpful answers Drop Down menu. I am experiencing similar issues with no real solution yet: I have a Mac Mini connected to a Sony Bravia HD TV via an HDMI cable sound output via TV speakers was not working when I first connected the two about 4 mos ago couldn't figure it out- and just used an headphone cable to connect the mac mini to a stereo somewhere between then and a month ago I disconnected all incl.

In not sure if I had this before or not - dont completely remember seeing it, but vaguely do I've also updated my macmini whenever an update is released within a few days She then recommended that I go into the Apple store and have the mini checked out I asked to have it hooked up to one on display - so I could see for myself. I still could not adjust the volume bar it went greyed out - but I could crank up the tv volume directly and get sound.

mac mini no sound through hdmi to tv

Sort of While now I could get sound - it was not the same as before where I could control the sound through the mac - only directly through the TV. The Apple guy said that he didn't know what I was talking about - and said that they way the machine was now working was the proper way.

[Solved] No sound from TV when connected to Laptop with HDMI

He unhooked my mac mini, and gave it to me, and walked away. Same result as in the Apple store. I could control sound directly via the TV, but not through the mac mini controls. Tried to wake the mini - but couldn't. Had to resort to pressing the button at the back.

When the mini came back, I had no sound at all coming through the TV speakers, even though the sound preferences settings were still the same. I had to resort to shutting down the mac mini, and then unplugging the power on the mini for a few minutes. Powering back up, sound was again able to comefromt eh mac through the TV speakers - but still could not control sound using the mac mini controls Thats where Im at so far When I use the volume buttons, I see this icon: How do I resolve this?

Elaine Elaine 19 2. Try running the following command: Maybe if there was another problem that resulted in the same symptom, but to be clear, I think's OP's perceived 'trouble' is with the HDMI connection as I have seen as well, and not really a bug, so I think the other 2 answers are better for this situation. This action may 'reset' the audio system, thus implicitly changing the audio device, but is a more destructive action, and usually unneecessary.

Fair enough for your reply, however, when i have had this issue in the past the command has always worked for me. Also a pretty common solution for others who have had this issue if you google around. Either way its up to OP to decide: It was absolute dumb luck messing with settings but it works!