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During the tragedy, the Yankees weren't the only professional club to reach out to Singleton. Andrew McCutchen , Singleton's favorite player at the time, sent him a tweet to say he'd keep Singleton in his prayers.

Songs I Wrote For You

After Singleton was drafted on Wednesday, McCutchen said he saw it as just the beginning of his journey. May God be with you and your family. Stay strong. Sure enough, Singleton keeps reminders of his mom everywhere.

The Courage to Love

Whether it's the "SCS" written on his bat or even at the top of his Twitter feed, where he's pinned a Tweet promising both his parents -- his father passed away this year -- that he'll "never stop going hard," Singleton hasn't tried to forget about his past, but rather used it to make himself better.

For that, Lake felt tremendous excitement hearing Singleton's name called on Draft day, and he knows he won't be the last to be excited by the young outfielder. In This Section. Big League Tours. Bank of America. US Shop. European Shop.

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Auctions - Bid or Buy Now. Bentinck never goes into the shop, so Granville finds a way to tempt him in to spend. Are You Being Served? He fears he will be told to retire. Molly finds this the most troubling. Allen agrees to set him up on a duet with Kandi Kane, a British pop star with "a million hits online" and Ty agrees to think about in search of something new and willing to take any risk it takes.

Elle, being convinced by Kit to start singing again, gives herself a makeover, goes to the recording studio and sings "Love is with Me Now", which Ty hears, and mistakes her for the British Kandi Kane, awestruck by her voice. Surprised and pleased, Elle plays along, leaving at midnight when she receives a text from uncle Allen. After discovering that she accidentally over recorded the Sensation single and feeling guilty for lying to Ty, Elle goes into hiding, donning stupid disguises.

Ty, who is all jumpy about signing Spunn, is also shocked to discover that Kandi is anything but blonde on an awkward meeting set up for the two by Allen, and leaves in a fit of rage, snapping at Allen that this time, it's about what he really wants.

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Stephanie discovers that the song was Elle's and Sensation team up with Kandi to show Elle her place. On Kit's advice, Elle decides to give true love a shot, and with Kit's would-be boyfriend Andy Shawn Caulin-Young 's help, she reveals herself through the song she performed in the studio. Ty hears her sing, and Elle is viciously insulted by Sensation and Kandi for being an obsessive fan. Instead of supporting them, Ty walks out and comforts the heartbroken Elle and they start dating.

He also convinces her that her talent would never hurt her, and the death of her parents had nothing to do with her.


Allen also tells Elle that he admired her parents very much and the song that she accidentally over-recorded was "beautiful. All seems to be well and Ty convinces Elle to audition for Berklee again. They write a song "Fairytale" together, until Kandi returns for her claim on the single and emotionally tortures Ty to leave Elle or she would sue everyone related to him. Ty calls her a horrible person, but agrees to break up with Elle anyway to protect her.

Heartbroken, Elle misunderstands everything, which causes Kit and Andy to carry out an investigation where they hear the receptionist calling Kandi "Miss Smirkle. Pretending to have a pastry delivery for her by the studio, Andy goes to Kandi, buying Kit time to break into the room, where she is shocked to unearth the fact that Kandi is in fact Brenda Smirkle, an average girl who is using Kandi's identity to make money and is anything but British.

After getting immense proof on tape, Kit reveals Brenda's secret to Allen, who suggests that she leave before he reports her the police for fraud and blackmail. In the process, he also dumps Sensation for their role in Brenda's plot, which Stephanie tries to protest until Kit reveals that Stephanie is bald which causes her and the girls to flee in horror about the secret.

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  6. Ty rushes to make Elle's audition and arrives just as she is standing tongue-tied on the stage.