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It also shows frequently used positions in the menu bar, filtering tools, and more. Window Focus highlights the window you are currently working on and have open while dimming the other windows. Other features include the ability to change the dimming background to any color and shade of your choice, and deciding how transparent you would like the dimmed background to be. The free app makes use of several keyboard shortcuts that trigger specific window actions.


These actions change the size or position of a particular window. Spectacle is an open source project found on Github. You can also resize windows to the left, right, and full screen. There are many window management solutions for Mac available at various pricing levels.

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Before making a purchase, determine the features most important for you and be careful not to overbuy. These macOS apps are open-source, awesome, and best of all In the comments below, name the features most important to you when looking at a Mac window management solution. Explore more about: Your email address will not be published.

For focus and concentration http: You really ought to include Moom on this list. It's definitely the best power user solution but easy enough for beginners. Also as far as I know it's been around longer than any of the other solutions.

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  3. Magnet keeps your workspace organized.;

Top Deals. Very happy with the purchase. Mac App Store Preview.

6 of the Best Screenshot Apps for macOS

Open the Mac App Store to buy and download apps. Description BetterSnapTool allows you to easily manage your window positions and sizes by either dragging them to one of the screen's corners or to the top, left or right side of the screen. Fixed some compatibility issues with the new OS X. They are very customizable, for example they allow you to change their colors, assign keyboard shortcuts to them or even make them application specific.

This means all BetterSnapTool preferences are now accessible without the necessity to show the menubar icon. For more information about this visit my blog. It's supposed to solve a few problems with multi-monitor systems running Lion. Version 1.

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Some users had problems updating to the last version while running Lion. I hope this is fixed now. Sep 17, Version 1. Information Seller folivora. AI GmbH. Size 1. Category Productivity. Compatibility OS X Languages English. Their applications for Mac are just as seamless. Install either Google Drive or Dropbox and your files and folders will be two-way synced.

To upload a file to a specific folder in your Dropbox, just drag and drop the file into the corresponding folder in the Dropbox directory that's created when the app is installed. Also, like iCloud Drive, you can setup selective sync so not all your Dropbox or Google Drive accounts are synced with your computer. And unlike iCloud Drive, you can disable Google Drive or Dropbox when you don't want them to sync by pausing or closing the apps. The Unarchiver is a power file extractor tool for Mac.

Best of all, it's completely free and super simple to use. When you come across a compressed file that needs to be extracted, right-click on it, hover over Open With and select The Unarchiver. If the file type is a bit more obscure, make sure you've enabled all the necessary file types within the app settings.

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  • Useful menu bar apps are plentiful on the Mac ecosystem, which is problematic for, well, your menu bar. It can get crowded and cluttered in a hurry, so Bartender 3 is an absolute must-have app. What Bartender 3 does is simple: It hides seldom-used menu bar apps and icons under its own icon.

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    • When you click on the Bartender icon, all of the hidden icons will be revealed. In preferences, you can choose which icons are shown in the main menu bar and which are hidden in the Bartender menu. You can also customize the appearance of Bartender and setup hotkeys for displaying the hidden icons.

      When you click to change focus into another app, Hocus Focus will automatically hide the other app after a short timeout period.

      7 of the Best Mac Window Management Tools

      You can whitelist apps that you don't want hidden, or you can have apps hidden as soon as the focus is changed away from them. It's a powerful organization tool and it's dead simple to use. The best part is it's completely free, though you can opt to support the developer via a PayPal donation on its website. Apple has taken strides to make the Spotlight function on MacOS better, but Alfred is still the more powerful tool.

      Alfred looks and operates much like Spotlight, letting you search for files, launch apps, perform quick calculations and much more without ever lifting your fingers off the keyboard. It's also free to use. Arguably the best part of Alfred is workflows, third-party plug-ins that blow the doors wide open for what is possible with the program.