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I have never worked in a community of people that is so welcoming and helpful. I hope to see you on Slack! It's a great time to be a macOS admin thanks to great open source tools like these. Image credits: Munki Munki isn't an app as much as it is an idea or an ecosystem. Fleet visibility and client management Munkireport-php Munkireport-php uses munki's run schedule and flight scripts to gather and present data about any machines using munki. Munkireport-php dashboard Another benefit of munkireport-php is its modular design, which allows you to add your own items to munkireport-php without changing the underlying code.

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Facebook's Osquery Osquery is described as "operating system instrumentation framework. Some of zentral's architecture areas Parts of zentral's ecosystem The Community This may not be a specific software or tool, but in my opinion, the community is the macOS admin's most important tool.

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Hot sysadmin reads for the new year. The mantra for this year's sysadmin: Work smarter, not harder. I use it everywhere I go," Allen said. The program is written and maintained by Anton Keks. For guys who use Casper on a regular basis and have to build out images, you'll understand where this is coming from," Allen said.

DeployStudio is free imaging software for OS X. It provides customizable tools for automating application installs and post-configuration tasks for large deployments of workstations, servers and cluster nodes. It's something that I encourage the new guys to play with. Go explore it.

It's another tool in the arsenal.

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  • 14 go-to tools for Mac sysadmins.

I've just been using it forever," Allen said. You take your installer, and you drop it in, and it builds an installer package," Allen said. Winclone is a tool from Twocanoes Software that creates a clone of the Windows Boot Camp partition for recovery or migration to another Mac. It is literally as simple as one, two, three, four," Allen said. Automator for OS X is a scripting app from Apple that lets users define simple actions, through a point-and-click process, and then bundle them into workflows to automate repetitive and tedious tasks.

It does all the fuzzy logic behind the scenes, and it will give you the result that you need," Allen said. The packages create local user accounts when installed, and they are compatible with workflows that can install standard installer packages. It does exactly what it says on the tin. You put in the full name, you put in the short name, you put in the password, you put in the user ID, you set it as an administrator account, or a standard account, and you build out a package, and it creates a user pkg," Allen said.

Lingon from Peter Borg Apps is a utility that runs things automatically by modifying configuration files for Mac's "launchd" system function.

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It can be scheduled to run at a specific time, and if an app or a script crashes, Lingon can automatically restart it. It takes all the guesswork out of creating launch daemons and launch agents. It's something I use very frequently. The Goto Anything features lets users open files with only a few keystrokes, and instantly jump to symbols, lines or words. With Multiple Selections, uses can make multiple changes simultaneously. Wherever IT professionals gather, you can witness the rise of a new machine.

Look through the windows of an InteropNet NOC , for instance, and it's clear that the Mac has become the darling of the networking crowd. After all, with good old Unix under the hood, Mac OS X makes an excellent network troubleshooting tool. Of course, there are plenty of other ways an IT pro can put the Mac to good use.

Allow me to share some of the networking, server administration, and other tools that I've collected over the years to help me do my job better.

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Cut to the key news in technology trends and IT breakthroughs with the InfoWorld Daily newsletter , our summary of the top tech happenings. Wi-Fi is a fickle beast, changing its behavior at the drop of a hat -- or more accurately, at the drop of some plants, file cabinets, or other office furnishings. Doing a heat map overlaying colors on a map to indicate signal strength with a wireless survey tool is a must for predicting when and where you'll have Wi-Fi problems. Armed with that information, you can shift your Wi-Fi arrays to provide maximum coverage -- or at least be aware of when office arrangements may trigger trouble tickets.

Free Developer: NetSpot Team. Etwok, LLC Compatibility: Mac OS X Available for Windows, Mac, and Linux, it provides a clear, concise look at the garbage in the RF range known as the ISM band, and it's helped me track down several odd sources of radio interference living in and around the 2.

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MetaGeek Compatibility: Mac OS X's Terminal app doesn't support serial ports without some serious tinkering. This way I can even sit outside the cable closet for the initial configurations on switches and routers. ZTerm doesn't emulate tons of terminals the VT family excepted , and it won't talk to certain devices, but it works great and Mr. Alverson asks for donations only if you like it.

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David P. Alverson Compatibility: I then add a short annotation to identify each shot and let it sync. Back at my Mac, I cut and paste the images into a more complete document and add PDFs of other supporting materials. I can also augment Evernote's search capabilities with specific tags. In the words of Albert Einstein when asked why he had to look up his own telephone number in the phone book, "Why should I memorize something that's so easy to look up? Evernote Compatibility: Trust me, having a side drawer to organize all your server links is a godsend, and CoRD smoothly conquers right-clicks using Shift-Ctrl-click.

I only wish that CoRD could be protected with a startup password, especially since CoRD lets you save domain credentials. Better to save your passwords into a vault program. And make sure to select "Allow connections from computers running any version of Remote Desktop.

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Dorian Johnson, et al SourceForge Compatibility: VDI virtual desktop infrastructure is the soapbox you'll find me on most often, and key to the VDI promise is Microsoft's new and improved remote desktop control system called RemoteFX. The big difference is that RemoteFX allows for leveraging a graphics processor in the server. ThinLinX Compatibility: TeamViewer is a cloud-based remote help utility that operates similarly to WebEx or Microsoft Lync, but doesn't require you to set up anything on the back end or jump through firewall modification hoops.