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Latin fructus. A comet that has lost its ability to emit dust and gas and no longer displays the classic cometary features of a nebulous coma and a tail, or a destroyed comet. Comet Pigott The asteroid Hidalgo is considered by some to be a defunct comet because of its unusual orbit. Another case is the asteroid Phaethon. Defuzzification is the last step in a fuzzy logic system. Degenerate state or character. Reverting to an earlier, simpler, state. Limiting case in which a class of object changes its nature so as to belong to another, usually simpler, class.

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In the case of atomic energy levels, the degeneracy can be removed, for example, by applying an electric field to the atom. Pressure in a degenerate electron or neutron gas. Alternatively, gen may be a variant of Mid. Highly compressed matter in which the normal atomic structure has broken down and which, because of quantum-mechanical effects, exerts a pressure that is independent of temperature.

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