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General purpose tool to break many different blocks quickly in the battlefield, including camo blocks and stone. Also breaks heads.

Even More Explosives Mod (x TNT in 1 Item) -

Safe Pill: This is a regenerative pill to instantly heal yourself. Our Doctors guarantee that the fuel should be safe to consume. This pill heals only half your health and feeds half your hunger. Experimental Pill: Take a gamble and use the experimental pill.

Rival Rebels Rgiant

Most of the time you will get instantly healed to maximum health and hunger, but there is a slight chance of side effects. You could either get the enhancing side effects, or seriously unpleasant ones. Nuke Top: This crate contains the front of the bomb shell. Nuke Bottom: This crate contains the rear of the shell. Place adjacent to the nuke crate top or in group of 4 to make the Tsar bomb..

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This crate does nothing when clicked on by pliers. It is also the crate with the highest chance of dropping a radioactive element. At a 1 out of 3 chance, this crate is useful for farming radioactive elements. Pile two of this crates to build a Reactor by using the pliers. This crate also drops many essential devices and tools, when broken in survival mode. This crate drops items when broken in survival mode.

Omega Armor: This armor is stronger than damon armor but weaker than the Class armor delivered by the RR team selector lobby.


Sigma Armor: There is not recipe yet. It drops randomly from Supplies and Ammo crates only in survival mode.

Even More Explosives Mod 1.12.2 (x50000 TNT in 1 Item)

The Ammo crate has the highest chance to drop it. Omega Flags: This crate delivers 10 Omega team faction flags when broken in survival. Right clicking the box to cycle the different flag styles, and shift click to break. Sigma Flags: This crate delivers 10 Sigma team faction flags when broken in survival.

Rhodes scaffold box: This auto-build deploys the blue print to construct the Rhodes 3 Boss Robot. Drop or use pliers to build. The scaffold is made out of steel, conduit blocks and assembler blocks. Bastion box: Bastions are hollow, but very resistant to attacks due to the special properties of the Reactive block. More ADS types will be added on next updates of the mod. Bunker crate: The Bunker is a strong structure made out of smart camo. It is very versatile in all environments, even under ground, under water or in high places.

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Tower crate: The Tower is made of steel that is climbable and is design to access high and low places, or make vertical passages into other structures. Barricade crate: The Barricade is is a monster roadblock. It lays down 4 ADS trays. When all are set it becomes a formidable defense. Viewpoint of villager looking at player Viewpoint of murderous cow.

Player preparing to bring an end to this village.

An example of the retexturing it causes in animals. The player wearing a suicide vest, with detonator in hand. That was one click. Imagine a hundred. Water Only thing I'm letting you know. Its more powerful than the MegaNuke in sheer crater size. Review for those of you whose English isn't very good.

Murayama has done pretty much every texture in this mod, except for nuke, meganuke, napalm, stickyTNT, preciseTNT, Hydrogen Bombs, and BiomeBusters - He helps me a lot and provides me with incredibly intricate and detailed textures. Without him, I would not be at this level. Thanks a million man! Its thanks to you guys that I have gone from just scraping 10, downloads last Sunday to 50, downloads today. Couldn't have done it without you. The initial idea and coding for C4 comes from Pluto, but unfortunately, his code was not compatible with ModLoader, so I couldn't use it.

Many thanks to his inspiration and helpfulness on this project though. Without his help, C4 and Airstrikes simply would not have happened. Thanks a million to GenuineSounds for permitting me to use and modify his unreleased API for Multi-threading And finally, thanks to everyone who has downloaded this! If you really like my mod, a donation really helps me keep my fingers on the keyboard creating new content. To all who do, you will be included in this list! Go to about Version 1.

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I have not, and most likely cannot, fix this same bug that will occur if you kill yourself with the AC Bug fix for that is to restart Minecraft. Exit the game and drag the RivalRebels. This way you can have a discrete 1. Start Minecraft launcher, go to your profile and choose the Forge version you just installed. Click OK. If not present update your java.

When opening Minecraft launcher, select Forge on your profile drop menu. Have fun! Use the Forge installer: Before installing Forge you have to run Minecraft on that desired version at least once. On the Minecraft Launcher, create a new profile and select the Minecraft version from the drop menu. Run the game once and quit. Download the Forge Installer here! If the installer does not run on your Mac: