Emulateur windows xp sur mac

Download Your Free Upgrade. Share files and folders, copy and paste images and text and drag and drop files between Mac and Windows applications. Parallels Desktop automatically detects what you need to get started so you're up and going within minutes.

Run Windows on Mac - Parallels Desktop 14 Virtual Machine for Mac

Graphic and resource-hungry Windows applications run effortlessly without slowing down your Mac. Make Windows invisible while still using its applications in Coherence mode. Optimized for the latest Windows 10 updates and the new macOS Mojave Works with OS X, Windows 10, 8. No more having to choose between PC or Mac. Select productivity, games, design, software testing, or development, and Parallels Desktop will optimize your VM settings and performance for you. Reuse your existing Boot Camp installation. Converting a virtual machine from Boot Camp is easy—just follow our installation assistant at startup.

Unified volume license key, centralized license management, and advanced security features are available in Parallels Desktop for Mac Business Edition. Thanks to ParallelsMac for making this unholy marriage so easy! Customization options are planned and contributions are welcome!

Virtual Machines

You can then install Windows in the virtual machine, just as you would install any operating system on a regular computer. Run multiple OSes at the same time, all on your Mac. There are several ways to install Windows or any other operating system in a virtual machine, and Parallels Desktop makes it easy to get started within minutes. Or you can provide your own Microsoft Windows license key, purchase Windows directly from within Parallels Desktop, or transfer an existing Boot Camp partition with Windows already installed.

With Parallels Desktop, you can switch between Mac and Windows without ever needing to reboot your computer.

The Easiest Way to Run Mac Software on Windows PC

If you have already installed Windows 10, Windows 8. Play your Windows-only game on a Mac using Parallels Desktop.

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Parallels Desktop even has a virtual machine setting dedicated to gaming to optimize performance. Download a free day trial of Parallels Desktop and see if your desired game is supported. Parallels Desktop for Mac emulates PC hardware, so operating systems that are not present in this list can work as well. They are not on the list because we didn't test them in our lab yet or we found some critical issues. You can download Parallels Desktop Trial here and install an operating system of your choice and if it doesn't work and you believe it should be supported, let us know at Parallels Forum.

Need Parallels Desktop for your team? Alternatively, you can save some time and download a disk image of Windows from Microsoft. You will still need a valid key to activate your copy of Windows. The tool will take care of repartitioning for you, and you just need to follow the instructions on the screen. Boot Camp Assistant will then take you to the Windows installation process, where you need to follow onscreen prompts to install the system.

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