Mac os x shortcut app

Creating the shortcut

Shortcuts can be set for: Applications You can launch applications like iCal, iTunes, and Mail by pressing a keystroke. You can easily reconfigure shortcuts and choose any other apps or keyboard keys.

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Websites You can assign shortcuts to websites you like to visit and open them at any time. And, of course, you can replace one URL with another, if your tastes or work situation change.

Shortcuts 2.0

Settings Some user-chosen shortcuts may already exist for another action. If a new shortcut conflicts with a system one, the application asks you either to choose another combination or to override the system shortcut.

5 ways to launch Mac apps from the keyboard | Macworld

Testimonials "I thought Shortcuts might be useful, but it has exceeded my expectations. I like to have my hands on the keyboard. So, I got Shortcuts and then set up key combinations. It is just fantastic to press my key combos to open frequently used files and folders. No navigating or launching an app and then choosing frquently used files. Also, it was easy to set up the short cuts. Great program. For instance, I regularly need to turn my wifi on and off. So I downloaded an Apple script from the web that would do this and simply assigned a global shortcut to it.

One keystroke now turns my wifi on or off". These are my shortcut triggers. The user can assign nearly anything. That is the intention of the article. You can bring up Save As by just holding down the Option key when you call up the File menu… Why go through all this effort to make a more complicated keyboard shortcut?

5 ways to launch Mac apps from the keyboard

From my point of view a menu should contain everything that can be done relating to that menu entry and shortcuts should be ways to quickly access the various items under that menu entry. That way those who know and remember what the shortcuts do can use them. Anyone else can always find and use the various items via the menu. Is there any way to have the startup chime on a later imac? I have turned on verbose logon so i can at least see that it is doing something when i want to go and do another task. Why do apple have to keep fiddling?

How to use Apple’s new Shortcuts app

I gotta say I find it very annoying that Apple is restricting the OS more and more. With every new release, you gotta waste more time on every machine you use to fix the defaults and get it back to a usable state…. That invokes save as…when adding the option key you are triggering the option like when flick file and hold option and duplicate changes to save as…. Name required.

How to create keyboard shortcuts to launch apps in macOS using Automator

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