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Do you have patches you're happy with and can do a PR? First of all, apologies for my long silence.

Tutorial: How to get PCSX2 to run on Mac (without BootCamp)

I have a new job and I've moved countries. Things are still not as quiet as they should be and I've still got much to learn at work so I don't expect to have loads of free time. So I started my porting work by wholesale porting the codebase to work on bit OSX PR , in the top post you can see what's "done", e. Needless to say, this means I'm unable to test anything at all until I get a binary compiled. And most likely when that happens, the binary will instantly crash.

To counteract the fact that my approach is the crazier one, I'm trying to create small, focused commits so they're easily reviewable. That doesn't really offset anything of course. Here is now latest status: I have not been able to solve mmap problem in 32bit OSX. It causes random runtime pagefaults and GSdx cannot even execute properly. Any help on this topic really much appreciated.

Little bits: GSdx still requires OpenGL 4.

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There is gtk-mac-integration that makes GTK applications seamless with the Mac desktop, so we don't need to write new GUIs for the plugins. Progresses slowly. Now I have been trying to hunt down those crashes. Finding the root is really hard. I can avoid one crash by adding sleep delays in appropriate areas so it is a race condition between threads, so solving is time consuming.

Dunno why only in OSX it happens. Most likely timer APIs work now a bit different way. The other crash is with recompiler not yet working properly. So is this OpenGL 4. I see GLES support there also and it should be able work without that high context? The requirement is gl 3. I really hope apple will implement newer gl extensions. At least some of them. They already introduced OSX Historically, this indicates they won't be bumping the OpenGL so uyjulian is right.

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  • Tutorial: How to get PCSX2 to run on Mac (without BootCamp) | MacRumors Forums.
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  • There is a very faint possibility that there are more OpenGL extensions on What's the status of this whole thing? I'd be willing to help test any builds you guys come up with to help keep and get this going I've been trying to get the latest 1. Just so this is out there: I'm not a developer I'm only a casual gamer wanting to better the PS2 emulation scene for all.

    There's really no update because porting PCSX2 to bit would take a lot of work. The recompiler is really ugly too. I'll read into it more when I have some time. Thanks for the response and pseudo-update. Honestly it sucks. It would cost nothing to support recent openGL. They just do it to locked-in their clients.

    Are you sure the runtime pagefaults aren't expected. PCSX2 uses pagefaults to handle buffer allocation and to detect self-modyfied code. The former will less appear in the future see Anyway I am thinking of pushing this in current state so it compiles but runtime errors.

    Is this OK? Otherwise code just diverges too much.. Linux port wasn't done in 1 day. I'm in favor to merge as much code as possible. However we want to do a release soon. So I propose to you that you do a pr. We select all the safe commits and merge them. The other will be merged later. It will reduce the maintenance burden on your side. FWIW I merged my branch.

    I wouldn't be surprised if it has anomalies. Seriously, could people understand that a complex port must be done step by step. None of intermediate step will be the final port. So we don't care about others emulator. As a side note, I think that recompiler's issues are linked with the OSx abi.

    I have some code to factorize stack frame creation so it would be easier to fix all recompilers in one shot. Has any progress been made on this since late ? I'm running macOS I'm still willing to help you guys get this working with modern code on macOS as a build tester ofc, since I can't code for beans. I'd like to record some gameplay for a YouTube channel I have, but running v1. Even if you are abke to compile it that doesn't mean you can run it.

    Even if you can compile and run it that doesn't mean that you can run it with the target framerate. First pcsx2 needs to be ported to x64 which is IIRC already done or rather easy to achieve for the interpreter and gsdx software mode. The recompilers however seem to be much harder. When the recompiler and gsdx hw mode are ported to x64 one can consider to port it to mac and I guess it would be rather easy. Well I've not given up hope.

    I guess I'll wait it out and see what happens. OpenGL is deprecated but is not taken out of macOS yet. Future progress on Apple platforms involves bit JIT which I doubt will get finished soon and Metal which can be solved with MoltenVK if a Vulkan renderer get implemented, which I doubt will get finished soon.

    Good news: Linux runs on the newest Macs with T2 chip just fine; you just need to use an external HDD since the T2 chip does not allow internal disk access on unsigned OS. Your best experience for intensive workloads is on Linux, since it has better graphics drivers and does not use up CPU time when temperature rises above a threshold. Skip to content. Dismiss Join GitHub today GitHub is home to over 31 million developers working together to host and review code, manage projects, and build software together.

    Sign up. New issue. Copy link Quote reply. Hey guys, this is just some exploratory thinking I'm doing but: This comment has been minimized. Sign in to view.

    Don't you have fat binary on osx which support both x86 and x So you can't use the same trick as on linux: Build on a bit linux system Run on a bit linux system with multi-arch This doesn't work for modern OSX. So the options for a native build are: Build on older, bit OSX versions. Make sure everything builds as bit. Split out the bit specific parts recompiler et al. I've probably missed something I'm not really sure what would be most feasible between the last two.

    What is the issue compiling 32bits code? Indeed, is that not sufficient for PCSX2? What kind of GL version do gdsx-gl or zzogl expect? Yes, for uniforms that was already possible on OSX Single uniform need 4. And Those extensions are only useful to make the code faster and cleaner. I clearly said that it would work.

    You did indeed, I should've said "was worried" instead of "am worried". This is a merge between my work and aktau's. I have compiled against Darwin Xcode 5. Cheers, good info. I'd imagine the trickiest part would be to make the recompiler work. OSX tooling for bit is a bit weak, and also an unknown for me homebrew, the unofficial OSX package manager doesn't "do" bit, for example.

    OSX Apple has been trying to get rid of X11 for a decent time, and they're making it more difficult to install. That, and a "non-native" solution feels unclean to me. A few courses of actions that make more sense: Get bit working on Linux, then port to OSX this is advocated by gregory38 Get PCSX2 bit working on OSX, then get it working this is being done by juhalaukkanen To counteract the fact that my approach is the crazier one, I'm trying to create small, focused commits so they're easily reviewable.

    Possibly Windows also. Though what you are saying has a point. This has already been posted but here are the latest builds for mac.

    Steps for bringing the newest build to OSX · Issue #18 · PCSX2/pcsx2 · GitHub

    Snow Leopard http: I know obviously it uses it in windows I know it greatly benefits from bit in particular. I see I also heard but is a mac already overclocked when you buy it? Quote I also heard but is a mac already overclocked when you buy it? What I meant was that it takes up the memory you are using on your computer.

    I noticed that when I was using pcsx2.

    Then following it by we need a better Graphics Card. Other than what I said is there anything I must explain for you to understand? O should I go into it that deeply. My mouth had dropped when I read that. That little? How do they do it?? I found that quite interesting and looked that up and found something interesting. Z Buffer Dolby Digital 5. It seems the PS2 required some overclocking too.

    PS2 Emulator for Mac OS X

    It also shows "48" hardware channels. Thats just ridiculous. Why the need? They also managed to get it running the way they wanted it with AA 2x with Billinear filtering and more? What is that? Any thoughts? I'm pretty shocked. I know I'm not supposed to talk about this on this topic but its just to let you know and I have already finished my first build and am now uploading it. Just thought you might be interested. Its sad and kinda funny too. Also the system is now more than 10 Years old, and as for the Wii, well it's a rebranded Gamecube.

    The internal resolution of the PS2 x was responsible for the graphics, and the x resolution was only used for DVD playback. PS2 Games actually have this size: The output resolution was increased for TVs. The GSdx Plugins can blow up the internal res to x and beyond. Much like the PS3 does this today. PS3 Games are rendered in 5xx something pixel, and will be upscaled to p. The XBox actually has a higher internal res than the PS3.

    Quote Just re-reading what you said is letdown. Everything that is in 3d looks like HD. It looks black unless you are not using frameskipping and is extremely slow no matter how I set it and no matter what plugin I use. There has to be a way to speed up emulation. Do you think I should just separate the different versions of pcsx2 legacy, 9. If the iPhones hardware is that good I can see how they managed to get the playstation emulator on it working perfectly. They don't have to work with HP but I'm just saying that good companys make good things. I think that if you want to play Dolphin or pcsx2 make sure to get an expensive on sale hp computer from staples.

    Just because emulation is slow that doesn't mean the hardware is slow To be technical modern macs are much more powerful than a Wii and definitely more powerful than a PS2 but their CPUs and hardware aren't exactly simple even though they are lower performance So no it's not because modern macs can't compare. Just because there's a PS1 emulator for it doesn't mean much especially if it can't get good performance PCs and Macs have been able to emulate PS1 for quite some time now with more performance than the original.

    If the iPhone wasn't around 4x more powerful than the PS1 you wouldn't be able to get performance via emulation there either.

    How to Install PCSX2 1.0 on Mac OS X

    Apple has a reason for building their systems the way they do and working with HP wouldn't make a difference since Apple would want to stick to their own form factors. Apple is a good company making good things too otherwise we wouldn't be here. Also you can find similar or better PC systems from other companies other than HP HP doesn't hold a monopoly on quality and whether they are the best is debatable and a subject for another thread.

    The mac and hp thing was an idea it never will happen. I don't have a pc but how much can it be overclocked? Either way heat is the enemy and on any brand you need more cooling and if you can't put more cooling you shouldn't overclock. I would say most overclockers have big cases with plenty of cooling I was going to say easier but I can't guarantee that.

    I looked it up but it just tells you to quit apps you are not using close some widgets but I don't need to know any of that. Do you know if it is possible? Quote There is a tool to overclock some mac Pros floating around, however that only works on the Xeon CPU types and when you overclock it, a lot of stuff breaks on the system; like sound and the clock for example. Interesting stuff! How well do PS2 emulators run on a PC? And isn't it generally a rule that you need a computer to have times the power of the system you're trying to emulate for smooth performance? It seems like it took awhile to get SNES emulation to run as well as the original system because of the power that system had, no?