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Come on people! It was a TV show! There is no need for all of the negative talk. It was a great opening segment, considering what the finale was all about. As a Stevie fan, it was a pleasure to watch her dance and twirl through the house! Stevie is a smart woman who knew how to get an entire new generation to seek out her music and possibly fall in love with her, as millions already have! Last time I checked, Stevie Nicks was a 65 year old adult woman, who can do what she chooses to do without anyones approval.

Also remember, Ryan Murphy asked her to be a part of this, not the other way around. Stop being haters! If anyone was offered a part in a tv show to play themselves why shouldn't they do it? I think people just misunderstand how falttering it is to be offered a role playing yourself. Also its an opportunity to find new fans and turn people on to your music.

I think it was a good season of the show and her part was an addition to the story, and entertaining. Okay, it's one thing for her to lip sync to the original track kind of creepy seeing the young Stevie voice coming out of the older Stevie's mouth, to be honest , but at least do a decent job of lip syncing! I know she has never been good at lip syncing, but this was beyond dreadful. Other than that, I thought it was a cool homage to the look, feel and arcing camera shots of the original SW music video.

Stevie didn't "come out" as a witch. She made an appearance on a TV show! She played a part just like Jessica Lange. Jessica isn't really a witch either. It's a TV show. Also Stevie has nothing to prove to anyone. Her part added to the show. I being a dedicated fan enjoyed it very much!! I didn't like how Ryan Murphy took my two favorite witches out, Misty and Myrtle Stevie is NOT a sell-out, I actually was hoping she wouldn't be just sitting at the piano again singing Seven Wonders live I get the lip syncing remarks and the young voice thing was a little wierd Coven used so much of her and her music this season Its called Air time back in the day their was not next to none of that going on.

She is an icon you haters may not like it but its the truth. The more air time she gets the more I am so happy for her. She would on top of the mountain in todays younger female musicians. So the Katie Perry's of the world look up to her and if she is friends with her then good because it gets stevie out their in the young generations.

You here it at their shows and in the media from the mac. How they want the younger crowds to know their music so it will live on years well after Fleetwood mac is gone. I thought it was great for this show the rating were realy high so its a win win for both. You heard it from an earlier post on here. This person never heard Sever wonders and now they want to go out and buy it and thats what this band wants to be heard from the younger kids. All the people bashing on the negative comments seem to have no objectivity. Many of the hate bashers are spewing more hate. The silliness of the Stevie parts have nothing to do with Stevie's appearance on the show.

She did a great job at what she was asked to do. But, from the beginning, the Stevie story arc seemed SO contrived and unnecessary. It was a blast as a Stevie fan to see her and hear her music on the show, but for what it did for the actual show and story, well, that made me blush with embarrassment. Stevie was great last night. I love her in the long skirts, wish she would wear them on stage.

And while it was lip synced, it was not the original Fleetwood Mac vocal. When artists make albums they do a special one called a "TV Mix" which has the instruments and background vocals, but does not have the lead vocal.

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They do this because lots of TV shows they may do to promote a song don't have the budget or technical facilities to have the music filmed live. And lots of artists prefer to do TV shows this way. Fleetwood Mac and Stevie are not those kind of artists, they always prefer to perform totally live. But the record companies still make all artists do a TV Mix of any potential single. You could tell on the show last night that Stevie sang the vocal in a studio for this show, as it was a different vocal from the original.

Then they had her lip sync in while being filmed. And I thought her new vocal was very good. She sings Seven Wonders quite well at this age, some 27 years or so since the original was recorded. It made me wish Fleetwood Mac would do it in concert when they tour again. Last year on tour Sisters Of The Moon did not sound anywhere near what it used to sound like live, they should take it out of the set and but Seven Wonders back in.

The whole Story this time and I loved the ending I agree that this was not the version from the Tango album, but there is no way this was recently recorded. Her voice just doesn't sound like this anymore. I think this is probably just an alternate version from those Tango sessions. I'm glad Stevie did this for a change. The show is definitely out there but at least she is doing something different. You can't knock her for that. I wander if she had any say about how Silver Springs would be used?

I can't imagine she would like that song being played as someone was being burned at the stake! He was so amazed by Stevie's support of GLEE she was the only aritst that came to the set and spent the day watching the filming of "her" episode and speaking with the actors to encourage them. This "video" wasn't an integral part of the episode like her work in her first episode.

This was more of a showcase and thank you to her. For that - it's brilliant. Her willingness to do it is brilliant. The end result is brilliant. Her excitement of being involved is clear whenever she talks about Coven and Glee when interviewed. It appears the last poster is correct: The opening scene with Stevie was great. So that was her idea?

So I got her to stay an extra day and do that as the cold opening, because I thought it was fun. So we added that to the script. Homage to her - perfect description This is great!!! I really hope it makes an appearance on some sort of chart next week. Also, I hope the song is done on the upcoming tour as I think many people have missed it as well as lots of other 'Tango In The Night' tracks.

Stevie's part was one of her masterpieces. She knocked it out of the park. Just loved it and can't believe how cool she looked doing Seven Wonders through the house. Just thought she was incredible - and the dress was gorgeous. Can't say enough. I cannot wait until this comes out on DVD!!! A lot of haters here: What an awesome perk to have her appear in a great series!!!

An honor and privilege for AHS to have her acceptance to appear. I loved it! I thought it was awesome. It's rare to give a year-old artist such airtime. This was not a sellout on her part.

She did it because she likes Ryan Murphy and the actresses, because she liked the show's concept, and because she thought it would be fun. The fact that it is boosting sales and recognition of her music is a terrific benefit. It's only going to bring more attention to Fleetwood Mac when they announce their tour.

This is all good stuff. I don't understand the hate. I didn't watch the show - but I saw the video. Not my thing. I wish Stevie would be a little more picky and stick with things like Dave Grohl and maybe pass on stuff like this. I would like to see this version of Seven Wonders put to bed for good. Not a great era for Stevie Nicks.

Ive been a fan of Stevie and Fleetwood mac since I was 8 years old.

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Seven Wonders was the song that all started for me. I love tbe music and think this is a fitting use of it. Stop your moaning So happy to see all the positive comments outweighing the negative ones. Perhaps when AHS: Over the past couple Mac tours a lot of Stevie's older stuff has been dusted off, and I kept hoping they would rework "Seven Wonders" into their newer sets. This makes me think - since Christine is back in the fold, and three of her songs best performed live come from Tango, maybe "SW" will get new life onstage again.

Couldn't they have had Stevie rescue Misty from hell.

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I hate the ending of this show. Nan is stuck in the underworld and Misty is in hell. The two nicest witches got the worst of it. I'm glad she's getting buzz for this, and I liked the video even though I would prefer a live performance - but here's a riddle: I only watched the episodes of this show featuring her appearances, and didn't find it scary in the least, so: The second poster in this thread was exactly right.

Stevie's parts in this show DID hurt it. Because they were forced and not part of a naturally written story line. They did not flow. Nothing about this season flowed. I've watched AHS from the beginning and this was, by far, the worst of all three seasons. It was 13 hours of cliche, fanboi-ing, bad acting and how-shocking-can-we-be writing.

It was bad. Zoe and Madison shouldn't even have been on the show at all. Emma Roberts was just playing a witchy version of her real self so no great stretch there. And Tessa Farmiga should leave the acting to her sister who is much more capable. Silver Springs was an extremely poor choice for Myrtle. Stevie is talking to a lover, not a mother, in that song so there is absolutely no motherly connection there. Would YOU ask your mother the questions Stevie asked of the person she was talking to in that song?

Misty Day's fate was completely inappropriate. Of all the characters in this season, Misty was the only one, apart from Nan before they pulled the line of BS they did with her, who was genuinely good at heart, innocent and didn't think only of herself. She did not deserve the fate she received. Wonder if Ryan Murphy was angry that if Misty became the new Supreme she would get more of Stevie's time than he would? But, apparently all witches go to Hell when they die.

Every single one on this show did, even the one that didn't deserve it most of all. As for Ryan Murphy's quote about Seven Wonders: If he was as big of a Stevie fan as he claimed to be, he wouldn't have had to be reminded that she made that song. So many things in this show was tailored around his alleged "love" for Stevie yet he forgot that song?

Even casual Stevie Nicks fans who only care to listen to her when she comes on the radio know it. Unless he lived in a cave in the late 80's, he didn't forget it either. Regarding the Seven Wonders vocals: Face it, Stevie has gotten older. Her voice isn't the same it was 20 or 30 years ago. That happens. It's not her fault, it's age. She would have had to drop octaves and change the presentation of the song, just as she did with SOTM, and the original intensity would have been lost. It's best they played the older recording not the album version! I guess since some of you seem to think these two appearances meant Stevie finally came out of the broom closet she could have just witched a decent vocal and let it be at that.

And as to Stevie being the "White Witch", I don't buy that either. Is everyone forgetting exactly why Stevie was there in the first place? She was supposedly a very good friend of Fiona and she came there to basically help Fiona find and murder her replacement.

That doesn't sound very white witchy to me. And don't give me the "well, but Stevie didn't know! The very fact Stevie was there said one of two things: Everyone knew how Fiona was. If Stevie was as good a friend as they made her out to be, she knew, too. She knew why she was there. Yet, she came and played along. I've never seen three such amazing actresses wasted so poorly with such inferior material.

And I hope I never do again. I wasn't crazy about the finale. Silver Springs seemed like an afterthought, as if it simply had to be inserted somewhere. Visually, I thought the cold open was incredible. But, of course it had no cohesiveness with the overall plot of the show. As others have mentioned, I also thought it was stunning that she would appear on a show where she played a high-level witch.

I watched every episode this season and was stunned at some of AHS's content. Some opt the stuff is not only extremely dark, but also pretty authentic, as well.

Seven Wonders (song)

Regardless, I enjoyed her appearances. I am not a fan of the show and what little I did watch was just because of Stevie Makes you wonder though if the producers "used " her and it seemed to pay off for both parties I don't think the show was really that well done and the use of Stevie songs seemed rather out of place I understand 7 Wonders hit 3 on ITunes because if it I don't think there is much Stevie Nicks could do that wouldn't attract some Haters.. Too bad!! And they way Nan and Misty got treated was for shock value and should of never happened.

Already over 50 comments, some good, some bad. I have to say, besides the usual terrible lip syncing haha, it was pretty cool. She rocked the classic Stevie look. Everyone is entitled to their opinion, and the discussion is definitely spirited Stevie has said in the past, however, that she always leaves her songs open to interpretation.

Yes, "Silver Springs" was written about a lover, but she's said in a dozen interviews over decades that no one song just means one thing, meaning there are several threads in every song. So yes, Stevie may have written "SS" about a lover, but she would never be offended that someone else used it in a different way.

As for the cold opening, I think it served its purpose True, it did nothing to further the story, but so what? Asylum left several things hanging - the alien thing was never explained. As I said in an earlier comment, AHS has always been about the horror that humans do. The true monsters in AHS are always humans, it's designed that way. People do bad things and bad things happen to good people. Yes, it sucks what happened to Nan and Misty, but it's not entirely unrealistic.

Other than wishing she would have performed the track live in the episode like she did with "Rhiannon" and "Has Anyone Ever Written I'm glad to see this AHS-Coven come to an end! I agree that her song " New Orleans" would have been a better choice. I think the really over the top acting part was when Misty fainted at the sight of Ms. Stevie stick to singing If Gene Simmons can pull that off Oh and by the way, Stevie may be a legend Freedom of speech here people!

Eh - didn't see the show and don't care to watched first year of GLEE and dropped it in the 2nd because of the precipitous decline in quality - don't care for Ryan M at all. So Stevie lip synchs badly to an old hit, walks through an "atmospheric" house drenched in digitalized sepia and gives her blessings to the cast in a bombastic, over-posed finish.

I don't get it. Why is this special? Kind of dumb on the whole, but admittedly good exposure for Stevie. I'm glad it's over. Fleetwood Mac is back, and in a big way. The legendary super-group is currently on tour, and they will hit Washington, D. Fleetwood Mac started in the U. They hit 1 in the U.

Fleetwood Mac's 25 Greatest Tracks - Metro Weekly

Two more studio albums followed: Nicks was barely present during the sessions for Tango in the Night, preferring instead to send her band-mates demos for them to complete while she toured in support of her solo album Rock A Little. The song was given new life when Stevie performed it during the season finale of the acclaimed television series American Horror Story: Coven back in January of this year. The U. It was never a single, but has a prominent placement as the opening song on Side 2 of Rumours.

The studio version features spirited vocals by Buckingham and McVie over a beguiling and complex guitar arrangement. Its video enjoyed prominent airplay on MTV. It was a smash hit in the U. The studio recording features a frantic dobro part by Buckingham, and climaxes with maddeningly eerie vocal effects over an increasingly throbbing drumbeat.

It features a thunderous drumbeat and some truly virtuosic guitar-work. Buckingham was proving his worth to the band from the very beginning, as a singer, songwriter, musician and eventually de facto musical director. It really sounds like nothing else in the Fleetwood Mac catalog. Between all of the tormented lovesick tracks that make up much of Rumours, Christine McVie is responsible for two of the sunniest tracks: The long fade-out features a wonderfully intricate guitar part by Buckingham.

Fleetwood Mac’s 25 Greatest Tracks

The vocals are also the work of Buckingham, some of them digitally manipulated and sped up. Time has been kind to the song, though. It is now featured as a bonus track on new CD issues of Rumours, and it is the absolute highlight of the reunion album The Dance. The tension between Nicks and Buckingham is palpable as Nicks balefully glares at Lindsey while singing the obsessive lyrics: The song builds slowly and inexorably, becoming more passionate as it progresses. As with the title track, it was the right move.