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Right, besides painting and spraying, Kid Pix can also do animations. Do you think that little ones can't handle that? Don't worry, because animating here is as easy as jumping rope.

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There's a lot of movement going on anyway. From animated painting tools to pre-rendered 3D characters and objects that can move along a set path. Moreover, besides the fairy tale type backgrounds, Kid Pix also features filmed backgrounds of all sorts. Drawing can also be transformed into an animation by using slides. Every time after you do a change to your project such as adding an object, drawing or deleting something, you have the opportunity to save it by pressing the Flipbook button.

If you do that diligently enough, you will be able to review your work just like flipping a story book. In contrast to the previous versions of Kid Pix, Kid Pix 3D has made a leap in recreating its elements in pre-rendered 3D. This has improved the clarity a lot but characters and backgrounds lost a bit of their charm unfortunately.

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Probably the most effective feature of Kid Pix for showing off at family gatherings is the video narration. After recording a video clip, you can import it, crop it, and insert it into the scene under the guise of a talking head. This way you can have your kid tell the story that is unfolding on the screen. Isn't that nice? All in all, Kid Pix is simply wonderful for creating imaginative drawings and flip books.

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As a basis, children can begin by using the drawing and painting tools and then explore the other features as they become confident enough. Free Trial Modern doodling Kids are naturally curious. Here it is: Features Painting tools Layered and filmed backgrounds Pre-rendered character animations Path animations Flipbook Anaglyph 3D effect 3D glasses included in full package Video narration Conclusion All in all, Kid Pix is simply wonderful for creating imaginative drawings and flip books.

The product today retains much of the same principles as the original software created by Hickman in the late s and early s.

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The latest Mac and Windows versions of the product were developed by the current owner and publisher of Kid Pix, Software MacKiev, who had been involved in development of the Macintosh version of Kid Pix Deluxe 3 and has been the sole developer of the Kid Pix series since the initial release of Kid Pix Deluxe 3X prior to acquiring the brand from Houghton Mifflin Harcourt in October Hickman had no involvement with the development of Kid Pix from until late when he began consulting with Software MacKiev on the development of future editions.

Kid Pix and all of the intellectual property, trademarks and copyrights associated with it are owned by Software MacKiev. The canvas occupies most of the available screen face, and the entire canvas is visible at all times. The drawing tools available to the user are placed in a column of buttons down the left edge of the screen. Instead of using menus to access the different options that each tool has, they are displayed in a row of icons along the bottom of the screen. Selecting a new tool presents a new set of options, such as different styles for the Wacky Brush.

The color palette is situated below the list of tools and consists of a collection of colored squares for each of the available colors. Kid Pix includes a selection of tools that go beyond drawing simple lines and shapes.

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These include:. The Undo Guy acts as a standard undo button, undoing the last change made to the image. When clicked, the Undo Guy yaps out phrases such as "Oh, no! Don't you dare! The Undo Guy is designed to appeal to young children. The "Pick a Draw Me" addition located under the 'Goodies' Section gives you three random phrases for a drawing idea. Each phrase is said by a different person to create a strange idea for drawing.

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Examples include, "I'm a snoring fern with a set of sharp, crooked toenails and I'm covered with feathers. Kid Pix 2 added new features to the original.

These features were originally available in an add-on known as Kid Pix Companion. A program allowing the creation of a slide show of Kid Pix images with transitions and custom recorded sounds. By setting the time delay between slides to the lowest possible setting animations can be created using multiple Kid Pix images acting as each of the frames of animation. The picture can then be distorted using various buttons. The CD came with various sample clips to watch. Kid Pix Studio offered a complement of programs to the original Kid Pix.

It opened up the ability for children to create not only static images but animated creations as well. Very similar to the standard Kid Pix program except with a reduced canvas size and the ability to add several animated rubber stamps and wacky brush items. Music and sounds can also be chosen to play in the background of the "moopie. Again similar to the standard Kid Pix program and "Moopies," except the animated rubber stamps can be dragged across the canvas recording a path which they would then repetitively follow. Several pre-made computer puppets are provided in this program.


The user can animate them like a real puppet including choosing facial expressions by hitting various keys on the keyboard. Sound and music, and a background can be added to go along with the movement of the puppet.

The "Moopies," "Digital Puppets," "Stampimator" and "Slideshow" creations can be saved as a standalone executable that enables them to be viewed by others regardless of them owning a copy of Kid Pix Studio. This feature allowed users to watch movies and animations made in Moopies, and Slideshow, and even any movies the user may have on their computer.

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Several buttons are available for use in this feature, which allows users to watch the movies in several different ways, like in reverse or flipped screen. This was also available on the previous version of Kid Pix.