Fleetwood mac give to me your leather

Stevie is talking first. They are having some problems. It is a struggle to maintain both their musical stardom and their relationship.

Fleetwood Mac - Everywhere (1987)

Their egos get in the way. They can't help a little jealousy of the other's success, while also being torn by being proud of them. Stevie wants to point out that love is strong enough to endure. The angry words they say to each other can't shatter it.

FLEETWOOD MAC lyrics : "Leather And Lace"

The heart not really the actual heart, but the symbolic place where love lives should be full, not hollow enough to let unkind things said break it. She is asking it like a question, probably wanting him to realize it. Is it impossible to follow your heart for love? You're saying I'm fragile She wants him to know that she does not need him to survive.

He likes to think of her as a fragile little thing that needs to be protected. Many men look ed at women that way. However, she is a force to be reckoned with in the music business, and she can take care of herself.

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It is often hard for a man to be in a relationship with an independent woman who can make it on her own. He tells her she is fragile because he wants her to depend on him, but she tries not to do that. That untangible thing called that she has been looking for called success is her weakness, as is the love that will last and not collapse when times get rough. But I carry this feeling When you walked into my house That you won't be walking out the door Still I carry this feeling When you walked into my house That you won't be walking out the door.

Leather And Lace Lyrics

Although she is her own person, when she met this man Buckingham or Henley , she knew he was the one for her and that they would be together forever. They had an immediate connection.

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  6. Although she is no longer with either man romantically, they have remained part of her world. So, when they walked through the door of her life, they did not go back out. Both are still special to her. Again, she expresses her feeling that they will be together forever. They will be open and honest with one another and put their all into the relationship. She wants him to be with her no matter what happens or where they go individually, even if there is craziness in their lives or obstacles they must overcome. Although she expressed her strength and independence in earlier lines, she does admit that she needs him and needs his love, each and every day.

    Men are supposed to be strong, and women more delicate, according to the world. She will take a little bit of his toughness, and give him some of her softness. Taking a little bit of one another will improve them as people. A good pair should complement each other. But, Stevie is telling the man Lindsey or Don to let her be the strong one for a while, and he can be weak at times, if he needs to be. You in the moonlight With your sleepy eyes Could you ever love a man like man like me.

    "Leather And Lace" lyrics

    This is the point at which Don Henley begins to sing his part the part intended for Jennings to sing, obviously. There are two sides to the story and, in this song, we get to hear both of them. The first time he met Stevie, he thought she was such a beautiful and special woman that she could never love him, because he thought he was not good enough for someone like her. He is answering what Stevie said in earlier lines.

    She knew when he came into her life that he would always be a part of it. And she was right, he is telling her, he had that same feeling. He wouldn't WANT to leave. So, if he ever did end up leaving, it would not be because he wanted to. They have a special connection that happened right away for both of them. He admits that he is not always strong. Because he is a man, he probably feels like he should be the strong one all the time. But, sometimes he does not feel that way. He even cries.

    Leather And Lace lyrics - Stevie Nicks original song - full version on Lyrics Freak

    So, maybe he will allow her to be the strong one at times. She wanted him to let her do that. It is good that he is opening up to her and telling her that, because she had wanted him to know that she was strong. When he met Stevie, he realized that she was the one who would make the bad times better for him. When he is down or doesn't feel strong, she will help him get through.

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    He's telling her that his world was emptier and bleaker before she entered it, but now that he has her, he can survive anything with her help. Now they sing this together. They realized that they both feel the same way. They will be together forever. They will take care of each other. Whatever roadblocks come up, they will get through them because they have one another.

    Stevie needs him and he needs her. Instead of saying she needs him today, as she did earlier, Stevie looks into the future and says that she needs him to stay. It's not just the here and now, but a permanent thing. She repeats for him to take her lace, she wants to reinforce that she is there for him. In spite of their marital problems, and the fact that Stevie Nicks decided to record the song herself, with Don Henley, Waylon Jennings and Jessi Colter also recorded the song.

    It was one of Stevie's biggest hits as a solo artist, and it was performed by her in concert. It can often be heard on the radio, a testimony to its staying power and popularity, and Stevie continues to sing the song with Don Henley whenever the opportunity presents itself. The interpretations to these lyrics were compiled through discussions on the message boards of the Penguin, The Ledge. It is entirely possible that the artists had something completely different in mind. Lindsey Buckingham opened up about why he believes he was ousted from the band in his first television interview since being fired in April.

    Buckingham first joined the band in December at the request of drummer Mick Fleetwood. Buckingham previously told a similar anecdote about his conversation with Azoff. In October, the musician quoted a message from Azoff, telling Rolling Stone: Fleetwood Mac at However, he says he requested that they postpone their dates three months to allow him to tour with his solo band; a request that was apparently refused. Buckingham explains he rescheduled his solo trek, only to be notified of his termination from the group shortly before the tour announcement.

    When asked about the chances of him reuniting with the band, Buckingham was less than optimistic. If you have opted in for our browser push notifications, and you would like to opt-out, please refer to the following instructions depending on your device and browser.

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