How to create a new email account on my mac

Enter your full email address as the User Name.

How do I configure email on my Mac using Apple Mail? - Media Temple

Enter the Password of your email account. Authentication should be set to Password. If you receive this message, follow these steps: Click Show Certificate. The show image button. Check the box to always trust the certificate. The always trust option. Click Connect.

How to Add a New Email Account to Mac Mail

Outgoing Mail Server Settings Replace example. The Outgoing Mail Server is the same as your incoming mail server. Again, this will be something like mail. You may receive a message saying Additional account information required. Make sure the Authentication is set to Password. Click the Create button. Complete Set Up on Yosemite OS If you are running Yosemite you may want to change two options to make sure that your account settings don't change. Choose Preferences , from the Mail menu. Click on Advanced.

Set up a Gmail Account Using the Mac's Mail Application

Uncheck the option labeled " Automatically detect and maintain settings ". Click Advanced. Was this resource helpful? Helpful Unhelpful.

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Solved Unsolved. The two methods, using Mail and System Preferences, are nearly identical and end up creating the same data in both Mail and System Preferences. You also need to use the manual set up process. In the Internet Accounts pane are email and social media account types that are compatible with the Mac. Choose the Google icon. Enter your Google account name email address in the window that opens and click the Next button.

The drop-down panel changes to display a list of apps on your Mac that can make use of your Google account. Place a check next to Mail and click Done. The drop-down window displays a list of apps on your Mac that can make use of your Gmail account. Place a check next to Mail and click Add Accounts.

If you're using a version of OS X older than Lion, you can set up Mail to access your Gmail account, but you do so from within the Mail application instead of from System Preferences. Enter your Gmail email address and password. Mail recognizes the Gmail address and offers to set up the account automatically.

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Old versions of Mail 2. You can still create a Gmail account in Mail, but you need to set up the account manually, just as you would any other IMAP-based email account. The settings and information you need are:. Gmail is not the only popular email account that you can use with Mail, Yahoo, and AOL mail accounts are just a few clicks away using the same method.

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