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Add a computer to the list window and put in your PC's name and Physical Address number. Click the "Wake Up" button and your PC should wake up accordingly. Two previous hints provided tips for waking sleeping Macs remotely The following comments are owned by whoever posted them.

Anyone have Wake-On-LAN (WOL) working in 10.8? Still not working in 10.8.3.

This site is not responsible for what they say. Wake a Mac form a PC and vice versa Authored by: Presuming you know how to set up SSH and use the terminal should have no trouble using wake on lan [ Reply to This ]. William McCallum on Jan 21, '05 MiStch on Jan 23, '05 Not on an eMac Authored by: Wake On Lan doesn't work for certain eMacs under any version of X, even though there is such an option in the System Preferences.

If you just need to send the 'magic packet', an alternative to the Windows program mentioned in the hint is wakeonlan. Wake a Mac from a PC and vice versa Authored by: Wake a PC from a Mac Authored by: TimBonnici on Jan 21, '05 Greedo's tip is the key to getting wake-on-LAN to work across the internet. Both our computers are connected via routers to ADSL connections. The steps are as follows. Online tools Authored by: If you have internet access there are online tools available for this as well.

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You rule! Thanks, [ Reply to This ]. Wrote this a while back - can't remember if I ever posted it though You can also issue the following command in a terminal: For example: I tried these two: MiStch on Jan 24, '05 No, from what I know it cannot. The Mac must be in the sleep mode. TIA, bukweet [ Reply to This ]. Search Advanced. From our Sponsor Latest Mountain Lion Hints Click here for complete coverage of Lion on Macworld.

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How to Install Mac OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion on an Unsupported Mac using MacPostFactor

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We're in a big company, and there are a few Macs.

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We want to install patches to these macs through Kace. Things seem to work just fine, except I'm not sure why that is, don't have the same problem on Windows. I think this is probably a familiar issue any many of you need to support Macs in your companies. What do you suggest? Overview If you are trying to reach a computer that has gone to sleep, iTeleport can try to wake it for you.

Tap the computer in the list that you would like to wake, and then tap the green button labeled Try to Wake Computer.

Q&A: Prevent Macs from sleeping / WOL for mac? | ITNinja

You will be brought back to your list of computers. The spinner shows that iTeleport is attempting to wake your computer. If the computer was woken up successfully, you will see it Online within seconds.

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  8. Troubleshooting If your computer cannot be woken up, keep the following in mind: This can be done in either one of two ways: