How to get application bar back on mac

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Spotlight doesn't work either! Why might this have happened and how do we fix it?

How to Remove System Icons From the Menu Bar

Toni Leigh Toni Leigh 1 3 In answer to your last question, no, there aren't any global keyboard shortcuts for that. There's no shortcut for opening Finder from anywhere, and the only shortcut for opening the Applications folder requires Finder to be the frontmost application. Excellent, I too faced this problem and "killall Dock" helped me to resolve this issue.

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How to Use the Mac’s Dock

If finder is not running then something has been removed from the system folder or the startup routines have been corrupted. I'd say reinstall the OS and make sure that user doesn't have admin access unless they know what not to do. I've used Macs and Unix for 30 years and haven't seen this.

Comparing it to Windows is like comparing fish to golf balls.

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Kevin Grabher Kevin Grabher 4, 1 15 I have a few ideas: Some things to consider: You likely spend plenty of time using a mouse or trackpad to move a cursor and click on things. This post explains how. To select a different menu, navigate using the left or right arrow keys, or start typing to immediately jump to a menu matching your term. For example, in Finder, move focus to the menu bar and type W to select the Window menu. When a menu is open, you can use the up and down arrow keys to navigate it, and also the right and left arrow keys, respectively, to enter and leave sub-menus.

If an item has a keyboard shortcut, use that to select it.

How to get your URL bar back on Apple Mac Safari

For an item lacking a shortcut, type a few characters to jump to it and hit Return to select. For often-used items lacking a shortcut, consider adding one in System Preferences. Now, whenever you hold the Command key for a couple of seconds, a window will pop-up, listing shortcuts for the current app. Applications go on the left side of that line, and folders, files, and other shortcuts live on the right side.

In many cases, removing and re-adding an application can solve the issue.

How to Add, Remove, and Rearrange Menu Bar Icons in macOS Mojave - MacRumors

This special troubleshooting technique will clean out some low-level caches and other files that could be the source of your problem. To attempt this, first shut your Mac down from the Apple Menu at the upper-left corner of your screen. Afterward, press the power button to turn your computer back on, and then immediately hold down the Shift key on your keyboard. But anyway, once you restart, your Dock will likely be back to normal.

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