Apple migration assistant pc waiting for mac to connect

Since Apple has redesigned and use Intel-based processors, migrating your files and preferences has become a point-and-click process. Before you begin migrating files and preferences, you must know what operating system OS each computer is using.

Using Migration Assistant

During the boot process on your Windows-based machine, look at the splash screen and text that identifies what OS is loading. Sorry, dinosaurs, but Windows 95—98 and older are not supported. An older version of Migration Assistant available in operating systems prior to To use the Apple-based Migration Assistant on a Windows computer, you first must download and install the software from the Apple support website.

Before you start migrating your data, make sure to turn off Windows Update to avoid interrupting the migration process.

After you have turned off automatic updates and plugged in your computer if applicable , you can now launch the support application and select the OK button. The application will ask you to launch the same application from your Mac while waiting for the Mac to connect.


After the application has launched, you will be told to plug in the computer to continue and forced to close all other applications. Migration Assistant then goes into full screen mode and presents you with four options:. You may get a message stating the firewall is turned on and that you should turn it off.

2 Ways To Transfer Files From A Mac To A Mac

Follow the instructions to turn off the firewall on your Mac. Once you do this and click Continue, your Mac will close all applications and restart. Please excuse the bad screenshots since they had to be taken by an external camera. It may also be worth turning off the Windows firewall also if you are running into problems. It took a few minutes, but eventually it did show my Windows PC.

Once that shows up, you can click Continue and it will show you a security code. You have to go to the Windows PC and make sure the code is the same. A couple of troubleshooting tips here. Firstly, when you click Continue here, it might show you the code on the Mac, but the code on the PC may never show up. Instead, it might just keep saying Waiting for Mac to connect.

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In this case, quit the assistant on the PC and restart it. Secondly, for some odd reason, on my setup it showed a different code on the PC than the one of the Mac.

Move your data from a Windows PC to your Mac

I clicked Continue on my PC anyway and it worked just fine, but not sure why that happened. It could have been because I restarted the assistant program on the PC. Either way, it worked with the different codes. Lastly, when you click Continue here, it might flash the code screen for a second and then instantly come back to the screen shown above.

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If this is the case, then restart the assistant app on the PC and that should fix the problem. Once you click Continue on the PC, it will tell you that the program is ready to transfer data and that you should choose the data on your Mac. If you go back to your Mac, the code screen should be gone and you should now see a dialog where you can pick the data to transfer. By default, it selects the common folders like Pictures, Documents, Videos, etc. It also tries to find other potentially useful content like contacts, mail, calendars, and bookmarks.

Surprisingly, it also lists out any other hard drives installed on your PC and you can easily copy data from there too. At the bottom, it tells you how much data you selected and how much is available to transfer.

How to Migrate Your Files and Content From Windows to Mac -

Click Continue and the data transfer will begin. You should know that the Mac will create a new user account and import all the data there. It does not modify any settings for your current user account, which is nice.