Putty for mac os x snow leopard

Tera Term by T. Teranishi is a terminal emulator capable of connecting to Linux boxes through TCP Xshell by NetSarang Computer, Inc.

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Is Mac OS X Snow Leopard still usable in 2018?

Report a problem. Download iTerm 2 Free by George Nachman. We are happy to recommend you programs like Putty for Mac that other users liked.

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Software similar to Putty for Mac:. User rating. Development Tools. FirePath for Firefox. Product Details Rating: Buy File size: Mac OS X Genericom Download count: Developer Name: Genericom Number of programs by Genericom: Or, if you prefer Mac OS X hints I often have to do router configuration via a console port, so I use a Keyspan Serial Adapter to get access.

PuTTY for Mac OS X

Two problems then present themselves: It hasn't been updated in five years or so, and isn't a Universal Binary. The developer doesn't seem in any hurry to rectify the situation.

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It is not worth the shareware fee in its current form. Minicom requires installation of Fink or MacPorts and is overly complex.

Use screen, Terminal, and a little AppleScripting. Compile and save as an app from within Script Editor, and you have a double-clickable application to launch a serial Terminal session. You may want to customize this slightly -- you can change the screen colors or number of columns or rows.

If you fail to do this and exit a Terminal session, you'll leave the screen session alive and the serial resource unavailable until you kill the screen session manually.

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If anyone can reply with a link to a tutorial on how to wrap an interactive Unix App in Cocoa, that would be the next step -- it would be nice to do this without involving Terminal. If you prefer to use Minicom, you could still use the AppleScript to wrap it into a nice launchable app -- use this older hint to find the right command line commands. The best program I know of for this is minicom , available from Homebrew, fink, and macports. Minicom is a serial communication program. It has ANSI color, a dialing directory, dial-a-list, and a scripting language.

My preference is cu. I use it for Arduino or Bus Pirate related fun. It's installed by default and supports parity settings among other options type man cu for more info. If you prefer not to work in Terminal, you might mant to try CoolTerm free. Scroll down a bit for description and download. You should have a look at ZOC , what I think to be the best terminal emulation program available for the Mac. I use it everyday for my job. It has the ability to do direct communication with a serial port. Of course it does way more than just serial communication.

Its sleek user interface has many ways of making your life easier. In its own way, this is the swiss army knife of thin clients: Key features: Naturally you would require Brew to be installed first. You can find information on how to do this here: This would too require you to have Macports installed.

Is there an OS X terminal program that can access serial ports? - Ask Different

And then there still is the old ZTerm which is just as old as it's looks suggest yet it gets the job done just fine and it is available for free. Supported on OSX: After trying other approaches incl. Seems to be working fine. It's a free donation based program.