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This part is considered obsolete and is only for very old Macs listed in the compatible section below. This does not work with Macs made in the last 10 years.

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The Apple Airport card is an Apple Airport cards are an excellent wireless solution for Apple Macintosh laptops and desktop that have an original Airport card slot. This auction includes just the Airport card as pictured. It is guaranteed to work see guarantee section below. No software or printed instructions are included. The necessary Airport software to use this is included already on most Mac OS versions, and can be downloaded free here.

Installation instructions for your particular Mac are linked to below in PDF format see section below entitled Installation guides. Should you need any help, please do not hesitate to contact us A very important note about encryption: There are different types of encryption.

iBook G3 Clamshell Airport Card Replacement

There are some forum web sites that can be found in search engines where people discuss workarounds, but out of the box this device only works with WEP bit and bit, so for easy setup be sure your network is set to one of these types of encryption, or is an open network with no encryption this last option is not recommended unless you do not mind others possibly using your wireless signal. Compatible with: Please check with us to verify compatibility with your Mac before purchasing if you are unable to find your Mac on the above compatibility list.

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    Please NOTE.. WEP is not secure.. So I recommend you do this for the 5min you need to prove your ancient of days Macbook can connect then turn it off again. You can see it here: All the tutorials I watched show them plugging in the card and having instant access to their wifi. I'll consider your solution, but this should work.

    iBook G3 Tutorials: AirPort card 802.11b installation

    Jan 10, The G3 early cards only support WEP. Please correct me if I am wrong.. It is possible to configure the older airports.. However this will cause all your wireless devices to then drop off the network.. I do not recommend doing it.. Jan 11, 4: AirPort Card: With an iBook running an earlier operating system version, one would be limited to the WEP protocol mentioned by LaPastenague. You could use an external wireless Ethernet bridge also known as a gaming or media adapter connected to the Ethernet port of the computer.

    Airport +iBook G3 Cannot use wifi - Apple Community

    A wireless Ethernet bridge does not normally need special drivers, and can thus be used under almost any operating system. However, for space, power and portability reasons, it may not be an optimal solution for a notebook computer. Communities Contact Support.

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