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Best Video Compression Software for Mac There're many cases you might need to compress the size of video file. Best Video Compression Software for Mac There is a plethora of video compression software available in the market that supports compressing video files. Windows version only 6. Step 1: Load the video you want to compress Here you are allowed to load your videos to be compressed with 2 different ways: Step 2: Compress your videos A video file size is determined by file format, video resolution, bit rate and more.

You can do as follows to reduce the file size: Set parameters to compress video Click "Settings" button behind Format bar, to open "Profile Settings" window: Compress video by trimming If you only need part of the video, just trim it and get a small video. Step 3. Begin compressing video After pressing "Convert' in the lower right corner of the interface, it will come to the process of video compression.

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Related Article: What's Next? Have ever seen such a perfect HD video compression software for Mac? If no, have a shot on this amazing video resizer for Mac. It will also surprise you at its awesome 2-in-1 knack to download and convert any YouTube video in a flash. More stuff like, record on-screen video, make photo slideshow video and edit video, whatever you throw to it, it can do that favor for you seamlessly with zero efforts.

Olivia Quinn Updated on Dec 7, If you don't want to download programs on computer, you can upload your video and reduce the size with the online video shrinkers here.

Best MP4 Video Compression Software

If you aren't satisified with the output quality or uploading speed, you can try the program here. Choose your way. Seek for a reliable solution to reduce the size of MP4 for uploading to YouTube or send via email? This guide shows you how to freely change video resolution, e. Just download free video resolution converter and compress video with high resolution to smaller size.

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It enables Mac users to downsize videos to files with smaller size with 5X faster speed than others and 1: Digiarty Software is not developed by or affiliated with Apple Inc. Popular Articles Video converter for Mac Best video compressor. Part 1: The specific steps are: For those uesrs: Tips below: How to Compress Videos Online without Downloading Software If you don't want to download programs on computer, you can upload your video and reduce the size with the online video shrinkers here.

MP4 Compressor: Video Resolution Converter - Change Video Resolution from 4k to p, , p This guide shows you how to freely change video resolution, e. Cult of Mac review.

Best Video Compression Software for Mac

Every video comes with a specific format so different videos have different formats. Different file formats have their different uses and what might be the right video format for one file might not be the right one for another file. A normal video file in a digital format consists of two parts: A codec is a program that is used to compress and decompress a video file, as there are times when some video clips are too large and may, therefore, be difficult to download or play.

A container is a special file or a collection of files that stores information about the digital file.

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It is a combination of both audio and video data in a single file to allow for synchronized audio with video playback. The most common video format is the MP4. Sometimes though, you may have issues with the speed and size of your MP4 video and because of that, be in need of a video compressor. Here is a list of the top 7 MP4 compressors with quality video compression software.

Movavi Video Converter is one of the top video compressors. It is a video compression software that allows for high-quality file encoding, fast processing and easy compressing of videos. It allows you to compress your MP4 video file to formats which are compatible with a wide range of multimedia devices and software like your PC or Mac.

Best Video Compression Software for Mac to Compress Video Easy as Pie

To use, just select the format you want your video compressed to. This video editing software owned by Microsoft is a fast freeware that allows for easy MP4 compression. The freeware doesn't work with all file types though and if your video file is in a different format, you might have to use an online converter to convert it to a file type that is supported by the software.